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David Savage

97BA8A, Age 66, white hair, brown eyes, wt 83kg, 3 children, credit 321,000

Service      Terms   Rank
Navy            1             2
Merchants   4            5
Finance       7

Pilot 2, Admin 5, Eng 1, Nav 2, Computer 4, Vacc Suit 1, JOT 1, Industry 5, LAW 1,  Finance 1
Pistol, Cutlass
Refurbished Family Plantation on Skional
600t liner - "Black Madonna" - managed as an orbital hotel
TAS membership
Major Transactions
FreeTrader - St George (sold at 38 yrs old for 3.1863Mcr)
Invested in several Skional busnesses

Anne (Baxton) Savage

887BBA   Age 66,  Sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, wt 65kg,   3 children, credits 280,000

Service      Terms   Rank
Merchants  3                4
Scientist      3               -
Hunter         3                -
Diplomat     3               3

Pilot 3, Admin 3, Nav 1, Vacc suit 1, pistol 1, computer 2, JOT 3, Survival 1, Rifle 1, Grav vehicle 1,
liason 1, interogation 1, recruit 2, street 2, Gambling 1, hunting 1

auto pistol, sports rifle, body pistol
600t liner "Black Madonna"
Major Transactions
Lab Ship - "Lady of the Lake" - (sold on black market for 14.651 Mcr)
Safari Ship - Steel Eagle sold for 6.376244 Mcr

Anne and David's Histories
Anne and David we're married at 28. There oldest child, Johnathon was born 1 year later. Anne resettled with the boy a year later on the run down family plantation on Skional where she worked into
new business ventures in research within the system from her lab ship the "Lady of the Lake". Later the ship was listed as pirated.  The funds from the lab ship were invested by David into a dummy corporation that usually brings in 10% interest a year.
As the children became older she moved out of science and into hunting. She used her funds to purchase a safari ship and ran local traffic on various game hunts.

David stayed in the merchants running goods between neighboring worlds. David's father died  leaving him the rundown plantation (where his family stayed) when he was 37.  When David retired he urged Anne to take up a safer profession.  She began working in local politics. He spent the money from selling his free trader on refurbishing the plantation and invested the remaining 1/2 million credits into local industries. All of this investing has made them very comfortable.
Later, David and Anne used the funds from the lab ship sale to purchase a 600t liner, "Black Madonna" which they turned into an orbital hotel.  They planned on using it for escape should war ever come to Skional.

David's Parents
Sabastian Savage - David's Father was known as a Naval hero in the first war. He was involved in an episode as a capital ship captain. David's mother died at his birth.
Anne's Parents
Anne's father was a scout in the first war and died in action.  Her mother was a well known politician during the first war.