Clara's House Rules
     By popular demand and insomnia here is a list of my house rules for Werewolf so that other Storytellers can make usre of them.

Character Creation Rules
New Metis Flaw
Replacement Get of Fenris Tribe Flaw
Lupus Attribute Buying Restrictions
Auspice Special Abilities
Rank Special Rules
Kinfolk Renown Rules
Rage Rules
Damage Rules
Ancestor Rules
Pack Tactics Rules
Fetish Creation Rules
Breaking the Rules
Character Creation Rules

At Character Creation the Breeds start with the following.

Breed Homid Metis Lupus
Gnosis 1 3 5
Background Dots 5 3 1

           I have heard some complaints about this system before.  However seriously Lupus Fans you know you still come out on top points wise let the Homid players have something.
New Metis Flaw

         Metis are considered to be one rank lower for all challenges.  In Social situation for criticizing or bad mouthing unless the Metis' rank is actually mentioned by someone it is considered to be one lower.    yes Being a Metis even in excepting places sucks.
Replacement of the Fenris Tribe Flaw

         No one used the percent Fenris Tribe Flaw.  It also sucks and makes play awkward.   So the tribe flaw I made up for them goes as follows.  Any time a Fenris fails or Botches a roll  when they had 3 or more dots of the Ability they where rolling they must make a Rage Roll.
Lupus Ability Buying Restrictions

  Lupus may not buy more then 3 dots of the following unless they have reached rank 4.  
Auspice Special Abilities

Ragabash  Gaia's Cloak:
Ragabash Gain -1 to all Stealth and Subterfuge roll diffculties.
Theurge  Children of Two Worlds
 Theurges gain a - 1 on all difficulties for entering the Umbra however leaving is not as simple.   They also pick a spirit type at Creation that they bear a special kinship too almost as if they where kinfolk to that type of spirit.
Philodox  Eyes of the Soul
Philodoxs have a - 1 difficulty on all Perception rolls when trying to determine the root of a conflict or if someone has committee an act they with to keep hidden.
Galliard  Memory of the Ages
 When asked about History or locations a Galliard may roll Wits Difficulty 5 and the Storyteller will give them some relevant information they may make into a Story.  the Level of Success determines how relevent the information is, a Botch means the information is harmfully wrong.
Ahroun  Gaia's Rage
Ahrouns add the number of health levels they have taken in damage to the amount of damage they deal in combat.
Rank Special Rules

Gaining Rank Special Rules
Renown can be a clunky system some times and maybe even hard to keep track of.  To fix this merely have the Players Challenge their Elders when they feel they are ready for their next rank.   the Elders of their Tribe may laugh at them and send them packing at their discretion.   Due to not havign to Keep track of a lot of things such as Renown Kills Etc.  the Player should have to go through something that brings them new personal growth in their Auspice and as a Character.

Loosing Rank Special Rules
It's hard some times to keep track of how and when someone should loose rank.   Someone can In fact be Challenged for their rank by someone 2 ranks below them.   Someone Above them may Challenge them regardless of the rank.  If the character is Below them  in rank the challenged picks the object of the challenge.  If the Challenger is Above the rank of the person being challenged then the Challenger may choose.   There must be a reason for the Challenge I recommend using the Renown rules for Ranks losses as a Good solid guide line.
Kinfolk Renown Rules

I recommend dropping a lot of the special kinfolk rules and just do this, when a kinfolk gains enough renown to have a full garou rank then you allow them to have a single rank 1 gift that doesn't require gnosis or rage from their tribe or auspice.

This gives the kinfolk players something special and doesn't go over a maximum of 5 gifts.
Rage Rules

Gaining Rage and Rolling Rage
Okay people tend to like to by pass this by buying low amount of rage but let's face facts it takes the fun out of playing a werewolf.  So here is my Suggestion  every time a player succeeds at a rage roll they gain a temp rage even if this bring them above their max.   I know this makes them a ticking time bomb  however if this wasn't so how would raggies ever rage for their first shift?

Rage in Social Situations
This is actually me toning down some actual rules so Garou can actually interact with human beings.  Firstly when a Garou's rage exceeds their willpower the difficulty of all none Intimidation based social rolls goes up by one for each rage above the willpower permanent total.  this counts for both perm and temp rage.

When interacting with mortal if the Garou's temp rage is higher then the mortal's willpower the Garou is a a number of negative dice exceeding the amount by which his temp rage exceeds the mortal's willpower. Unless this is an intimidation roll then the number is added to the total.

Rage is a great benefit but one awesome flaw.
Damage Rules

Nothing ruins the Dramatics of a Good game as quickly as either having bad guys do too much damage or too little.  These rules should Help with that.  
Shifters Soak Agg at a Diff 8 like Mortals soak Lethal
Lethal instead of Healing in a round Heal in a Scene

Note if you do this your bad guys should not fart agg and Rage rolls made at diff 8 will heal all damage.
Ancestor Rules

I love the Ancestor Background.  Hate the Mechanics.   So By this I mean to fix it.  In a Month a player may use the dice int he Ancestor Background Once each to add to a roll, for example if they have 3 dice in the background they may add 3 dice to one roll in a month, 2 dice to one roll in a month and 1 dice to another roll int he same month, or One dice to three rolls in the same month.  They may use these dice for skills they have or don't have.
Pack Tactics Rules

Come on people let the pack tactics stuff in the Book just work you are lucking to get players working in a pack.  the tactics however will not work with NONE pack members.
Fetish Creation Rules
Not really House Rules but a Good Solid way to make Fetishes Quickly.
One pick a Gift liek the power you want to give the Fetish.
Two Read Up on weather you need to Spend Gnosis or Roll to Activate it.
If the Fetish requires a Roll Make it a Gnosis roll Diff 6, if you need to Spend Rage Gnosis etc Make a Gnosis roll diff 7
If there is nothing done to activate the gift make it at will or always on.
Level of the Fetish is the same as Ranks of the Gift.
Breaking the Rules

This bit is soly for incharcter reasons if you break my rules in a game I run don't let the door hit you on the way out.    Now breaking the rules in character is a differen things.  Doing it Well in character.  For example having a Garou lover you keep in secret, is good role play and she be rewarded oocly even if it will get you hanged back at the sept.

Breaking the rules Poorly like declaring ionfront of people of higher rank you will bring the Cops to the Caern is really to be Killed.  No secodn chances no pass go no 200 dallors.  

As for the Caern.  It's a privliage not a right. Bad behavior should cause someone to be banned from playing in the caern.  No one is Forced to stay in the caern it's a Metting place an holy ground.  people behaving badly should be kept else where.