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November-December 2021

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Feb 26. These days I can not reply to website visitors and my friends, updating websites is challenging too because I am in Kiev. I didn't evacuate as I believe the fly that doesn't want to be swatted is most secure when it lights on the fly-swatter. (Lichtenberg)

I knew this war was unavoidable and so I prepared my basement, stockpiled with water, canned food, fuel, candles etc. I have told my friends and relatives to get prepared for the upcoming war for the last two month and no one listened to me. Now they are with me in my basement and I am willingly sharing my supply with them. The more the merrier.

Now I have to tell the same to my website visitors from NATO countries. Do the same, Make yourself some sort of a shelter, stockpile with food, things of first necessity because we are on the verge of all out nuclear war between NATO countries and Russia. The reason is that Putin is completely and utterly mad and his things are very bad now. Here in Ukraine BlitzKrieg failed. They meet fierce resistance from the Ukrainian army and population, their losses are 1000 soldiers a day (dead and captive). With little gain of territories. They still do not control a single city. If they control some small places it's only for one day, because everyone hates Russians here now. They can't enter population centers or people will burn tanks and shoot them from windows of their homes.

They received devastating sanctions for the economy and more sanctions on the way which will send Russia to stone age. The only way for Putin to remain in power and be alive is to bring victory for those idiots who voted for him and for that he will have to start using nuclear capabilities, because nothing else works.  

We can avoid all out nuclear war only if the Russian people will rise up in many millions and will stop this mad man from pushing the nuclear button

Update from Feb 28.

In the morning Belarus may join the war and side with Russia. The situation transformed in WW3 really fast. Just look at today's headlines: EU countries will provide fighter jets to Ukraine under Brussels funding. Fighter jets are not defensive weapons, they are lethal weapons. Russia said they will destroy aid at the border. Now foreigners can join the Ukrainian army legally. Turkey signaled it is ready to block Russian naval access to the Black Sea... etc, etc

 The West and NATO countries are being involved more and more. This brings us to the situation when the Putin regime is like a wounded bear. We don't know what to expect. Carpet bombings? Bombings of nuclear power plants and river dumbs? Nuclear bombings of NATO countries? I myself believe Russia will attack some NATO countries that border to Russia; First with no nuclear missiles. To test, to see if there will be a response. Putin now has nothing to lose, he is past this point of no return.

  So, what can we do? Somehow we have to wake up Russian people, only they can stop catastrophe. If someone knows Russians, tell them that their losses in 4 days of war in Ukraine are bigger than in all the years of both wars in Chechnya. In 4 days Russia lost 30 percent of what the Soviet Union lost in the 11 years war in Afghanistan. War in Ukraine by intensity matches WW2.

Tell your Russian friends that those kids who were sent to fight Ukrainians have been cheated by Putin's propaganda. Their tanks and weapons scrap metal and they now face a half million Ukrainian army that is very patriotic, very courageous, brutal, angry and equipped with the latest Western technology weapon and ammunition. Aside from that there are tens of millions of civilians who are ready to tear Russian occupants apart and who support their army and many of those civilians are armed too.

Update from March 1 

If there is hell on earth it is in the suburbs of Kiev nowadays. I live in a forest 10 kms from the city and this forest is full of Russian paratroopers who are searching for food while the Ukrainian army is searching for them. Sporadic fire in all directions is the new normal. No one cares about it if it is far. A ballistic missile much worse than paratroopers, the ground shakes even if it exploded some 20 kms away. Cruise missiles, very powerful too, can be heard from 30-40 kms. They are not nuclear, but the weakest nuclear explosion is 20 times more powerful than the most powerful no nuclear.

Jets flying very low making a terrible sound. You never know whose aircraft is flying Russian or Ukrainian. We have no Russian tanks in my area, because every small community has bottles with molotov cocktails and everyone has submachine gun. Russian tanks and army vehicles can move only on highways, if they only turn left or right they will be burned by locals. Hundreds of tanks, buks and other vehicles were destroyed from drones or modern anti-tank rifles, like Javelins, NLAV's and others. This is army job, locals guys don't have Javelins.

What is really important in a time of war for a civilian is to be really well supplied with water, food, fuel, medical stuff and all necessary things, like blankets, candles, batteries etc. If someone is running out of supply one needs to go out and look for food and can easily get under crossfire, or can get under bombardment and when this happens all cars are blocked on the road and one can stay for many hours in a traffic jam or laying near car if bombing continues. It really is not fun in winter.

I've been interested in war all my life long, have been metal detecting for WW2 relics and thinking a lot about that time. Never could I ever think I will experience it first hand. In 21 century with smartphones, tv flat screens, e-cars it is unbelievable people are running from rockets and bullets... a good thing we humans are adjustable beings, we can get used to everything. Only when you hear first explosions and see first dead bodies do they make an impact on you, later it becomes less shocking and if this madness continues for long period people will get used to it.

Update from March 2,

Earlier today a missile attack on the Banglar Samriddhi vessel (the flag of Bangladesh) was carried out in Black Sea and one person died. Second news a Romanian MIG-21 disappeared off the radar a few hours ago while patrolling near the coast of the Black Sea. Now it turns out that the Romanian military also lost contact with the "Puma" helicopter sent on a rescue mission. "Later Puma" helicopter was found, it crashed and several people died. Romania is a NATO country. Later I saw on Reuters that the helicopter crashed due to unfavorable weather conditions. It's a storm, the same storm I heard thunder when two ballistic missiles landed in a city a few minutes ago.

March 5

It's been only 8 days of war, but to me it seems like it goes for months. This was the longest week in my life. Friends leaving my shelter. They are heading West. One got to have the nerve to stay put knowing that the city is being encircled by an enemy army. In the city we see less people, more military and civil defence. The explosions get louder and louder. More ruined houses and killed people each day. The front line is approaching.

The Ukrainian army is very mobile, they can not concentrate at one place because Russians will attack from air, so they have to be on the move. Fortunately the area around Kiev is all forests. When I hear the sound of explosions first I am trying to figure out if they are outgoing or incoming. If the ground doesn't shake they are outgoing which means that I have some twenty minutes to hide in my bunker before Russians will strike back. If explosions incoming then I have to hide immediately.

We have many civilians die in bombardment, that's everyone knows about from pictures on TV, but no one knows how many die from no medication, no doctors.. They die because no hospital works these days. There will be only military hospitals, treating the wounded, but there is no way to find medication for cancer, cardio or any other patients. In my family two old people depend on medication. They do not even hide from shelling. They know soon they will go one way or another.

Video of March 11, near Kiev. The Russian army is trying to encircle Kiev 10 kms from the city, which is a densely populated area. There are town upon town and village upon village where they shoot from every window and every bush. Russian tanks just can not make through those areas, every day their tanks burn and every day they send new tanks. I believe Putin is stuck in the past, somewhere in the middle of 20 century, and so is his army. What they are really good at is killing civilians. Actually here they kill more civilians than they kill the Ukrainian army.

Many years ago one old WW2 veteran told me that the Soviet Union would never win that war if not for Katyusha's rockets. Now Grad family rockets, they level down the city, killing everyone. This is what the Russian army does now in Kharkiv, a city with two million population. They are just leveling down the city. Kharkiv is a Russian speaking city with many ethnic Russians living there. No one cares, they still level it down as well as Mariupil and I am afraid the same will be in Kiev.

March 13. Time for analysis. First mistake of Putin is to try to invade a country with 200.000 military personnel. For the Ukrainian army of 250.000 they needed at least 750.000 army. In the first week of war Ukraine was able to gather another 250.000. Now it has a half million army. Russia has now even less, because many have been killed, wounded, captured or deserted.

Second mistake was the first strike with cruise missiles on Feb 24, they only sent some 120 rockets. They failed to disconnect the army from commandment and didn't put down anti-aircraft. For that they would need some 400+ missiles.

Russians advanced mostly in the South. It is because the South is steppe, prairie like open field. The Ukraine army didn't concentrate there, or they would be opened to Russian aviation. Ukraine sacrificed the city of Cherson. It would be besieged in an open field, close to Crimea and far away from the rest of the Ukrainian army. Nikolaev and Odessa are both very good strongholds bound together with a lot of army in that region. They are holding well.

Best situation in North-West, Chernihiv and Summy those two cities in forest areas. With those cities Russians now where they were two weeks ago. Wait for April when leaves and grass spring, those areas will be hell for Russians. The area around Kiev will also be very green that will give cover to partisans and small military units. They will burn fuels and ammunition that the Russian army already needs very badly and that will be systematically burned on the way. Those Russian troops that advance very deep into Ukrainian territory will be in danger of being caught in a pocket.

Russians can have reinforcement 20K if Belarus will join this war officially and 15K from Syria and Middle East. Maybe another 20-30K volunteers from Russia. Some private armies. They do hidden mobilization now. Ukraine already has 40.000 volunteers arriving from all over the world, joining the army.

I don't know what will happen with Mariupil, a half million city in Donbass. Russians badly need this city to reunite with Transnistria. They losing grip on Kharkiv as they move forces to Kiev. In a last two days we hear very intense shelling and bombing in Kiev, from North, West and East. At the moment 2 million live in the city. 2 millions left for safer areas.

Here is good drone video how Azov cleaning city of Mariupil from Russian tanks and armored vehicles.

This is the West of Kiev. Video a bit shaky. One shot one kill with "Stugna-P" anti-tank missile laser guided system. Tanks stopped, couldn't figure out where fire coming from. It could be as far as 4 kms.

This is how "Stugna" works.

Here "Bayraktar '' drone destroys Russian "Buk". Buk missile system - the same type that was used to shoot down MH17. Here in Ukraine they produce engines for "Bayraktar". The rest of the drones they make in Turkey. In my part of the world first used last summer in Karbah where the Turkish backed Azerbaijan army defeated the Russian backed Armenian army in a matter of days because Turkey supplied their allies with those drones. I think that war was a warning for Putin which he ignored when he started invasion of Ukraine with his junk.

This is today's video. The Russian command post is being destroyed in Chernobyl. What is interesting is that the operators of a drone were probably in Kiev, 130 kms away. This drone only carries two rockets and it takes a couple of hours to fly back and forth at such a distance. We need many hundreds of such drones to burn this 40 kms long convoy of Russian tanks, North of Kiev.

BTR-4 "Bucephalus" vs Russian Т-72B3 tank. Note round underneath the tank where soldiers have been hiding.

Cleaning forest near Kiev from Russian military vehicles with high precision weapon. Either artillery or from the air, I don't know.

March 15, In the last two days things have been a bit quieter around Kiev. Either Russians ran out of ammo or they got their butt kicked and that's why it was so loud 3-4 days ago.

I saw in the news that Russia asked China for military help . Can it be that the second army in the world asked the third army to help to defeat 23 rd army in the world? No, this is not between Russia and Ukraine any more, it is a war of Russia/China/Iran against the US and NATO. Western Civilization is like Rome that once was at war with Carthage as we know Carthage has to be destroyed. There is no end of this war until the Russia with allies will be completely destroyed. After their economies will be ruined I think at the end Russia will be at war with China for Siberia.

On Feb 24 I had my birthday and there was a full house of friends. I will never forget this night. US intelligence said war will begin at 4 am. I called friends who live in Belarus near the border, and they confirmed that columns moved towards the border with Ukraine. The sky was closed for civil aircraft by Russians. I waited till 4:30 am and nothing happened. I went to bed and at 4:45 three cruise missiles hit a military airport 20 kms from home. First thought, is it WW3? Everyone woke up and went to the kitchen and everyone's first words - WW3 had begun. None of my friends returned to their homes. After a week or two all left for Poland, Hungary, Germany and other countries. It's like in an instant everyone has become homeless and jobless for an unknown amount of time.

Video of a road from the Russian border to Kharkiv. Many roads in Ukraine look like this, but so far only 10% of the Russian army have been destroyed, the army that was sent to Ukraine in February. The rest are still here. They have no plan, no strategy, no motivation. Best scenario would be if they united with the Ukrainian army and moved back to Russia to liberate this country from the Putin regime. More realistic is that they will entrench and try to keep whatever territories they grabbed for today, while Putin will start a new war with some NATO country. Then everyone's attention will be on the new war and off Ukraine.

March 16, 35-hour curfew in effect in Kiev's area. Everyone who will be seen on the streets will be shot. We need curfew after heavy shelling on Russian positions, which kicks out wounded and shell shocked solders running around forests and neighboring villages. In my community we fenced. No one goes anywhere, no one comes near. We have two dozen men, many former military, protecting our houses from Russian paratroopers and marauders. At night they watch our forest with night vision devices. We are a middle class community. In rich people communities all houses are empty, no one guards them. All wealthy people left Ukraine a few months ago. This is actually how I knew that war is a real threat by seeing rich people leaving Ukraine.

On video Russian T-72 caught an anti-tank mine. Must be fully loaded with munition. I wonder if mine was activated remotely. Either way, the people who loaded this mine and who filmed this video are the same people.

After this war a scrap metal guys will be very busy for sure. Video from airport in Cherson, where this morning Russians have been bombed for a third time at the same place. First time a couple of weeks ago they lost 30 helicopters in this airport. I don't remember how many of their aircraft and vehicles have been burned a second time, and from watching videos today again they lost plenty. This thing looks more and more like deliberate utilization of the Russian army. I wonder how could they win war in Georgia and Syria being so stupid?

Drone video prove that in a city tanks with no infantry just a coffin on wheels. P.S. If someone puzzled it isn't a body from the crew falling from the sky after explosion 1:21 into the ground. As you can see at 1:26 there's a second tank and this body launched from there, not from the tank that is in the center of this video.

Partisans with old Soviet RPG-18 (muha/fly) hunting for "Ural", "Fly" penetrates 375 mm of conventional armor, this is anti-tank. I don't know if soldiers in "Ural" shell shocked or dead.

March 18 2022 There are 1000 people buried in a theater in Mariupol, many of them children. What is this if not genocide? There are companies who work on Russian market, by paying taxes in Russia they sponsor this genocide. Among others are Danone, Nestle, Unilever, P&G, Auchan, Raiffeisen Bank, Leroy Merlin, Credit Agricole .. everyone can write them a letter ask why they have smiley children faces on their products and still financing murder of children in Ukraine by operating their businesses in Russia. I wish we had strong leaders and not corporate puppets. They are very weak and Putin knows it and this is what provokes and inspires Putin.

What makes things worse is that Putin himself isn't an independent player, he is a puppet of globalists and this whole war is planned as part of a depopulation campaign. First they unleashed a bioweapon "Covid" then so called vaccination that makes millions infertile and now war. Putin doesn't give a damn about his soldiers dying in thousands here in Ukraine or about poverty in Russia. His aim is not win this war, what they doing is insane, there is no logic, they send Russian soldiers to be slaughtered like cattle and they bomb and shell cities in Ukraine and what cities? Most casualties in Mariupol, in 2014 this city was controlled by separatists. Most of the population was pro-Russian and pro-Putin. Now Russia flatten the city where they had most supporters. Kharkiv too was very pro-Russian. Kremlin-backed separatists occupied government buildings in Kharkiv which are now being destroyed by the Russian army. This tells me that the purpose of this war is to destabilize the existing world order, and knock this out of orbit into a new territory where hundreds of millions will die of famine in third world countries within the next several years. This is where depopulation is. Not war. War won't kill that many, unless it all out nuclear war,.. this can be in a plan too.

0:28 "Grad" covers the Russian column on some road in Ukraine. As you see it is very approximate. "Grad" are dumb rockets that Russians heavily rely on. Their modernized "Grads" work at a distance of 40 kms. The Ukrainian army has old Soviet "Grad" systems with a range of 25 kms. In the 2014 war in Donbass they were standing their "Grad" systems against each other and the Ukrainian army had to retreat. In 2022 war dumb rockets do not play a big importance. By "Grad" I mean all multiple launch rocket system, like Hurricane, Tornado, Smerch etc

Street fight, close view from commander monitor of Buzefal. In the right top corner there is options, (БТ бронебійно-трасуючі) stands for armor-piercing and tracing, (ГР) 30 mm grenades, ПКТ is machine gun. As you see Buzefal work together with infantry.

and artillery

March 21, In Kiev for the last two weeks our anti aircraft system was able to intercept all ballistic missiles, they were hit in the air and when they fell they still caused destruction. A couple of hours ago I heard Russian MIG very high in the sky. It dropped a couple of bombs in my area and it took them a while to fall down and expload, so MIG must be very high, out of reach our anti-aircraft rockets. Shortly there was a very powerful explosion somewhere downtown. I usually know the distance of the explosion from me, because sound goes after flash, so I count how many seconds between flash and sound and knowing the speed of sound it's not difficult to calculate how far bombs or rockets fall from my home. It was 25 kms.

On social media I found several videos of that explosion. By speed and lighting it looks like Kinzhal ("dagger") It is a Russian nuclear-capable hypersonic aero-ballistic air-to-surface missile. They already used one of those for bombing bunker here in West Ukraine. Speed of Kinzhal is 3,800 mph (6,100 kph) and may reach the speed of 12,350 km per hour. The speed, manoeuvrability and altitude make them difficult to track and intercept.

They hit some empty shopping centers downtown, in the middle of the night. Actually I believe Kinzhal is worth more than this shopping center. For Russians chaise is better than the catch. They sent a message and this message is for NATO. Basically they want everyone to know that those rockets can hit downtown of any city in any country and no air defence will stop them.

March 22, 2022 This message is for people who live in Poland and Litva. Be prepared for Russian/Belarus forces to attack and invade the area known as Suwalki Gap. 100 kms border between Poland and Litva. This way all 3 Baltic Countries will be cut off from the rest of Europe and Russia will reunite with the Kaliningrad area.

Don't count on NATO, this dysfunctional organization will cease to exist as only the first missiles and rockets will start falling on your territory. NATO response will be very slow. They are too big, bureaucratic and not ready to fight. Count on your own resources. NATO will help with weapons, like they do here, but they will not fight for you.

There is a high concentration of forces in Belarus, they are not for the Ukraine front, they are for breaking passage to Kaliningrad. They have large military forces near the Ukrainian border, today they back off because now it's clear the invasion of Ukraine is stalled and Putin is feeding his own troops to a wood chopper.

What do we have to do now? We have to make a new military block, new alliance for Poland, Baltic Countries and Ukraine and immediately send Ukrainian forces to the area of Suwalki Gap. This has to be done before the Russian/Belarus army invades the area and is entrenched. The Ukrainian army has already been in combat and effectively defeated the Russian army. We are only interested parties, comrades in misery who border Russia and we have to unite. You'll need our experienced soldiers and we'll need your long range missiles, air force and air defence, like patriots.

Some advice for civilians who live near the area of potential invasion: get yourself good bomb shelter, stockpile with canned food, medicine, candles, batteries, fuel etc. Stop any real estate investments and get cash. If you have real estate try to sell it now. After the beginning of the war the worth of all apartments, houses, dachas will be zero. Move all valuables to safer areas. Good idea to send children away before it starts.

When war begins, don't believe anything you read in the news. There will only be war propaganda. No valuable information, no info like where the enemy army is located. This is why so many civilians are trapped in Ukraine. They watched good news on tv until they saw Russian tanks and when you see enemy tanks near home it's too late to run. Propaganda helps to keep spirit up, but only truth is life saving. Watch the area around, get a real picture. Have maps, try to figure out what goes on. Have a car in good technical condition with a full tank. When the frontline is 10 kms from your home it's time to leave and look for refuge. When bombs fall around you get this feeling that you are playing Russian Roulette- the closer frontline the more bullets you have in your gun. Don't stay in the area occupied by Putin's army, they are well known marauders, rapists and murderers. You will see many people around you who are panicking, on the brink of nervous breakdown, spreading fakes that make them even more panicking. Try to part with those people. You can't help them. Fear is contagious, it affects everyone. Common sense is rare and is a sole property of a person who is cool.

Photo on the left smoke rising from the chimney of the Russian embassy in Kiev, one week before war began. Photo on the left: today smoke was seen above the roof of the Russian embassy in Warsaw. They can burn the documents or this could be fake or Russians blowing smoke or grilling some meat,.. either way if you live near military bases, airports, all kinds of strategic objects in Poland be on alert.

Everyone who travelled to Chernobyl saw this big egg monument. Several years ago my daughter made a video near a big egg. Next video is a tank battle at this place. Video was made on Feb 25, the second day of war.

I know this place has seen more action since Feb 25. I doubt this egg will be there after this war, I hope the sarcophagus (arch) will still be there when war ends.. I heard the Chernobyl plant was smashed and trashed which means that some barbarians now have full access to high level waste. Now they can make nuclear dirt bombs. No one cares. No mention of this one the news.

@rakib..1..4..3 🥲🥲🥺🥺#foryou ♬ original sound - @MR..Perfect

Tiktok does not have any info about video. Looks like the Obolon district in Kiev. Could be Kharkiv. Being in a car gives a false sense of protection. Modern cars are made of foil like metal. Drivers panic when they get caught in a shootout, they accelerate, not a good idea as fast moving cars will be targeted.



♬ оригінальний звук - _______007______

Episode of this funny video of capturing Russian armoured vehicle crew, "Russian pigs soldiers, come out and you'll live" he said. Funny part is that he was trolling Putin's propaganda that kept repeating Ukrainian are nazies,.. so "Russian pigs soldiers" he said in broken German. March 24,

Today is one month since the beginning of this war. Video above is interesting because it is a video of the first hours, first recorded casualties of the Russian army. Look how close bystanders are from the action. They still don't comprehend it is war and people being killed. To them it is something new, something different. This was near Kharkiv. This city is closer than others to the Russian border.

In the first days CNN and other main steam experts have been telling us that Ukraine will fall in 3 days. What was called conflict turned into a bloody war. They thought because the Russians and Ukrainians are blood related it would be a conflict, but the truth is the bloodiest wars have always been between closely related nations and countries. One of recent examples is the Yugoslavia wars in the early 1990th. Ukraine is much worse because both Kiev and Moskov sit in one ecological niche. We still have to see the worst cannibal part, so far we only see the mild vegetarian part of this war. Someone will have to die and this war has 800 years of history.

This war is a blend of many, many factors and reasons. There is Kievan and Moscow Rus eternal war that only historians know about. It is also a war of Western corporate world with dying Russian village civilization. I mean the Russian empire is very simple, primite, but it is a civilization. Its lifespan is naturally ended as all empires before and it is being finished off nowadays. Very dangerous time to live in. I have no doubt this war is WW3 and it will have a nuclear ending. Even if Putin is assassinated there will be another one who can be worse than Putin.

I don't know how bad this nuclear ending will be and what countries will be affected. I have to tell my website visitors to be prepared. This April, May watch for news. Have a hole underground in case of nuclear attack. There is also a plan for depopulation of our planet and this plan has to be executed.

anti-tank, rocket-propelled grenade launcher PRG-7 vs Rus T-72

Escape from burning Russian tank, searching for water, running just blows fire, should try to remove burning clothes or roll on his back to cut off oxygen.

This Russian soldier has Mosina Nagant 1891 model. When WW1 began in 1914 this carabine was already 23 years old. I see Russian 62 billion dollars military budget well spent.

Maxim machine gun, also known as the first automatic firearm in the world, in service since 1886, requires the basket of water to cool it off. Look at their faces!! I believe all Russian scumbags now in Ukraine looting on occupied territories.

On this video Russian military train passing some village in Ukraine, girl welcome them with Glory to Ukraine, calling them faggots which is normal greeting for Russian occupants. Look at this train, this is WW1 bronepoezd. I don't think they have been used in WW2. Meanwhile the private jets, yachts and cars of high rank officials and oligarchs in Russia are very modern and up to date.

Near Kiev. I'd rather ride motorcycle on that road.

This is what dead Russian soldier has in pockets. For Voltaire, war was an act of robbery. I believe Voltaire said that the purpose of all wars is a robbery. To prove this statement we have many videos of Russian soldiers carrying tv sets and other things. This soldier died for a couple of rings and for a cross. Nothing changed since Voltaire lived. Human conditions remain the same.

March 31, Today is good day for Ukraine. Putin signs decree ordering gas exports to be halted if buyers don't pay in Rubles. Putin goes war against almighty dollar and it makes him the real enemy of the West, more importantly Ruble now is the enemy of fiat currencies. An economy rich of resources still can exist with minimum technologies, while technologies can not exist without resources. Putin knows it and everyone can see he is not bluffing. Now the West shall respond to this move and they can do very little economically. All further sanctions will only hurt the US and EU and will do minimum damage to Russia. All West can do is to tighten sanctions a bit and to send more arms and weapons to Ukraine for us to punish Russia.

Another news, various agencies are reporting the withdrawal of 300 Russian soldiers showing symptoms of high level of exposure to radiation. 73 in critical state and already death reported. It is said they were sent to dig trenches in red forest near reactor in Chernobyl.. now they in Belarus hospitals. I don't believe they can receive this sort of radiation being just close to reactor. The radiation and time of exposure won't be enough to get sick. I think there is more of the story. Quite possible they were in contact with high level waste in some storage. We know in Middle East they ready to pay big money for high level waste which they need for dirt bombs. In Russian army plenty joined from Syria, Libya war, Hezbollah etc. They active buyers of this stuff. I won't believe they were in Chernobyl and not tried to steal some priceless powder or some liquid that cost hundreds time more than those TV sets and carpets.

Those guys must be very practical.

Russian Mi-28 doing a Special Landing Operation. Question is it Starstreak or Stinger? small bang, no rocket exhaust visible. High probability its Starstreak, stinger impacts are a bit more of an event with more mess. Bear in mind Starstreak is man portable too. Everyone thought the Russian army is 2nd strongest in the world, now everyone know they are 2nd strongest in Ukraine.

This is Bucha, City of dead now. Horror movie kind of scenery. This place have fallen because Russian moved there very fast and civilians haven't been armed. People were bare handed, now dogs eating their corpses. Population of 37.000 was invaded by 2,000 enemy. Even if half of town population had automatic weapons they would repel the invasion. Also vulnerable places where social division is big. Places like Bucha, Gostmel, Irpin close to where I live, but in my area all middle class, well armed now. Men on checkpoints or in forest, women cooking for all and everyone is calm. Of course we can not repel bombs and rockets and here we rely on army. Point of the matter, areas where people only rely on army and do nothing for themselves are in danger. Places where people all army are impassable for the enemy.

More dead in Bucha. Those guys were executed, some with hands tied with rope. Should have joined the army and if they died then with arms in their hands. As you see being neutral didn't save them.

First there was Chechnya, West ignored and kept aiding their enemy, then Georgia, West ignored it and kept aiding Russia, then chemical attacks in Syria, West again didn't punish Russia and was making Putin's regime richer. Now our turn, Ukraine is bleeding, yet many EU companies are still operating in Russia. Lenin said once-" The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them" Now let me ask EU people, what makes you think you will not be swinging on that rope? And when it will be your turn who will fight for you? your office clerks? your transvestites? or maybe Arab rapeugees will fight for you? You are all unprotected like those civilians with tied hands. Now we have to pay the price for us doing nothing when Chechenians, Georgians, Syrians cried for help. Next will be your turn. So, don't aid your enemy and move more weapons to Ukraine, you won't be needed it anyway. If there will be war on your territory it will be nuclear. You won't need this weapon, give it to us and we'll put it in good use.

As Russians left Kiev's area more and more photos emerging with civilians being executed.

There are mass graves for 300 civilians near Kiev.

April 3 Russians left their positions around Kiev. Now they are some 40-60 kms North. Silence after many days of bombing and shelling is rather spooky. We have already started getting used to the sound of explosions.

Now after the Russian army left we can go visit places that have been under occupation, to bring food to people in those towns and villages. In areas of intense fighting you have to watch your step as there are body parts scattered all around. I believe people who lived through this hell will suffer with PTS till the end of their lives.

I must say visiting those places is very stressful and even more depressing for Russians. Their soldiers have died fighting for every meter of our territory and then they have command to retreat!! Top generals in Putin's headquarters who planned this operation are idiots. I am not a military person, but to me it is clear if they had advanced from South-West Belarus to West Ukraine they would cut off all roads from Europe, depriving supplies of arms, food and fuel that Ukraine received from Poland and they should do this one month earlier before Ukraine received its first Javelins. The amount of cruise missiles on the first day should be tripled if they wanted to disconnect our army... there is really a long list of mistakes and failures. If there was Stalin the Russian defence minister Shoigu would be shot on the spot for such a disastrous campaign.

Now they are moving the war to the East and South Ukraine and I think with the same idiot generals they have no chance to succeed. Shoigu has never been in the army. Not a single day in the army. How can a man who has never been in the army make plans for a military operation against half a million army? Putin himself isn't a warrior, he is a tradesman and a player and a bluffer.

So, what now? I think they will try to gather resources and will try to get the Ukraine army in pocket, in the Donbass region. I am sure they are heading for another disaster.

Dogs also have been executed, Russians killing for fun, this is in their blood, in their genes,.. they have been doing this for centuries, knowing this I am not surprised with what they have done around Kiev. I think it is not the worst part yet. They still warm up and the worse episodes of genocide will be in the future. My advice to all civilians is not to stay on their way. As battle is brewing in the East two more millions have been ordered to leave their homes.

On picture Ukrainian troops moving along the forest, leaving scores of Russian soldiers dead. In this war the Ukrainian army worked in small groups. Being very mobile with support of artillery they caused big losses to the enemy.

There is something to know about differences between the mentalities of both military people. Russians are butchers, they are fearless because centuries of drinking slowed their thinking process. They die and they keep coming, Their self preservation instinct of short supply. There are plenty of them and this is a problem.

Best fighters in the Russian army are Chechens and they fight on both sides. We have a Chechens battalion in the Ukrainian army. Chechens are a bit theatrical, they care how they look. They are mountain people and care about honor, reputation and all those things Russians have no idea about.

With the Ukrainian army all is simple, they just kill, right from the start, no talks, no bullshit.., they shoot faster, especially if they protect their territory and things get much worse if they are angry. I see Ukrainians angrier by day and I don't envy Russians who will face them in a future battle in Donbass. The danger is if Putin sees defeat is near he can deploy a strategic nuclear weapon. I don't know how this can change the situation for an army that is entrenched, but for moving columns a nuclear strike can be devastating.

Trucks destroyed with Stugna. I believe they wanted to burn the second right away, but then they figured it was empty, so they probably discussed if they should kill it or get it for the army as it looks like Tiger quite a valuable infantry mobility vehicle , then they decided to burn the second as well. Shot and bang is 10 sec with the speed of sound 331 meters a sec, more than 3 kms walk in, to territory controlled by the enemy isn't safe so they killed the Tiger.

Some dead have such poses as if at their last moment they knew they would be photographed. Young Russian soldier. A short time ago he lived a normal life, now fertilizing soil in Ukraine. Young and immature do not know the value of life and are easily fooled and manipulated by old, sly moneymakers. Look how he is clothed, like bum, wearing weak body armour.. while 62 Billions Dollars a year military budget was stolen away by the same people who sent this guy to die.

If we look at the herd of animals, wild boars for instance we'll see the first couple of boars in the column can be dangerous, they are fighting boars- fearless and aggressive. They are older boars whose breeding abilities are in decline, so now they are protecting their herd. It is only apes and humans who send their young to die first, in wild nature they don't squander their genetic inheritance.

Dog patiently waiting, this guy must be his owner.

Russian Ka-52 helicopter shot down by anti-tank missile. This is Russian most advanced helicopter, worth 30 million US Dollars which should withstand ground-based weapons. Remarkable it was shot with anti-tank, maybe was hovering for too long and low above the ground, operator was able to calculate speed and distance and missile was sent ahead the copter movement. Ukraine pays half million US Dollars to Russian pilots who hand those helicopters to Ukrainian army. I think it's too much of reward as it looks like this cat catch no mice.

Russian tanks breaking though encirclement as they retreat from Kiev, Ukrainian tank and artillery hurry them up. Note a good position of Ukrainian tank, behind the building, Russians only see this tank when they already passed by and tank is behind them, so they keep shooting in the sky. Soldiers that run along are from vehicles that already been hit. They probably won't make it back to Russia as this place is 200 kms from border.

This video is annihilation of Russian column, this sort of annihilation is industry now. Kremlin idiots keep sending those tanks and they just being destroyed.

This is one of highways near from where I live, now refugees coming back filming this

April, 6 Carpet bombing in Severodonetsk caught on camera. This is city in East Ukraine with more than 100.000 population. 99 percent of Severodonetsk population speak Russian as native. In Mariupil 98 percent, in Kharkiv 96 percent, in Chernihiv Russian is native for 80 percent of population. Those and other cities in East Ukraine just being flattened and ruined. Cities like Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Borodynka are Ukrainian speaking, so there is more torture and executions in Ukrainian speaking part of my country. What we see in Ukraine is bad, but if Russians will invade EU countries then we will see what is real genocide. Read what they did in Germany in May 1945.

This is in Kherson, South Ukraine where ground is flat, steppe, no forest. Still this guy was able to crawl close enough to destroy Russian tank and he filmed it for us to see. At least with the era we live in, mobile phones are with most people. The world has seen this war like never before.

April, 8 I have to tell my websites visitors that I am trying not to bring a very graphic content or content that discredit Ukrainian army or show losses on Ukrainian side. When war we have to stick with our team. I hate propaganda, but now I have no other choice as to be a part of it. I didn't like Zelensky, now I have to give him support. Actually I did never treat Zelensky seriously and as war began my first thought was- o horror, we are at war with Russia and we have little comedian for a president! I thought he would fly to Israel in a first day of war and we would never see him again. Now I see he is damn good. If he is not Napoleon as actor he can play one and people they won't know the difference.

As people evacuate a tactical ballistic missile, Tochka-U hits the railway station in Kramatorsk. City of 157.000 is completely Russian speaking, in 2014 it was under control of separatists. More than 50 civilians died. This region (Donbass) is known as the red belt, most population proletariat, communists mentality that is very close to Russians. Putin's idea is to liberate comrades from Ukrainian Nazies. Now everyone is puzzled why Russians are killing ethnic Russians.

Good shot from the roof sends another Russian tank to junkyard

Video of tortured civilians in Bucha. It can be too graphic if you don't live in Ukraine. For us this is not graphic, we used to see such scenery both on videos and in real life. I have to post this on my website because it is in my area. People died for some reason, for everyone to see it and think and act. I believe every of those dead people send message to the world. If we won't pass this message this means they died in vain.

This video shows some dead Russian soldiers near someone's property. This reminds me the situation in my area when we had three planes with Russian paratroopers landed at a nearby airport. Fortunately one plane was shot in the air; they all died, two other planes landed successfully. Our army moved in and all 400 paratroopers ended up hiding in our forest for weeks. This was hell for our community, shooting day and night and people from the community had to repel them. We presented 20-40 men, former military who have been guarding our houses. We are fenced. At night with night vision devices our people have been waiting for them to show up and shooting at them.

I must say those paratroopers have been a pain in the back for many nearby communities like ours. They were well trained spetsnaz, something like green berets. I have no idea what was the purpose of this mission, all they did was look for food and rob houses in villages. Eventually our civil defense laid mines in our forest. Later we heard some explosions and never saw paratroopers. Aside of paratroopers we also had other groups, a what left of Russian army. In my area we have now checkpoints every 100 meters, they build fortifications for a case if Russians decide to return.

April 9, Farmers cleaning area from freshly killed Russian soldiers. This guy explains the bodies left on the fields for the Russian state not to pay compensation to the families of the dead. I myself believe that Russians do not take their dead soldiers home because their trucks are full of carpets, TV sets, bicycles, wheels of cars and other useful things they stole in Ukraine. They simply have no place for the dead in their trucks.

In Ukraine when people steal something and they are caught they are tied to the tree or some pole with pants down, everyone can wipe their butts. This is very common practice for men and women alike, we see dozens of such photos and videos each day. If you see photos of people tied to the tree with naked butts they are marauders.

April 10, The Russian army has adopted and used Soviet Army methods and strategy. They do it by the book of WW2. Now they want to take Kharkiv, a city of 2 million. They have 100.000 army in East Ukraine now. When Kharkiv was liberated in WW2 the Soviet Army sent 700.000 army to that battle and the city was two times smaller in size with almost no people. Nowadays many thousand in Kharkiv joined civil defense and took to arms.

In other words Putin wants to achieve WW2 success without resources the Soviet Union had. Another problem is that they have no good strategists. One commander of a so-called military operation is dumber than the previous. Putin forgot that in WW2 Ukraine was part of the Soviet Army and 80% of high rank officers were Ukrainians, 10 marshals were from Ukraine and they had planned all military operations.

After the collapse of USSR Russia has privatized all achievements forgetting those were achievements of 15 republics. They have high ambitions while the country is getting slimmer. It's like some aged sport figure trying to do what they did in their youth, but they are no longer young and strong and can not repeat their best results..

Soldiers stripped to the bones. This is near Kiev. Nowadays there are a lot of dogs on the streets, they have to eat something and the only food available is dead Russian soldiers.

Stray dogs have been a problem here in Ukraine even before this war. They can attack and kill living people, leave alone the dead

@99btk #ЗСУ #ПТУР ♬ оригінальний звук - Галицький

In Kharkiv they widely use variety of cluster and parachute bombs. In Lada and big cargo truck drivers and passangers have been lucky

Soldiers pretty far from the camera, so I can not identify what army they are, but the tank is Russian. It comes close, soldiers looking at it and then it blows them off. I think it's friendly fire. No way Ukrainian soldiers would look at a Russian tank approaching them and do nothing. Another scenario is the Ukrainian soldiers captured a Russian tank which happens often. With all tanks they captured the Ukraine army now already has more tanks than they had at the beginning of this war.

April 14, Today in the news -Russia's defence ministry says its flagship cruiser Moskva is "seriously damaged" after an explosion. Ukrainian officials earlier said the enemy vessel had been hit by Ukrainian rockets "Neptun" in the Black Sea. I think it was "Harpoon" missiles. "Neptun" made in Ukraine anti-ship missiles. The system entered service with the Ukrainian Navy in March 2021 which means we only have couple of them and no one have ever seen "Neptun" in this war. They could be destroyed in first days of war by airstrikes, like our C-300.

I always thought it was quite reckless of Russians to name their warships with names of cities, like Moskov. Hitler never gave symbolic names to their warships and submarine, because when ship sink together with the ship sinks the name of the ship. Double blow in both real war and propaganda war. P.S. As far as I remember only one German WW2 warship had symbolic name KMS Deutschland, later was renamed into Lutzow because Hitlers fear of losing such a grand-named ship.

Local population being creative, now they figured that aside from being a dog food, bodies of Russian occupants can be used as road signs.

April 18, Mariupol today, which was totally blocked for 50 days, video shows how Azov wins weapon and ammunition. Russian vans were ambushed. All burned except for the red van, so Russian soldiers gathered between the red van and the wall where they were shot, then two Azov fighters finished them off with hand grenades. 1:39 shows scores of dead Russian soldiers near the wall and the van is full of stuff. Food, ammunition. Interesting detail on 1:20 when Azov fighter throw them grenade it fell near van and Russian who was hiding under the van throw this grenade towards bodies of his comrades where some still seen moving. 

Here is better video where that Russian dummy tossing grenade towards other soldiers. This happened a few minutes before he was pulled out from under van and killed. Previous video do not show it, but this is how it goes with Azov, they don't take captives.

There are 1000 Azov fighters and few hundred marines in Mariupol now. Russians keep bombing this city, tens of thousands civilians being killed, but they still do not control this city. Russians burn bodies of civilians and their own soldiers in mobile crematoriums. They don't want to leave evidence like they did in the North of Kiev.

Ukrainian tank shoot though the wall of a ruined building. Russian armored vehicle hit and destroyed.

This is somewhere in Donbass. Russian soldiers seek shelter in a house, after they run to the forest where they have either been killed or captured. Here is full version of this drone video https://vimeo.com/700765149

One of Azov this morning. Looks like Azov is doing well, they like fish in the water in Mariupol. Russian propaganda call them Nazi, whereas they defend their country.


♬ Disaster - KSLV Noh

Russian Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle trying to outrun Javelin.

This tank was hit with something heavy, it is one of 800 Russian tanks that been destroyed since Feb 24. This is more tanks than most NATO countries have and they say Ukraine is not fit for NATO.. It is Stoltenberg who said that. It's amazing how arrogant and hypocrite those officials are.

April 20, Allah Akbar shouted and next moment he went to Allah. We now have tens of thousands Moslems from Middle East fighting in Putin's army. Many of them are ticktockers, it is funny to watch their videos. The Ukraine army is trolling them by greasing bullets with pig fat and wrapping dead bodies of Moslems in pigskin.. this is to prevent them from going to heaven when they are hoping to meet 40 virgins..



  More dead Arabs. From photos and videos we receive it looks like Ukraine is turning into a gigantic slaughter house for whoever Putin's propaganda will recruit for this war


 Somehow I have the impression that all those ISIS scams that were previously seen around Syria, Libya and Iraq are now coming to Ukraine


  I don't know what their chances are of meeting 40 virgins, more likely they will meet Ukrainian dogs.


April 22, Episode of street fighting, I don't know where it is, could be South or East or Donbass. Russian troops advancing in all directions, so far little gains. On this video tank run over car tire with mine inside, tank blows up, can't see in a smoke what happened later, I assume crew was leaving and rounds we heard to finish them off.


  Russian helicopter "Alligator" downed with MANPADS. "Alligator" cost 15 millions USD. To make this show Putin was robbing the population of Russia for the last 20 years, telling them how good their arms and army. Soon Russian people will see the show was fake and no arms left as for army Putin needs to do a total mobilization so his regime is rising false flag, today Russia's largest chemical plant engulfed in flames hours after mystery fire at military research facility. They build ground for mobilizing 1 or 2 million army.


One of those routine videos of Russian columns being destroyed with high precision artillery. Today Putin announced that Mariupol is under their control. Now they moving 10.000 troops from Mariupol to other locations. Later today Azov was seen in different parts of a city, far away from Azovstal plant. There are 2.000 of Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol now. Soon they will control most parts of the city again.

Funny video of pig walking with soldiers, then pig got interested in mine soldiers run. Pig must be from some ruined farm. There are plenty of pigs now in villages, searching for food.


Moron look so happy, he received PPSh-41 submachine gun, `1941 model, cartridges the same 70-80 years old. Soon he is going fight with this thing against Switchblade drones, Humvees, night-vision devices, thermal imagery systems, Javelin and NLAW, Stinger, Starstreak and many other modern systems we don't even know of.

Putin's soldiers rolling some barrels in the steppe. Easy target. I don't know if it was a good idea to waste modern anti-tank missiles on them. Each Javelin missile cost $78,000. Russia pays $500 a month to whoever wants to join their army and Russia makes 1 billion USD a day from gas and oil sales, so they can send to Ukraine millions of Arabs, Africans and former USSR citizens. Neutralizing them with Javelins is like crashing cockroaches with i- phones.

Russian tank turret blown off, one ton turret fly like a feather

Street fighting, Russian infantry is destroyed with BTR-4 "Bucephalus. The deadliest weapon is the human mind. In 21 century win the army that look at enemy though monitor. In right upper corner options for 30 mm (1.2 in) autocannon.

Beware of mines if you travel to Ukraine. Don't go to forest. On video Russian soldier minus leg after he steps on mine.

Russian cruise missiles hitting Lviv a few days ago. With one rocket they hit tire repair service.


April 26, Russian soldier resting on an anti-tank hedgehog. Most of the dead in this war are young. This is the generation of smartphone addicts, they have the internet in their pockets with all available information about this war, it only takes two minutes to reach for this information, yet they come like zombies to kill and to die.

I believe this chaos is what happens when reading books is replaced with watching TV and social media. People can not think for themselves, especially young people and the internet won't help them.

Just like "Moskva" was promoted to submarine, this SU fighter jet was promoted to helicopter

4 Russian tanks destroyed in less than 3 minutes by "Stugna" Menu in Arabic because good deal of "Stugnas" were produced for export to UAI. This video made on a road between Izum and Kharkiv. There are talks that 2000 Russians killed on that road just recently. This is not in the news because the mainstream media is victimizing Ukraine. Also the death toll for the Russian army 21K is terribly underestimated. I believe our authorities do not report enemy losses so Russia would have more sanctions and Ukraine would get more weapons.

April 28, Russian soldiers loot village near Kharkiv. Car is stolen of course. I believe those bombs not guided

Very patient stingerman, waiting for helicopter to run out of flares. He wouldn't need to wait if he had starstreak missile, but I think this helicopter was hit with Igla (Needle) made in USSR surface-to-air missile

It is in Kiev today. Was good idea to drive the car back after first explosion. Those were ballistic missiles.

April 29, Today in Mariupol. Russian naval infantry moving to new positions. Should send one or two first to cover. This solder who rushed to help wounded was asking to cover him.

They say this explosive was dropped from modified Mavic 3 drone.

Another Russian tiktoker is killed while streaming video, he reports the task is completed, they have three wounded... then explosion..., obviously someone else completed their task

Russian general Gerasimov arrived at Isum and Ukrainian rocket artillery tried to get him and his people killed. In this video they cover the command post. First very precise strike, then grad rockets cover the area. I personally believe we shall not touch those Putin's idiot generals, because if killed they can be replaced with someone smarter. So, let them live and continue with stupid decisions which only make things worse for them.

We all see now that Putin's army is for a show, it is only good for parades.

May 1, Looks like Western Howitzer already in Ukraine. On picture destroyed Russian artillery position. Usually when they are destroyed with old Soviet weapons we see holes all around the area. US Howitzer work on a distance of 40 kms/25 miles, on this distance error is 5 meters. This is what we see on the picture.

Good precision strike. Neutralizing crew without damaging tank in Donbass region

Two "Raptor" patrol boats go to the bottom in Black Sea.

May 4, Funny video, Russian soldiers stealing stuff and Ukrainian drone hurry them up.

May 7, Ukrainian BTR meets Russian army truck on highway.

May 11, Russian tank being promoted to space shuttle.

May 13,

Today Russians tried to cross river in Donbass and they lost 73 army vehicles just in one place and this episode is one of many. All what I see in this war makes me think that Putin is member of some anti-Russian organization.

Out of 60.000 who died in this war on both sides 55.000 either Russians or Russian speaking. Mariupol 100% Russian speaking city, Kharkiv is 96%, Chernihiv 90%, Nikolayev almost 100%, in Odessa everyone speaks Russian as native language. This is something no one can explain- why Putin so willingly kill Russians and not kill Ukrainians who live in Western part of the country.

I believe Putin is a part of global cabal whose aim is to destabilize economic situation on the planet and cause famine in third world countries. They are running depopulation agenda. Killing tens of thousand ethnic Russians in Ukraine will trigger global crisis that will kill millions and millions in Africa, Asia etc. This is what they after.

Maybe Putin can only terrorize, but not allowed to kill people other than Russians and some Ukrainians. Not at this point. If they won't be able to achieve the aim of their agenda then they will bring war on other territories, but so far it works well for them. Oil, grain prices went though the roof

Today over 735 million people live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 a day and I believe this war against those people. Before this group of elitists have been running Covid freak show, in Ukraine Covid ended on Feb 24, after that everyone threw mask off and we never heard of Covid.

Russian soldier was running towards his doom.


Russian anti-ship missile hits house of culture near Kharkiv.

Video shows 10 Russian tanks, 8 BTR's, 4 engineer army vehicles, 30 pickups being destroyed at one place in a matter of seconds.

Today the siege of Mariupol has ended. Very sad day. What will happen with more than 2000 Ukrainian fighters surrendered in Mariupol we don't know. They agreed to surrender under condition that they would be exchanged for Russian war prisoners. We shall see how this exchange goes. Meanwhile, concern is the situation near the city of Severodonetsk where Russians try to encircle a group of 12.000 fighters from Ukraine. Little by little Russians make progress near this city. I believe the supply route has already been cut off. The Russian strategy now is biting off territories little by little and the Ukraine strategy is killing Russian troops without putting in danger their own army. Russia is ready to pay.

Zbigniew Brzezinski has famously observed that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire. To paraphrase Brzezinski I'd say with Ukraine Russia is an empire, without Ukraine Russia is just an asiatic shithole as it is now. That's why they are ready to pay with millions being sent as cannon fodder in this war. No one cares how many will die, the aim has to be achieved and the aim is restoration of the empire.

Good shot. This is anti-tank guided missile, the voice of a person who guides it, correcting it's course.

I filmed this video today, it gives idea how towns West of Kiev look now.

June 8, A couple of short videos I filmed in my neighborhood

burned cars of civilians

destroyed tanks

June 23, 2022 I already posted this message in March, now I have to re-write it and post again.

This message is for people who live in Poland and Baltic Countries. Be prepared for Russian/Belarus forces to attack and invade the area known as Suwalki Gap. 100 kms border between Poland and Litva. This way all 3 Baltic Countries will be cut off from the rest of Europe and Russia will reunite with the Kaliningrad area.

Don't count on NATO, only one battalion of NATO forces located in Lithuania. NATO will respond with rocket attacks on bases in Belarus and this is what Putin wants, he desperately trying to activate Belarussian army and have them involved in war.

Best way to go would be to create a military alliance between all countries who border Russia, to send one single army wherever war would break out. Either it is Finland, Sweden, Moldova, Poland or Baltic countries.

Ukraine is a training base for the Russian army. The purpose of this war in Ukraine is to test their missiles and rotate hundreds of thousands of military men through real combat, to get them experience before they engage in something serious. Also Putin wants to drain EU military resources. Many EU countries are now out of tanks and cannons. Those were sent to Ukraine, but the major attack will not be in Ukraine. We can see it as a false maneuver.

Count on your own resources. NATO will help with weapons, do some air strikes, but they will not fight for you on the ground.

What do you have to do now? If you live in the area of potential invasion- you can stay only if you see on every step people armed with machine guns and Javelins. This is why I didn't leave my home near Kiev, because it was a fortress. Every 50 meters checkpoints, tanks, machine gunners.. I knew Russians would never break through my area and they never did. If your area isn't such a fortress you better leave now because there will be the same story as in Bucha or towns North of Kiev where people had no time to prepare for defense.

Some advice for civilians who live near the area of potential invasion and don't want to leave: get yourself good bomb shelter, stockpile with canned food, medicine, candles, batteries, flame extingushers, fuel etc. Stop any real estate investments and get cash in major currencies. Don't keep your savings in national currency, it will collapse, better buy physical gold in bars 5-10 gr. they can be exchanged for fuel, food etc. If you have real estate try to sell it now. After the beginning of the war the worth of all apartments, houses, dachas and offices will be zero. Move all valuables to safer areas. Good idea to send children away before it starts.

When war begins, don't believe anything you read in the news. There will only be war propaganda. No valuable information, no info like where the enemy army is located. This is why so many civilians were trapped in Ukraine and died in cross fire. They watched good news on tv until they saw Russian tanks and when you see enemy tanks near home it's too late to run. Propaganda helps to keep spirits up, but only truth is life saving. Watch the area around, get a real picture. Call you friends who live in different areas near you. Have maps, try to figure out what goes on. Have a car in good technical condition with a full tank. When the frontline is 10 kms from your home it's time to leave and look for refuge. Don't stay in the area occupied by Putin's army, they are well known marauders, rapists and murderers. You will see many people around you who are panicking, on the brink of nervous breakdown, spreading fakes that make them even more panicking. Try to part with those people. You can't help them. Fear is contagious, it affects everyone. Common sense is rare and is a sole property of a person who is cool.

P.S. About bomb shelter, either it is basement in your house or any other it absolutely must have way out outside of building, otherwise they are death traps, when building collapse all die in a smoke or will be buried for weeks and eventually die anyways. Car and fuel must be stored outside, not in the garage. Windows in a house must be blocked and shed no light. Water source is a must, better if there is some well that requires no electricity.

June, 26 Things continue to deteriorate in Baltic region. Litva (Lithuania) has 5 airplanes. 20K army that has never been in combat. Half of Lithuania's weapons have been sent to Ukraine. Only one NATO battalion is located in this country and the government is asking for 25.000 NATO troops.

I believe Putin is hoping for a Crimea scenario where the Russian army will march through with no resistance and no fighting. If this is the case article 5 won't come into effect. Let's assume there will be resistance, then NATO has 180 days for seeking agreements of all members for military intervention. With other words Lithuania can be under occupation for 180 days, only then NATO shall react.

Suwalki Gap has no fortifications, no trenches. It is just fields with highways and population centers. Once the Russian/Belarus army will march though they will build their fortifications and trenches and when they do it you will never smoke them out of there.

It seems like no one believes Russian aggression in Baltic region can happen. Here in Ukraine no one believed it too, until early morning Feb 24 we heard the first explosions. Since then 100.000 have been killed on both sides. This number includes tens of thousands civilians who were killed under bombings and shelling while they were looking for shelter, water, food, fuel etc. This is why people who live in Baltic countries, Poland and Belarus need to be prepared now.

When this will begin you will be on your own. No army, no police, no politicians or any organization will help you. After Feb 24 there is nothing impossible.

June 28, There is something to know about the war in Ukraine that the mainstream media isn't telling. The number of air strikes and dead civilians is under reported. It's like our officials trying to save Putin's face and for that Putin allows our officials to function. For instance there was a strike on one factory not far from me. I know 7 died, nothing was on the news.

Isn't it fishy that no missile ever falls on government buildings or military headquarters here in Kiev? Isn't it strange that world leaders from countries hostile to Russia travel to Kiev by train? Zelensky and his team now live all close to each other in the South of Kiev and this was the only safe place in all of Kiev's area.

This all tells me that this war is only real from the perspective of people who die, but for politicians it's a game they play for the benefit of a man behind the curtain. In a few years we shall see what is the real plan and real purpose of this war. I am sure the final aim is to reduce the world's population. The question is with what means they will have to achieve it? I believe first they try third world wide famine and if this won't work, then nuclear option.

I think nuclear strikes will be made from the territory of Belarus, yesterday Putin announced sending nuclear capable rockets to Belarus. If nuclear warheads fly from the territory of Belarus, then NATO will respond with a strike on Belorussian territory. I believe on the first stage they will only use tactical nukes. This can happen later this year, Putin has to do it before America has supersonic missiles, which I think the USA shall have sometime in 2023.

July, 3

Lisichansk has fallen. I don't think the Ukrainian army tried very hard to defend this city. Part of the reason is that half of the population who lived there are sympathetic to separatists. Russians can win against the army, but they can't win the war against the population. It is why they were defeated near Kiev, Chernihiv and Summy.

Let's see if they can take any pro-Ukrainian city and keep it under control. Ukraine military commanders obviously save the lives of soldiers by giving away territories. Territories can be won back if there are soldiers who are armed properly. Ukraine is short of weapons and Russia has all the weapons of the Soviet Union, which lacks precision, but what can we do with a few hundred howitzers against 14.000 howitzers Russia has?

Russia learned a lesson and now seems to have found a method which allows them to move forward slowly. Like a firewall they destroy one city after another. No city- no problems, no people- no resistance. Caveman tactics. This is how they won WW2. Had Ukraine accepted this and been engaged in frontal attacks there would be heavy losses on both sides. Ukraine is a smaller country and has smaller human resources. We shall not play their game. I believe our game would be systematic strikes with high precision weapons. Week after week, month after month eventually it would produce the same effect as we saw recently on Snake Island which Russians left. As a weapon, the human brain has always been more dangerous than muscles.

We shall see what will be the next stage in this war. If Russians were a little bit smarter they would put Donbass war on pause and move their forces to Belarus and then together with Belarussian army they could cut off communication lines along our Western border. This would leave Ukraine with no fuel, no arms and no ammunition. Quite possible this will be next stage of their so called special military operation. We shall see it soon.

October 6, below a couple of videos from today with Ukrainian army killing Russian soldiers.


Filatova Elena Vladimirovna