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Gate Savers are a simple solution to the age-old problem of keeping suspension webbing in the corners of the carabiner and off the weak point, the gate. They are simple, inexpensive and should be standard equipment on every hang gliding harness.  Gate Savers slip right on virtually every commonly-used carabiner. They work better than the old "bike tube around the mains" system because they are more secure, they work on both ends of the 'biner, and they don't cause harness main chaffing from being squeezed against the carabiner. Plus, they actually cost less than most bike tubes. Gate Savers are made from durable gum rubber with no chemicals to decay hang webbing.

Here are some testimonials from hang glider pilots around the world:

"Because I have a fairing around my hang strap, I need the Gate Saver to keep the lines separated and away from the gate. Very good investment!"
-- Davis Straub / World Record Holder

"Although not in the HES manual (should be), it's highly recommended that you also use a Gate Saver to keep the bridle from slipping around onto the gate. That's the best six bucks you'll ever spend."
-- Russ Camp

"First off, I really like the Gate Savers you invented. My steel carabiner has a very wide top, and I found my webbing would often stick on the gate side, sometimes even getting hung up on the gate itself. Not any more. You should see about getting harness manufacturers to include these as standard equipment."
-- Angelo Mantas

"When I started rock climbing in the '70's, Great Pacific Iron Works found that their 2000 kg (4400 lb) carabiner could fail with as little as 200 pounds when the load was on the gate.  Just another reason for a Gate Saver."
-- Vince

Gate Savers Image

     Install as pictured. The bottom unit remains on the carabiner permanently. The top unit stays on the carabiner with the front being slipped into position using the grip tab after hooking in (donít forget to lock your gate!). Grip tabs may be trimmed off with sharp scissors, if desired.

     Most hang systems require a long unit on the bottom and a short one on the top. If your system needs two longs or two shorts please let us know when ordering.

Cost of Gate Savers

  • $ 5.00 for 1 pair (plus $1.00 S&H)

  • $39.95 for 10 pairs (free shipping)

  • $59.95 for 20 pairs (free shipping)

To get your Gate Savers send a check to the address shown below,
or for more information you can email us at: Gate Savers

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