There are already a lot of so-called Satanic organizations out there, what makes MLO different?

Noxifer: - We don’t agree at all with this statement, but we agree with the fact that there are many who claim to be ”Satanists” and members of different ”Satanic” organizations. The few serious Satanic Orders that exist are usually secret until some member makes a mistake and is arrested for some crime against the human laws. It is first then that these groups, against their will, attracts attention from the Judaeo-Christian media. A real Satanic Order can never, because of the nature of the Satanic work, be open to the public and it could never be possible to join such an Order only by paying a member fee. All humans are equally worthless, until they have proven the contrary. What makes MLO different to the organizations who claim to be Satanic, is that MLO truly is a Satanic organization. To the contrary of all worthless scum, we practice what we preach and do everything to reach our Satanic goals. No price is too high and all means are allowed. MLO is Anti-cosmic Satanism! We are the Satanic elite.

A lot of Satanic cults deny the existence of a personified Satan. Why do these people call themselves Satanists when they don’t believe in that?

Noxifer: - MLO see Satan, Lucifer, Set, Apep, Kingu, Typhon, Ahriman, Samael, The black light, Angra Mainyu, Surt, Loke, Diabolus and Shaitan as some of the names describing the driving force of the raging Chaos, which counteract and fight the demiurge and the cosmic order. When the primal Chaos was defiled by the demiurge’s existence and the order and stagnation he created, the power that, inter alia, is called Satan was the first anti-cosmic current emanating from the post-cosmic raging Chaos. This anti-cosmic emanation, which is our father Satan, was created by the raging Chaos to act as the antithesis to the demiurge and his creating of form from formlessness, light from darkness and order from chaos. Satan/Lucifer is the external and eternal aspect of the anti-cosmic and sinister impulses, which constitute the deepest essence of our inner black flames. As a result of this, we are through the inner portals of the black chaos fire forever linked and united with our lord Lucifer/Satan. Through us, parts of the power that is Satan have access to the cosmic plane, while this emanation that we call Satan (the first out of eleven anti-cosmic emanations) itself is based outside the barriers of cosmos and with its raging darkness prevent further expansion of cosmos. We are Satan’s living portals that through our thoughts, feelings and actions channel his energies into cosmos, in that way poisoning and slowly killing the world’s soul. In nomine Satan, ob-umbro anima mundi! Thus, Satan is both an inner and an external power whose existence is completely independent of the human psyche.

The names, symbols and myths that we use to describe the first offspring of the raging Chaos, are all human inventions in order to describe the indescribable, that we only can reach acquaintance with through true contact. But the power, that we call Satan, is much older than the human consciousness. Those who have been in spiritual contact with the energies of our father cannot deny his existence, and those who never have enjoyed the brilliant darkness and power of our father have neither any right to call themselves Satanists. The blind fools who call themselves Satanists without believing in the existence of the Satanic current, are misled lambs that we, the wolves of Satan, shall tear apart. Ad majorem Luciferi gloriam! The day of wrath draws near!”

Why is Christianity such a big target?

Noxifer: - Christianity is an equally big target as all other pro-cosmic and demiurge-worshipping religions. The people who gladly submit to the enslavement of the slave religions, like for instance Christianity, have completely melted together with the cosmic energies, and the black fire that once was burning inside their souls was extinguished a long time ago. The pro-cosmic religions serve the purposes of the demiurge and their function is to forever put out all black chaos flames that are burning within cosmos. This detestable world that we live in today is shaped by the moral values of the slave religions, and that fact alone should make all of those with the smallest ounce of a chaos fire inside to fight against these religions and burn all their houses of lies to ashes.

The demiurge, that by the pro-cosmic religions and their priests have been called Atum-Ra, Marduk, Jahve, Allah, Ahura-Mazda, Zeus and so on, make use of his priests similarly to the way that Satan make use of us. It is therefore important to fight these weak insects both physically and spiritually, and in Satan’s name crush them. Christianity is an anti-evolutionary religion, with the objective of preventing the development of the strong, pulling them down to the level of the weak. Christianity is the opposite of everything that strengthens the spirit and is only good for killing what little that is beautiful, noble and honourable in this filthy world. The same goes for judaism and Islam. We therefore support everyone, who through their concrete actions, show their hatred against these filthy slave religions. Burn their churches and kill their priests!”

Is there an easy way to describe the belief of MLO?

Noxifer: - It is not possible for us to describe our convictions in a briefer way than we’ve already done in this interview, but it will soon be possible, for those who are interested in catching a glimpse into the Anti-cosmic Chaos Gnosticism and black magic of MLO, to order a handbook in Anti-cosmic Satanism. The book is called ”Liber Azerate – The Book of the Raging Chaos” and it is written by MLO Grand Master, Frater Nemidial. It is scheduled for release the 31st of October 2002, for all those who wish to enter the path of the black dragon. For the first time the ”forbidden rites” will be accessible, ready to awaken the black flame of Chaos inside the elect, elevating them to the thrones of darkness!

What is the main purpose for MLO and how realistic is that goal?

Noxifer: - The main purpose of MLO is anti-cosmic evolution. Also the fortification, and in some cases the reawakening, of the black flame of Chaos. Our goal is to unite the elect who consciously walk the path of the black dragon (the Transcendental Anti-cosmic Satanism). To concentrate the powers of the eternal black flame and burn further black holes in the world’s soul (anima mundi) and the collective unconscious of mankind, to open new dark portals to Chaos, this way contributing to the beginning of the endless dark aeon and the invasion of cosmos by the disharmonic and sinister energies. Also, one of the most important goals of MLO is ”Chaos gnosis” (wisdom/understanding of Chaos). It is only through interchange of thoughts and ideas with likeminded people as well as the study of the esoteric dark doctrines and the channelling of the anti-cosmic energies into one’s own spirit, that we can reach wisdom and open the eyes of the blind dragon Tanin’iver and see through all cosmic lies, weaknesses and illusions, and in that way transcend order and become one with Chaos. MLO serve the wrath of the ancient gods and we prepare ourselves, by means of our spiritual work, for the final war when the eleven ones ultimately shall defeat the ten. When the inner darkness is strong enough to defeat both the internal and external light, the parts of the divine spark which are imprisoned inside the demiurge’s creation will be set free. MLO intend to, by means of our work, strengthen the inner darkness of our members, this way darkening the world’s soul. This goal is very realistic! As above, so below!”

What kind of rituals do you do? How often is that organized?

Noxifer: - MLO perform both ceremonial and hermetic rituals, with the purpose of bringing about such changes, with the dark, sinister and chaotic energies that are generated, concentrated and directed, that corresponds to the will of our Order and the dark gods. MLO use the power of the will and the anti-cosmic current to obtain both spiritual and worldly power, and also to remove all obstacles that the forces of the light might place in our way. In general, most of the rituals and ceremonies of MLO derive from the Sumerian chaos gnosticism, the Draconian Setianism and the Kliffotic black magic.

For example we practice rituals of invocation to become possessed by our demonic gods and acquaint with their wisdom and power. We practice rituals of evocation to call forth and manifest the dark and anti-cosmic energies on the physical plane. We practice rituals of purification to banish the unwanted and weakening energies with which the light attack us. We practice rituals of initiation to initiate different stages of the burning path and to bring us together with different magickal currents. We practice power rituals to strengthen the spirit and to awaken the black dragon (the black kundalini). We practice rituals of malediction to weaken, torment, drive insane, vampirise, punish and kill our enemies.

According to ancient tradition, blood rituals are also practiced within the Anti-cosmic Satanism. Vast amounts of energies (i.e. the life-force) can be directed to different purposes. For example; to fortify a specific current or keeping the energy inside a talisman. Giving away the energy as a gift to one of the dark gods, this way strengthening its manifestation on the physical plane, or using the energy to make new cracks in the astral barriers to open new dark portals. Blood rituals also serve many other purposes. Like for example; building strength of character and a strong identification with the dark powers in those who practice these rituals. Letting them come in true contact with darkness, this way contributing to the eclipse of their souls and the strengthening of their Satanic predator mentality. It is this mentality that separates man from the superhuman and the hunter from the prey. Even lesser blood rituals can be used, and are most often so during these rituals, but then the released energies are not as strong.

We also want to state that all so-called Satanists who deny blood rituals as a part of the true Satanism are false and ignorant fools who don’t have a clue of what they’re talking about. Satanism is all about crossing borders and about developing into a god of darkness. To be able to reach this state the Satanist must both have the ability to create and to destroy.

MLO also practices other kinds of rituals and ceremonies, in accordance to the Satanic will and the black flame, to effect such changes in the world that further support our Order and the anti-cosmic evolution on a large scale. These rituals are held as often as it’s necessary, and being Anti-cosmic Satanists we, for example, don’t find it necessary to wait for any meaningless pagan feast to hold our black rites, but practice our dark art/science whenever we wish to do so. Si libet, liket!”

What was the story on MLO and The True Satanist Horde, what was the link there?

Tenebris: - The True Satanist Horde had, contrary to its name, unfortunately nothing to do with real Satanism and its practice. They of course claimed to be Satanists but just playing black metal, wearing corpse paint and inverted crosses doesn’t, however, make a Satanist. It was all just a lot of talk and they had gotten away with that for years. So when MLO had formed back in ’95 we asked the guys if they were interested in the real deal. Obviously they were not!

How important was the link to the Norwegian Inner Circle?

Tenebris: - Personally, I can say that it meant a lot as long as it lasted. Back then, in 1991, things mainly concerned black metal and ideological Satanism (not so much practical Satanism, but anyway...) and we were all burning for it! Like the most natural thing the Black Circle (or the Inner Circle if you like) was formed, and the plans were huge! It grew quickly to become some sort of black metal army. It was however rather poorly organized and kind of stood and fell with Euronymous and his shop. Therefore, it vanished with his death in ’93 and all arrests at that time. Anyhow, these years were somewhat intense and I can look back on them with a smile on my lips. Sadly enough, many people involved at the time betrayed their ideals and lost their interest when things fell apart. Like it was nothing more than a hype of temporary nature.

An interesting story is the one about IT (Abruptum/Ophthalamia), who was at one time running The True Satanist Horde. There are so many rumours concerning him. That he chickened out and left for Finland. Do you know anything about that?

Noxifer: - Life is full of disappointments and the situation you’re asking about was one of them. Don’t ask the devil for a dance if you’re not prepared to dance until death!

Are there any organizations that MLO support or even work together with?

Noxifer: - One year after some MLO members ended up in prison, an outlaw organisation and brotherhood called Werewolf Legion was formed. WL, which consists mainly of non-Satanists, has a close collaboration with MLO and even though most of its members aren’t Satanists, they are all warriors, outlaws and misanthropes. F.T.L! There are also plans to start up WL in Norway and Holland, for it is in these countries (besides Sweden) that MLO is established. The only Satanic organization that we support is O.N.A. and its subsections. We also support a certain American ”Order of vampires” that, to the contrary of all silly ”role-play-vampires”, practice true vampirism. Besides these ”occult” organizations we also support all true outlaw organizations. Hail MLO! Hail WL! Hail Satan!