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Yu-Gi-Oh is a cartoon about people playing a card game. The main character is Yugi Moto. His friends are his support and the heart of the cards brings his wins. It all starts off with Yugi's grandfather showing Yugi and Joey his Blue Eyes White Dragon. Then Kaiba tries to buy the card from yugi's grandfather and he refuses. Kaiba's henchmen force yugi's grandfather to duel Kaiba for the card. Yugi goes in a hurry to see what happen only to see his grandfather beat by Kaiba and the card ripped.

Yugi ends up challanging Kaiba to a duel. It was a long hard duel for Yugi, but he kept faith in the heart of the cards and ended up pulling out Exodia the Forbbiden one. Beating all three Blue Eyes White Dragons of Kaiba's, along with his life points.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is made by Upper Deck. The game is based on the hit show and comic of Japan. The rules of the card game are very much different from the show. For instance, the life points on the TCG is 8000 compared to the 2000 or 4000 on the show. For fusion you need the fused card, like "Gaia the Dragon Champion" thats shown above, and the necessary cards needed to fuse. All fusion cards and ritual cards are considered special summons and you can also summon a normal moster. Also, a match consist of the best 2 out of 3 duels. If you are interested in this game go out and buy the card game at your nearest card dealer or comic store. See the most popular monsters like the Dark Magician, Curse of Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Flame Swordsman, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Cletic Gaurdian, and Black Luster Soldier.

Yu-Gi-Oh! for PS2

This image is from the new Yu-Gi-Oh!game for Playstation 2entertainment system. Don't know too much info on it except the game is goin' to be rockin'.

Yu-Gi-Oh! pics

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