Welcome to my Kinky Page

This site is still very much under construction, so please bear with me. Comments are appreciated, flames will probably be ignored, unless they amuse me in which case I may use them on other people without giving author-credit, nyahaha.

My fanfic, including X-files and Sherlock Holmes

My X-files page, with a particular slant towards my favorite character, Alex Krycek. It includes links to all my favorite stories, as well as a fairly complete listing of all the x-files fanfiction available on the web. It also has links to an x-files episode guide, and a site where you can read transcripts of the actual episodes.

My Sherlock Holmes page, with some links and a little original fiction.

My miscellaneous page, including links to some great Harry Potter stories, Pirates of the Carribean fic, fanfiction.net, Vampire Hunter D Archives, fanfic tips and pages, and a few other places of interest.

Other Places of Interest on the Net

Here's a page of other links to things that interest me, including a few awesome Harry Potter stories, and some miscellaneous fanfic links.

And here's the Google entrance to alt.tv.x-files.creative, the x-files fanfic newsgroup. It's where all the x-files stories get published if they want to be eligible for the Spookies, which are the xfiles fanfic awards that are given out. All stories that are sent to the ATXC newsgroup are archived on Ephemeral.

Yahoo Groups

    My very favorite place on the web! The Yahoo groups are unbelievable. I entered "fanfic" into the search window and came up with over 3,500 groups. My God! I was practically salivating. They have groups for eveything! Whatever you love, you can probably find a group to worship it in. For heavens sake, if you've never been here before give it a try!
    A few of my favorite groups:

      AlexK-H-C-orD NC-17 fanfic involving Alex Krycek, very hurt/comfort.
      SkinnerKrycek NC-17 fanfic involving Walter Skinner and Alex Krycek.
      RatB-K This list is for slash fanfiction and discussion of the enigmatic X-Files bad boy, Alex Krycek.
      RATales NC-17 fanfic featuring Alex Krycek.
      MSKipperVille NC-17 fanfic involving Krycek, Mulder and Scully.
      FanFicHurtComfortAny kind of fanfic involving hurt/comfort, pretty much any TV series.
      WWOMB Wonderful World of Make-Believe. Place for *many* fandoms, including Sentinel, Buffy, Xfiles, Xmen and Magnificent 7. Rare ones like First Wave, Tremors, and 24. Print media like Harry Potter and The Executioner. Gamers fantasies like Final Fantasy 7 &; 8 and Sorcerer Hunters. They're open to just about anything here.

I love to hear feedback, or any discussion about my favorite things. If you're a hurt/comfort fan, even if not specifically x-files, drop me a line. I'm always ready to expand my horizons for h/c. Write me at kinkygrrl1980@yahoo.com