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All members must swear an oath of fealty to the Grandmaster of the guild, as well as respecting all sub-guilds affiliated to The Illuminated Fist. No one may challenge the policies of the guild. Do things for the betterment of your nation and guild actively. Insubordination is not tolerated. If you do have a problem with a higher rank, go to the Grandmaster. Role Playing is mandatory. Betrayal of guild information or members will be severely punished; you will be removed from the guild and KOSed immediately. If you chose to leave the guild you must inform the Grandmaster first or you will be KOSed. This is a mature guild. If you cannot act mature then this guild is not for you. This rule is enforced largely. Show respect to all the members within the guild and to all Role-Players within the Shadowbane community. Be careful who your allies and friends are, do not give any information unnecessarily. Know the lore of The Illuminated Fist and Shadowbane.