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Book Three:   The Rules

Chapter One: Game Rules


1.  GMís are not always right: Though Gmís know the rules they arenít always right. You do have the right to discuss your differences but argument will get you kicked from Naemmric and 3 kicks her you a temp ban and then a perm ban.

2.  Characters MUST be approved: All characters must be approved before play. This includes character sheets and small character background for the web page. A large back ground gets you xp deemed to you by a GM as does a character picture.

3.  All combat is done through dice rolls: A gm MUST be present during combat and all rolls MUST be tagged.

4.  All player stick to the basic character creation unless discussed with by the Game founder.

5.  All players must join the e-groups so important information is always at hand.

6. Cursing is aloud but use digression. You will be kicked and then banned if you are cursing -at- someone in the ooc room.

7.  No harassment of GMís or players. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

8.  And if you are having trouble. Please contact a GM they are always willing to help.

9.  Most important: HAVE FUN.