It is village club. It was central place for partying, for people to meet and watch movies.

Now, the party is over. Doors are wide open, but no one goes inside. Meeting a wild boar in such a closed space would not be safe.

In villages they say that if you don't fix your house, it will fall apart. That appears to be true.

In many places, hasty scratches on wooden crosses are the only chronicle that remains of the rich lives that dwelled here. Many of the loved ones who prayed over them are probably here, too.

I found this village a few years ago, I couldn't find it on my map, but the town cemetary tells the tale that, from the early 1800's, until 1986, all of the people who lived in this village were Smirnovs.

It must be sectarian village, where brothers married sisters and all have the same last name.

I put this village on my map and named it Smirnovka. It is how we call a famous vodka. I wonder if there is a connection to the people who lived in this place and the people who make Smirnoff Vodka?

I can only guess, because there is nobody here to answer the question.

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