One day late in 2002, as I was surfing for Holmesian fanfic, I happened to stumble across a site that led me to an x-files fanfic site created by Xanthe. I started reading and was immediately seduced over to the Dark Side by her excellent writing, mwahaha.

I had never read slash before. It would never have occurred to me that I'd like it, but here I am. There's just so much more intensity to be had in the dynamics between two men.

Especially when one of them is Krycek. I'm a sucker for a redeemable villain. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale. Alex Krycek, everybody's favorite rat-bastard, is a perfect subject for h/c, and he works equally well on both sides. In all possible meanings of the word :)

I've also started compiling a list of all my favorite x-files fanfic stories (with links, of course), and sites with fanfic, as well as a couple of other cool x-files sites. The list grew to be so large that I've had to move it here. I am still in the process of actively building the page, so expect it to grow over time, and if anyone knows of a great link that I don't have, please let me know about it.

Then, of course, I had to start writing my own fanfiction. My muse leans toward hurt/comfort stories, full of angst and angry passion, that go through hell but eventually end up in heaven.

Warning: The stories I write are slash. That means many of the intimate relationships depicted herein, of both love and hate, are between two men. If the idea of this offends you (or if you are underage), please don't read them.

My X-files fanfic

Waiting For the Rain (225K)
    is a Krycek/Skinner slash story, in which Krycek is being intellectually and emotionally destroyed by the Consortium's conditioning. He manages to escape, hoping for death at the hands of his old enemy Skinner, who must find a way to save Krycek without losing himself to the Consortium.

    It was inspired by Xanthe's Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot. I think this was the story that first made me realize how sexy a villain Krycek was. I loved the story, but the ending was just too unsatisfying, so I sat up all night on the bathroom floor with a Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper and lots of chocolate, and wrote my own idea of what happened afterward.

    If you haven't read Xanthe's story, do read it before reading mine. You don't have to, as I've been told my story can stand alone, but it is a good lead-in.

Falling Into His Eyes Universe:

    The Rescue (67K)
      is a K/M slash piece with a very strong h/c element. Krycek finds Mulder after he has been tortured and raped by a bunch of hired thugs. He takes Mulder off to a motel to question him, but finds himself having unexpectedly conflicted feelings during the process.

    Wearing His Clothes (65K)

      Six months after the events of "The Rescue", Krycek shows up in Mulder's apartment.

Handler Universe:

    All I Can Give (61K)
      Alex Krycek is Skinner's "handler", responsible for keeping him under control, forced by the Smoking Man to administer punishments when Skinner defies the Consortium's orders.

Broken Series:

    Inspired by Peja's "Broken" Challenge, this is a series of short pieces that loosely follow each other. There is a slightly darker cast to our heroes in these stories, with violence a bit more casually perpetrated.

    Broken Promises (10K)

      Mulder has finally managed to catch Krycek. He reflects on all the history between them, and tries to decide what to do.
    Paid In Full (22K)
      Skinner has been tortured into revealing a vital piece of information by the Smoking Man, who orders Krycek to kill him, and Mulder as well. Krycek faces something of a dilemma. K/Sk pairing.
    Paying the Price (24K)
      Krycek intends to take his revenge for what Mulder and Skinner did to him. He kidnaps Skinner, but the result is nothing either one of them could have anticipated.
    Picking Up The Pieces (24K)
      The morning after. Krycek has to deal with the consequences of what he set in motion.

Greater Gift Series:

    Inspired in the beginning by my desire to write an m-preg story just to prove that I could. Somewhere in the middle of it, I started to fall for the characters. Mulder is every inch the savvy profiler in this one, Krycek more openly vulnerable. The question of the child's genetics was problematic for a while, but then the answer came to me in one of those lightning bolt moments. As usual, I try to treat all of my main characters with respect and fondness.

    What Do Y' Do With A Drunken Rat? (52K)

      Krycek is drunk. He shows up at Mulder's door. PWP, mostly, but a bit of angst, and a post-written prequel to No Greater Gift.
    No Greater Gift Can Man Give (280K)
      Krycek is pregnant. He goes to his lover, expecting to be thrown out, but instead Walter takes control of their lives. Together with Mulder and Scully, he is ready to fight the entire Consortium to save Krycek and the gift that he carries. Originally published in the Nick-Lea Christmas Zine 2004

    Works In Progress

      I give up. I have so many bits and pieces lying about that I'm afraid I'm going to lose track of them. Some of them are in loose leaf notebook, some are in snippets of various files on my computer. As I finish them, I'll move them into their own sections.

      Read at your own risk!!! I can't make any promises about when I'll have time to get to them. With a fulltime job and two pre-schoolers, my time is at a premium. I'll try to keep schlogging, though.

    As-yet unnamed AU in the Sime-Gen universe (280K)

      For those of you who have never read Jackie Lichtenburg's Sime-Gen books, this may be a step into a wonderful new world. The series starts with the brilliant story which she wrote with Jean Lorrah, First Channel. If any of you want to read the first few chapters, just to get a feel for it, write me and I'll send you a word file. Please don't ask for the whole thing, I wouldn't send it even if I had it. Try eBay or Amazon. Even now, it's a book that brings tears to my eyes.

      The Sime-Gen universe was (in my admittedly limited experience) the first mainstream underground fanfic featuring slash, S&M, vampirism and lots of other juicy concepts all slipped into a science fiction glove and marketed as a young adult novel. When I first read it, I had no idea what lay beneath the surface. Looking back now, I am in awe of what they accomplished. I intend this as a tribute and a salute to both Jackie and Jean.

      Any fans of the Sime-Gen novels who happen upon this story need to heed the warnings - this contains slash, a graphic portrayal of a sexual relationship between men. The sex doesn't happen often, most of the story is more in line with the original series (in graphic content, anyway), but it is there.

      I'm almost embarrassed as a writer to present in such clumsy form what the Sime-Gen universe did with such subtlety, and to steal so blatantly from their plotlines, but here it is anyway.

    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

    4400 Crossover - The Return (66K)

      For those who haven't seen it, I think the action in my story is fairly self explanatory. Abductees who were taken from various points in time are being returned. They haven't aged a day. Any wounds which they had taken are healed. And each has some sort of mysterious powers, which they use in one way or the other, building toward some kind of vast plan orchestrated by an invisible conspiracy.

      It occured to me that there were two x-files characters who were wonderful prospects for being returning abductees. Both had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Both had connections to Mulder, who would be the obvious one to pursue the circumstances of the return.

    And here's the Google entrance to alt.tv.x-files.creative, the x-files fanfic newsgroup. It's where all the x-files stories get published if they want to be eligible for the Spookies, which are the xfiles fanfic awards that are given out. All stories that are sent to the ATXC newsgroup are archived on Ephemeral.

    Yahoo Groups

      My very favorite place on the web! The Yahoo groups are unbelievable. I entered "fanfic" into the search window and came up with over 3,500 groups. My God! I was practically salivating. They have groups for eveything! Whatever you love, you can probably find a group to worship it in. For heavens sake, if you've never been here before give it a try!
      A few of my favorite groups:

        AlexK-H-C-orD NC-17 fanfic involving Alex Krycek, very hurt/comfort.
        SkinnerKrycek NC-17 fanfic involving Walter Skinner and Alex Krycek.
        RatB-K This list is for slash fanfiction and discussion of the enigmatic X-Files bad boy, Alex Krycek.
        RATales NC-17 fanfic featuring Alex Krycek.
        MSKipperVille NC-17 fanfic involving Krycek, Mulder and Scully.
        FanFicHurtComfortAny kind of fanfic involving hurt/comfort, pretty much any TV series.
        WWOMB Wonderful World of Make-Believe. Place for *many* fandoms, including Sentinel, Buffy, Xfiles, Xmen and Magnificent 7. Rare ones like First Wave, Tremors, and 24. Print media like Harry Potter and The Executioner. Gamers fantasies like Final Fantasy 7 &; 8 and Sorcerer Hunters. They're open to just about anything here.

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