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Revan Year 407 of the Fourth Age Game Master's Notes

    Warning:  If you are not a game master but are in a game being run in Anroai you really shouldn't be reading these notes, for one it will make your game no fun for a secondly, your Game Master might change thins... ha ha I guess you never though of that.     If on the other hand you are in one of my games.  Your Character is now a level 0 Cleric of Howell.  mawha ha ha ha.

Howell: Jeebus thanks I didn't want the looser.

    Okay So did you burst out laughing while reading the year 407 page or is it just me who was having trouble keeping a straight face?   Yes it's mostly bullshit.    Revan is just as mean and nasty as it always was. 

    The Witch hunters and Vampire Slayers are real though.  and their job is even harder because the help they think the government is given them isn't really there.   If a player wants to play a Revanian Witch Hunter of Vampire Slayer, try not to laugh in his face,  things are more fun that way.


    Mlaire:  Is anything but dead. She stays on the island and Revan's "New" Capital is on the main land.   She's isn't in complete control though. 

    The Kings: The Kings our lured into a trap by Mlaire, they all start off as genuinely good men.  the old King "on his death bed" begs the new king to take his place and try and free the souls of all those Mlaire has enslaved. the old king explains that the  sould will go to the Serpent King if Mlaire dies and doesn't give them up feely to a good man.  Mlaire then works to twist her new husband so that he falls to her darkness then, he choices his replacement. It is a dark fate that awaits these good men, and no body knwo about it but them.

    Lethe:  Is alive and well still ruling his Principality.   Rosalyn has become pregnant a feet which no vampire should be able to accomplish.  will the child be a vampire high bread? will it be a normal vampire? will it be human? Your the GM you decided.

    The Other Princes:  The Other Princes with the exception of  Gow are alive and well.    Mlaire let Gow be killed by Grefin because he really wans't one of her followers in the end.  Gows replacement is a zombie named Cyric.

    The Tenples: Still ther ejust much harder to find.

    King Rocelin: King Rocelin was a wizard who was born in Cavalia with natural talent.  he started off his life as an unringed mage and there for was hunted down, only by sere luck did he made it to Faolan.  In Faolan he got the attention of the court magician.   Prince Justus took a liking to him, but Rocelin's teacher forbid him from telling his best friend about his past of the abuse he suffered.  Rocelin's past eat him from the inside making him easy pray for Mlaire.  He hasn't quiet fallen into her darkness yet but he was separated from Justus right before he was crowned King.   He still has his best friend somewhere in his heart and it's the only thing that's keeping his soul from being taken.

    Cyric: No body quiet knows where Cyrci comes from, most believe he's a wizard who failed to become a litche.   he's definitely dead, but he's more of a dry rot then a wet rot.  Cyric is intelligent, which throws everyone off, and other then having to eat human flesh seems pretty indifernt to most people.