Year 407 Of  The Fourth Age

    The Wizard War ended 203 years ago, Revan lost.  Queen Mlaire was killed by a Wizard named Grefin (an ex comrade of  King Ransom ), Grefin took the throne and vowed to bring a new golden age to Revan.  Gow was killed as well,  and all of the cult worshipping the rulers have been abolished.  Rosalyn was named Princess of  Lethe's Principality being found not to have become a vampire, she takes the name Rosalyn Lethe in Lethe's memory.  The Kohar family where given an opportunity to clean up there act and have then the warning to heart.    Sagus has been killed by Grefin.

    Unfortunately though the people of Revan no longer have to fear undead monsters of  Necromancers, nobles will be nobles and not even King Grefin can hold back a bunch of formally all powerful mages from taking there frustration out on the peasantry. 

    Ransom declared that all Wizards would be required to wear rings allowing one of the Kings from the aliened human countries,  to take away the power from a wizard wearing oine of the Rings (aliened countries are Norgin, Faolan, Lexine, Cavalia, and Maia).   The Wizard Noble have been hit hard by the treat that at any time they made be made powerless. Things are still bad in Revan but they are getting progressively better.

    The Present King is King Rocelin who was a child hood friend of King Justus of Faolan.    the line of Kings is no longer genetic, the King names an heir before he passes on, normally an outstanding young wizard with the potentially to help Revan become the country it should be.

    The dark things that lurk in the night are still there, some of the old pacts between nobles and monsters are still strong but the whitch hunders and vampire slayers weed more and more of them out every day.