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Jennifer Daniels-Perry has resigned as Vice Chairman of the RPA, she will remain on the staff of Majestas Regalis until the October issue ; we wish her well in her future endeavors.

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Mission Statement
"We, the membership of the Royalist Party of America, commit ourselves to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy for the United States of America. It is our belief that to create a true sense of trust between the governed and the government, our nation's leader must be above the politics of the day, beholden to no special interest group, and free to do what must be done for the good of all Americans, not just the party he or she leads."

About Us

The Royalist Party of America was founded in 1998. While the stated goal of the party is the ultimate conversion of the United States from a republic to a monarchy, we are all rational people and realize that this certainly is not a realistic possibility anytime in the forseeable future. Therefore, we are content to focus on more immediate goals.

First of all, we must convince the American public to give consideration to the many benefits of monarchy as a government form. We must begin by simply asking the question posed by our party's founder, "Would America be better with a monarch?" It is also imperative that American royalists work to preserve the monarchial governments that already exist and promote those who have a real chance at being restored.

It is also of equal importance that we keep our distance from the self-styled monarchs floating around America with their ridiculous titles and cult-like followers. The Royalist Party has no problem facing the fact that America is a republic and, like it or not, will most likely stay that way. We can though exercise our right to promote our point of view: that monarchy is the best!

If an honorable head of state, free of allegiance to political parties and special interest groups appeals to you, please feel free to email us at or For further information, you can click the below link to be taken to the page maintained by Sir Joseph Crisp II, our former chairman. --26 July 2004

Sir Joseph Crisp's Royalist Party Page

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