Belorussian zone of exclusion is now called the "radiation ecological forest reserve." Some of the villages within it are very remote. They have no roads, and the only way to get there is by driving some tractor or on foot.

If tired, here is a bench to sit on...

Radiation level here is same as in Kiev, but don't forget it is Chernobyl, where you can step hundred meters and find yourself in dangerous radioactive place. For safety, Geiger counter must always be turned on. Let me tell a story from my first visits to Chernobyl. I went with a friend to some place North of the reactor. While I was photographing my friend wanted to check the radiation level, but his simple counter went off the scale. We thought it was some glitch. Fortunately, I had my fathers professional device with me. I switched on this device and it measured 25 milliroentgens, which is 2.500 normal... next second we were running like Forest Gump. Someone, please tell me if the International Olympic Committee has a training program for "run for life" special athletes. If so, I'll give them the names of two gold medal contenders...


Chernobyl landscape is completely flat so this waterfall is an equivalent of Niagara Falls.


Finally, here is a village...nameless.



It is hard for me to describe what I feel, when I come in a village with no people, but I will try- first is a feeling, like I got deaf. The silence is tremendous. No birds singing, no wind, nothing that can break this silence. Villages more picturesque than towns, houses and sheds do not look real. All look painted and I feel, like I walk inside of this painting.


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