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Jennifer Daniels-Perry has resigned as Vice Chairman of the RPA, she will remain on the staff of Majestas Regalis until the October issue ; we wish her well in her future endeavors.

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Our Goals

To educate the American People about the institution of Monarchy, its historical and contemporary significance, and its viability as a possible alternative to the present republic.

To promote and engage in the study of the concept of Monarchy, the roles that an American Monarch would play within the democratic system of Constitutional Monarchy, and the formative influence an American Royal Family would have on American society.

To aid like-minded organizations, throughout the world, through communication with elected representatives and all others interested concerning the viability of Monarchy as an option, especially in situations like those in Afghanistan and Iraq.

To bring together Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, political affiliations, religious ideologies, and economic backgrounds in order to promote Monarchy and understanding of the institution Monarchy.

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