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The Kidnap Soundtrack has gone through another line-up change..Brian (Vocalist of Far From Down has now joined as the drummer and Dustin (Guitarist of Far From Down has joined as a second guitarist (Both Brian and Dustin will continue to remain in Far From Down as well) the band would like to thank the former members Aaron and Scooter for their support and their long going musical talent and effort..neither Far From Down or The Kidnap Soundtrack have parted ways..NONE OF THE FUTURE SHOWS HAVE BEEN CANCLED with either band. So if you want..make sure to catch the new line-up on the 25th of this month @ Fitzgerald's (we go on first).

The band would like to thank everyone who came out to the Lake Jackson show thank you for showing your love and support. We've got buddy icons!! yeah that's shizzle you read right CLICK HERE to check these bad boys out! Keep checkin back we've got some more shiznit comming up later this week.

The Kidnap Soundtrack [10.02.03]
Thanks to everyone who tuned into our radio show, thanks for the support and love. Now you can request The Kidnap Soundtrack on every other Wednesday from 3-6 am on 90.1. Also there's been a change..our Halloween show (Oct 31st) @ Fuel has been rescheduled for Saturday November 8th, also we've got 2 new shows added so be sure to check out the "shows" section.

The Kidnap Soundtrack WILL will have their first live "on air" radio appearence on 90.1 KPFT Wednesday night/Thursday morning October 2nd on the early morning show with DJ Woo and Razor-T from 3-6 A.M. we'll be there to chat and answer questions so all of yall early birds and night owls be sure to check that out. Also we updated our mp3's they're better quality now so if you want you can re-dowload em.

We have arrived...with MP3's !!!! Sorry for the lack of updates guys we've been working hard on trying to get the demo down but we're finally done so check out the MP3's in the "Media" section..sign our guestbook and let us know what ya think.

We've got the new lyrics to our new song up now titled.. "Wax Idiotic" check out the "Media" section for more info or jus CLICK HERE don't forget about our 2 upcomming shows..we'll be going to the studio toward's the end of ths month we're serious this time

What's up guys..we have 2 new shows comming up one at Fuel on the 5th and another @ Fatcat's on the 7th with EYEAGAINST check out the "shows" section for more info or jus CLICK HERE

The Kidnap Soundtrack will FINALLY be in the studio in the upcomming weeks to record a new demo so stay tuned.

Not too much going on lately we're currently working on new stuff..we've got Attack of the Swan up in the "Media" section..not the best quality..espically being that it was live but hey its something..oh and we FINALLY have someone in our Girls Gone Kidnapped section girls feel free to submit your photos to NO you don't have to be nude or anything..just check out the G.G.K. section for more details.

Finally!!! The Offical T.K.S. Site's once again up and running..sorry the site's been down for a while, we have a new layout as you can see hopefully everyone likes it..your comments are welcome in our guestbook tell us what you think and don't forget about our show THIS SATURDAY @ Fitzgerlad's August 9th UPSTAIRS..

We have new pictures!!! Also if you haven't already sign our guestbook and tell us what you think. Our next show is once again @ Fitzgerlads August 9th UPSTAIRS..yes thats right UPSTAIRS we're movin on up..check out the "shows" section for more updates comming soon fo shizzle.

Changed the guestbook..don't forget to check out our show this Saturday @ fitz..(check out the shows section for more info)

It's Scooter's bday wish em a happy bday in our guestbook or do it in person at our show today @ fuel.

*ATTENTION* The Kidnap Soundtrack has a new show @ the Westhimerfest..we go on @ 4 on "blown glass stage" (1403 Westhimer) for more details go to the "shows" section in our site.

Check out our pictures..and our new offical guestbook.

Sup mofo's BRAND SPANKING new web layout for know you like it..anyway we jus got invited to co-headline with the band Nothing for the 29th @ Fatcat's check out the "shows" section.

Working on some new stuff we will try to have done for the july 5th show and dont forget we now have shirts and they are going fast so be ready to bring that money to the shows oh and make sure to check out our new mp3s their live and are shit quality but the songs are good so go to and d/l The Ocean's Clearing i hope you enjoy

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