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Book One:    The World

Chapter Three: Customs


Magic Users: Magic users and general feared as well as being unwanted due to past history. They are rarely spoken to and sometimes are found with stones thrown in their direction.

Attire: Within the boundaries on Naemmric weapons are no uncommon; even a child is given a knife at a young age for protection. At the age of 5 years on the day of their birth a child starts training with the knife they are given that day in protection skills for all parented fear the elves may soon come again. And at the age of ten all children receive a dagger. And the coming of age they receive their first sword. Each child is presented with a class of weaponry along with their usual reading and writing classes. And any child in religion I taught classes in the chapel that consist of the proper weapon of their religion. Every street child has stolen a weapon in their day and is a child is caught without one it isnít unusual for one of the blacksmith to gift one with a simple knife.

Females: All females are gifted with a whip at their coming of age in hopes that the will reach mistress status. However they are not aloud to wear it at their hip unless they have reached that status, which is only given to them by a male willing to be their slave; explained in Slavery Customs.
Mistressí are also to wear bright colors.

Males: A male of the non slave persuasion are to wear dull plain colors showing their statues in the town. A male that has taken a slave position is give a set of -whites- which signifies that he has given himself to a female and is not to be touched by another. Though males are at risk of being treated badly slave or non slave without the one doing the bad treating worried about repercussions.


Slavery is quite common in Naemmric but there are strict rules that come with this status.
One: Gmís are not responsible for what the Mistressís do to the slave.
Two: Mistressís are aloud to do what they wish with their slaves. Know what you are getting into.
Three: Once you are a slave your live is in your Mistressís hands, not your. With the exception of a GM kill or a kill in a quest.

Its is most common the mistressí are found the -very- rare master is found in the town and are tended to highly be feared. Every female is looked at as a possible mistress the day of their birth and so all females are respected and tend to be given a name that may be known someday; However male names tend to be bland a quiet, so that they are unnoticed.

Slavery is not a stealing thing. A slave must give himself to his mistress. If the mistress rejects the male it is her given right to end his life as a refusal.

Becoming a Mistress:
Woman become a Mistress if she is of high enough status in her family birth. On her 18th birthday she is confronted by he mother and her grandmother and questioned on her family history and what it means to be a Mistress if she passes the tests bestowed upon her by her relatives then he is taken to city hall when she is then tested again. If she passes these test she is give her first sacrificial dagger; which is used on rejected slaves. She is also given a stone box in which her first callor is placed with a gold name plate. As the first slave is always the most important. If the Hall members refuse her as a Mistress she is sent back to her home in disgrace and family must send her away from the town or end her life.
If she is lucky enough to be granted Mistress status then she wear he sacrificial dagger proudly on her belt. However she does not yet have to take a slave. This is only done by hanging a callor on her belt signing she is -looking-. A young Mistress can on look for he -first- slave. While and older Mistress can have more then one callor hanging from her belt signifying she is looking for more then one.

Becoming a slave:
Males must kneel before the Mistress with head bowed and neck exposed. Hands held out and side by side palms up. And state. ďI am below you and I give myself to you. If you see me not fit for your need then place your dagger within my hand and I will take my own life in disgrace. If you see me as your slave place your callor upon my through and mark me as yours.Ē At this point the male life is either forfeit or gifted as a slave. Slave are higher in rank then none slave males and treated with the respect that their Mistressí are given as their Mistressí are the only one aloud to punish them or take their lives. If a slave disgraces their Mistress while they are now around they are brought to the Mistress and dealt with; most are put down.
They are also then renamed.

Once a Mistress has taken a slave they must then take the time to train them properly. Basic commands consist of usual one might train a puppy.

Sit- The slave Slide seated cross-legged upon the floor head down and hand palm up on their knees.
Kneel- Much the same a sit however on their knees.
Mark- This is given by other Mistressís and the slave must stand in the position their Mistress hand trained them the best shows of both callor and tattoo mark.
Show- This is the position the slave takes that bust shows of their form/body for their Mistress and whoever their mistress happens to be showing them to.
Stay- Self explanatory
Fallow- Fallow is no more or no less then 5ft behind their Mistress.
Mute- No talking until the Mistress had given permission.
You have done Wrong- At this point the slave responds with. ďOf course I haveĒ Where in the slave moves into a kneeling position leaned forwards with for-head to the ground one should tipped low exposing his back to the bite of his Mistressís whip.
Your Life is Forfeit- The slave then moves into the Ďbecoming a slaveí position and the Mistress fallow through placing her sacrifice dagger in his hands.

Mistressís are always coming up with new commands to show off their slaves to others. Itís almost become a game.