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DEFINING Assassination can be described as the planned killing of a person usually with minimal negative consequence. The person is selected by an entity - be it a guild, nation, or individual - to provide possible advantages for that entity. EMPLOYMENT No assassination instructions should be given in a note, or any other potentially dangerous area where the information may be discovered by anyone. Consequently, the decision to attempt an assassination may often be reached where the act will take place. Decision and instructions should be confined to an absolute minimum of persons. No report should be made unless it can be done secretly, the news will soon reach the one who desired the assassination to take place. Because the victim of an assassination and their associates are likely to be angry, it is imperative to keep all information about all parties involved secretive. If this cannot be achieved, there will be consequences that might effect the parties involved politically, and more specifically, diplomatically. CLASSIFICATIONS There is more than one type of assassination. The technique employed will vary according to whether the subject is unaware of his danger, aware but unguarded, or guarded. THE ASSASSIN An assassin of any kind must be determined, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and a technician with his weapons and abilities. In addition to this, the assassin must know the art of spying, so as to bring back valuable information to his employer, and good techniques for killing, diplomacy, and perhaps thievery. It is important for an assassin to know how to talk to people, so as to avoid compromising situations. PLANNING The area in which an assassin plans to be working in should be well as well known as possible as well as the technique they intend to use. It is important to know what they intend to do, how long it will take, and what possible encounters may arise. Everyone has their own technique style, but this should not have any major conflict with any of the instructions given. If these rules are followed, a skillful assassin can be made.