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What does it take, personally, to become a Satanist?

Noxifer: - A Satanist is a person who takes on the role as the constant ”accuser” and ”opponent”, and who wholeheartedly struggle against status quo with a view to bring forth the personal development and evolution that only can be reached through Chaos. What it takes from a person who ”wants to be a Satanist” is a strong will to power and an even stronger attraction to the unknown, secret and sinister wisdom, that is Lucifer’s gift to the few chosen superior humans who venture into the burning path, which is the way of the Transcendental Anti-cosmic Satanist.

Misanthropy and contempt for society are also essential parts of the true Satanism. Because if a sufficient will shall be able to exist to attain the spiritual evolution and bring forth the endless dark aeon, which is the highest goal for the Anti-cosmic Satanist, there must also exist a burning hate against the prevalent order and the human sheep who gladly submit to the tyranny of the demiurge and the light, pro-cosmic religions. To be able to want to transcend the present cosmic state and become one with the dark gods, who are different aspects of the raging Chaos that reigns outside cosmos and the settled universe, the Satanist must have the ”black flame of Chaos” burning inside. Hence, the black flame is by far the most important concept within the Anti-cosmic Satanism.

”The Black Flame” is the esoteric name of the part of the primal Chaos that still burns inside the dark souls of the strong ones. This black flame is the same power that the Sumerians referred to as ”The Blood of Kingu”, the ancient Egyptian Draconian cults called ”The Seed of Apep” and the Kliffotic and Anti-Sephirotic magicians called ”The Flame of Molok”. The black flame is also the ”pneuma” of the dark Gnostics and was also called ”The Divine spark”. It is this divine spark that is the spirit of the Chaos-Gnostics and the Anti-cosmic Satanists. It is their inner driving force that make them struggle against the cosmic order, life after life, to in the end reach the understanding and wisdom that shall completely awaken the black flame of Chaos/the blood of Kingu and burn the physical and spiritual shackles that keep us imprisoned in this cosmic prison, that the ”demiurge” (i.e. the foolish creator) created in the beginning of time.

We were created out of Chaos, against our will, but the black flame strengthens our will and gives us the possibility to seek back to our origin; the wild, dark, paradoxical, fearful, beautiful and eternal Chaos, which is the dragon Tiamat. Therefore it is essential for a person who desire to walk on the left and sinister path to have understanding of the inner black flame, which is the reflection of the external and eternal black flame, Lucifer our cruel and proud father, the bringer of light! The black flame shall set the world on fire! HAIL KAOS!

What does it give you being a Satanist? Do you feel that you’re part of a greater concept?

Noxifer: - To be an Anti-cosmic Satanist and Chaos-Gnostic is to us the same as following our own true will, leading us to immortal power and eternal freedom in Chaos. We enter into the darkness of the unknown hunting for the forgotten and dreaded treasures. For we know that our own self-made light, the light of Satan/Lucifer, will guide our steps. Satanism is the path leading us away from the ”creation of god” towards the divinity of one’s own soul. Through the practice of the black arts and our studies we know that we’re on the right track, through the labyrinth where weaker individuals went astray. This gives us great satisfaction. Satanism is the only thing that makes life worth living. For what should this life, among human sheep, that was forced upon us be without the pleasures, ordeals, dangers, battles and victories, as well as the true darkness, ”evil”, hate, death and infernal wisdom that the dark gods make accessible to the few strong and chosen ones (the elect) who dare to tread the path of the black dragon. Satanism is the salvation for the strong and the annihilation to the weak. We look up to the dark gods that we, when we have reached all our goals, will become one with. We shall break through the cosmic barriers and through the dark portal return into the dragon’s womb. Thus, the answer to your question is; Yes, we are a part of the greatest concept. XEPER-I-APEP!

What are your rewards when dedicating your life to Satan(ism)?

Noxifer: - We have already answered this question, but might add that we see Satan as the part of the raging/anti-cosmic Chaos that has been described as ”the black light”, which is the name of the power that counteract the creator (the demiurge) aiming to crush cosmos and its creator, this way re-establishing the primal state of formless Chaos that ruled before the light and the demiurge came into being.

One of the aims of Satan/Lucifer is to set free the parts of the eternal black flame that are being imprisoned within cosmos. Thus, when the Satanist dedicates himself to Satan(ism) he also dedicates himself to his own liberation. The Anti-cosmic Satanist is the guardian of the black flame/the blood of Kingu and the reward for keeping the black flame burning through the past thousands of years is to become elevated to the black thrones of the ancient gods of darkness and chaos. To become the living portals leading to Chaos! But the highest goal and the final reward for the Satanist is to become one with the dragon of Chaos, free from the shackles of cosmos. SILIM-MADU TIAMAT!

Some say you’re a Satanist since the day you were born. How do you view that?

Noxifer: ”Being Anti-cosmic Satanists, as we are, we know that we consist of body, soul/astral body and spirit/the black flame. Every time we die, the body and the astral body is killed and the cosmic prana/life-force these two bodies contain is being sucked back into cosmos being recycled in the cosmic circulation. Some black magicians are able, through the practice of vampirism, to program their astral bodies to feed upon the life-force of other living creatures after the death of their own physical body. This way preventing their post-mortem astral bodies from being recycled by the cosmic powers. However, those who practice astral vampirism are in most cases not Anti-cosmic Satanists and don’t carry the black flame inside. They therefore deny the existence of the spirit/black flame and see the soul/astral body as the deepest essence of their existence. It is therefore of the utmost importance for these ”vampires” to keep their astral bodies alive to avoid the ”second death”, i.e. the death of the astral body.

We, on the other hand, who have the black flame burning within us and through the past aeons have stood up against the attacks from the gods of light whose objective is to put out our inner chaosfire, this way disconnecting the dark links that bind us to the powers of Chaos, do not care for body and soul/astral body. For we know that as long as the black flame is burning, with the help of a dark mind and a strong will, we will reincarnate life after life. This process is called ”being chained to the wheel of life”. So if the black flame was burning in your past life then it will be burning inside you this life too. Having this in mind you can say that you’re a Satanist since the day you were born.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the demiurge has the objective to extinguish all black flames, that are burning him and his creation from within, and therefore force us to drink from ”Lethe”, the river of oblivion, each time we die, making us forget the struggle of Chaos against order and the fight of the inner chaos fire for liberation from cosmos. Because of this we sometimes need to be awakened from this slumber and oblivion that the demiurge puts us in. This awakening is usually called ”the bite of the serpent, that opens the eyes of the elect”. To deliver the ”bite of the serpent” to awaken those of us who slumber is therefore also one of the missions of the Anti-cosmic Satanist. Consequently, the Satanist don’t want to redeem the masses, like the religions of the right hand, but the dark and sinister elite that we ourselves belong to. HELL SATANACHESH! Death to the weak!

You are involved in MLO (Misantropiska Lucifer Orden). Tell us some more concerning this organization. When was it started, how many members etc.?

Noxifer: - Misantropiska Lucifer Orden is an Order dedicated to the anti-cosmic powers and to the fortification, liberation and ultimately the reaching of the divinity of the inner black flame. One of our goals is to gather and reunite the elect, who life after life have acted as living portals to the Chaos that reigns outside the barriers of cosmos. Those who through the channelling of the disharmonic and anti-cosmic energies have contributed to speed up the anti-cosmic evolution and the initiation of the endless dark aeon. MLO want, by means of uniting and concentrating the black chaos fires that burn inside these chosen warriors of the left hand path, to burn new holes in the cosmic consciousness and to open new dark portals in the collective unconscious of mankind. This way contributing to the dark gods’ invasion of cosmos and the human psyche.

MLO study all dark esoteric doctrines and practice anti-cosmic black magic to increase the powers of our members and the dark gods, both on the spiritual and the material plane. By bringing about the eclipse of our own spirit we darken the macrocosm in large. Still, there are three main branches within the black magic that MLO explore and practice. All of these three dark pathways lead to anti-cosmic freedom and eternal might in Chaos. They are the Sumerian Chaos Gnosticism, the Draconian Setianism and the Kliffotic Anti-cabbala. By developing and to a certain degree combining these three systems, we want to create new dark mythologies, philosophies and rituals that shall contribute to the personal evolution of our members and the reawakening of the black flame in those who in this present life dream the forced dreams of oblivion.

The more exoteric ambitions of MLO is to give room for Anti-cosmic Satanists to interchange thoughts and ideas with likeminded individuals, in that way promoting their progress on the left hand path, which is the path of the black dragon. MLO perform Anti-cosmic Satanism which, by exposing us to real danger, hate, might, strength, battles, darkness, death and chaos, strengthens our identification with the dark gods that we look up to. Our path is therefore a severe and dangerous one that puts our members to the test and sorts out the weak. For it is only the strong that have the will to power, and who realize that knowledge is power, that manage to walk on the burning path. It is through our studies that we plant the seed of power inside our own spirit and when the seed has grown and blossomed we can perform our powerful magic. The Satanist is the herald of Chaos, that at all times should personify might, darkness and sinister gnosis. That which doesn’t make us stronger kills the spirit, and we must therefore constantly strive for progress and anti-cosmic evolution. MLO have for example a completely different structure and build-up today than we had say four years ago. We keep on changing and developing with every day that passes, but our goals will always be the same. Chaos = Evolution. Those who don’t become stronger must die in order to make way for the mighty. ”Might is right!”

All information on our members are confidential and no such information will be given to the public, but we might add that our Order (founded in 1995) today is stronger than ever before, and so is the chaos fire that burn the creation from within! HAIL AZERATE 218! AVE NEX-FERO!