2018 Chernobyl and Fukushima anniversary note.

This year I will combine my traditional Chernobyl anniversary note with Fukushima. This is not my photos. I was never in Japan. My website visitors asked me if going to Japan is in my plans. Not really. Most Ukrainians only travel one way, to find jobs and stay for good. This would be the only way to go for me and I am afraid Japan is not the best place to relocate. Actually to come from Chernobyl to live in Fukushima is dumb funny, like selling ticket for RMS Lusitania just to buy one on Titanic.

I am including Fukushima in my anniversary note because I didn't see any anniversary reports this year. Malicious silence. No one visited this orphan on his birthday, so I guess it's time for me to give a little care to this problem.

Picture on the left shows that in Fukushima spent fuel pool was located under reactor service floor. The photo on the right is of reactor N3. Mainstream media and nuclear experts all telling that spent fuel pools on all reactors are intact. Most interesting is that the authorities think "words" can override what your eyes are looking at. The other two blown reactors do not look any better. There are many pictures of ruined reactors on the internet that clearly show that fuel pools that were stored at the top of a building no longer exist. Unless pools, like an Olympic acrobat, have made an impossible backflip- salto mortale I don't see how spent fuel rods can still be inside their reactors.

If spent fuel rods not in reactors they must be somewhere in the atmosphere. The amount of fuel in those 3 pools was almost the same as in Chernobyl reactor N4 (200 tons). In Chernobyl we don't know how much fuel escaped, but in Fukushima it obvious that all spent fuel rods from upper pools of 3 reactors, deadly nuclear contaminants, went into our Earth's air. With those pools alone, they already have a worse situation than Chernobyl because the older the reactor the more Plutonium is inside and Fukushima atomic plant was much older and much bigger than Chernobyl. On top of it reactor N3 in Fukushima was working on mox fuel, which consisting of plutonium blended with natural uranium.

They already collected 10 million bags, weight of each is 1 ton and they only cleaned 1%, maybe 2% of territory poisoned by radiation. They obviously do it for a show.

By the time they will clean 5% of territory first bags will start falling apart and re-contaminate the area. We can see trees already growing, though bags. Newly cleaned area will be re-contaminated from 3 glowing reactor core and from the ocean which pays back what was deposited. Radiation migrates with the winds, fires, heavy rains.. In Chernobyl in the first decade after the accident, they also tried to remove soil and build new roads, even new towns and villages. Later they abandoned all those projects because the only result of messing with radiation was cancer for clean up workers.

This is a map of Plutonium poisoning in the Ukrainian part of Chernobyl. Very accurate map if someone using it. In areas where you see red or orange color there is no life and it will never be. You see red, just pack your stuff and leave. There is several Plutoniums, all have nasty daughters, but compared with Plutonium-239, the other chemical elements are but as kings on the stage to the king in real life, for it is Plutonium-239 that will reign for thousands of years. It is extremely toxic and highly chemically reactive, half-life of Plutonium-239 is 24,400 years. Most believe that in Chernobyl reactor we had 1000 kgs of Plutonium, half of it is Pu-239. The amount of Plutonium released into the ocean in Fukushima is unimaginable. Last year me and my daughter made video named The Lesser Evil With this video I wanted to show that in our world where everything is so fragmentary and fleeting Plutonium contamination is the only thing that is unchangeable and stable.

Missing spend fuel pools in the upper side of Fukushima reactors is only part of the disaster. We don't know what happened to other pools. We don't know what state of melted reactor, which didn't explode and worse of all, we don't know where the hot core of all ruined reactors.

I believe Pacific Ocean now submerged version of Chernobyl. Depend of currents and chemicals there will be dead areas or half alive, some remains of marine life, empty homes, broken shells etc. Most do not see this and do not care. Just like they don't see and don't care about Chernobyl, but how can we expect people to see what is under water if they cannot even see what is on the ground?

This photo is one of those propaganda photos that would make Joseph Goebbels very proud and maybe a little bit jealous. Reuters claims that residents fishing at the port near the Fukushima Daiichi plant. This is where Tepco is pouring so much chemicals that water is a solvent. I like this photo, to me it seems the other guy tells the fisher- how the hell could you catch fish in water that dissolves you worm sooner than fish takes the bait.. This water is only good for developing films, cleaning metal, or if someone wanted the skin stripped from their bones. Skinny dipping would mean skinned dipping for sure.

Societies which lost territories in atomic accidents just like amputees, only difference is that on the street human amputees are collecting money by showing people they're missing limbs while countries nuclear amputees are getting paid for not doing so. Ukraine is paid by the IMF and other funds for hiding Chernobyl problems not for solving them. In the Soviet Union they organized miliroentgen parades to make people believe they were ok and after Fukushima, we lost Pacific Ocean which crippled the whole planet. An amputee planet Earth is running a big show soon, which requires common efforts. This show is called Olympics Games.

From the Google Earth photo it is seen that bags stored on the Olympic site. I hope players won't kick the ball very hard. They shall not hit those plutonium bags, or they will have to call Tepco experts to get ball back from bags.

Another Google Earth shot. You can see farming in Fukushima requires extra space for storing bags with waste scrapped from farmland. In Chernobyl I saw the same when on some fire station they scrapped land, brought new black earth to grow vegetables. In the next spring their garden has been be re-contaminated. Firemen in Chernobyl gave up on experimenting because they were growing crops for themselves, but in Fukushima they grow it for export. I don't think they will ever give up.

There is one anecdotal tale I want to end this story with. In busy Tokio district some guy sells snack in his store. Among other proposals he has foodstuffs from Fukushima, A curious customer tells him- your business is against rules of marketing. You got to sell you Fukushima snacks without announcement, just like our government pushing rice from Fukushima to other countries... on which seller reply- I have to give information about the origin of a food for people to know what to buy for themselves and what to buy for their corporate bosses.