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Wednesday, August 22nd 2007
D1 Semi-finals - Game 1
Lato (3), Rose, Do Couto, Bozinakis
D1 League Scores

Wednesday, August 29th 2007, 8:30pm
Game 2
Xtreme -
Warriors -
Xtreme's season schedule

'D1' Summer Division
1- Xtreme1027 +50
2- Warriors1024 +41
3- Supermen1024 +22
4- Top Gunz1021 +23
5- R-Chimpanzees1018 +19
6- Les A's1017 +17
7- Laval Punishers1017 +4
8- Pitch Black109 -24
9- Behamasquatch109 -25
10- ITT108 -23
11- Annihilation106 -18
12- Desperados106 -33
13- Titans105 -53

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NEWS Headlines

(August 15) QUARTER-FINALS: Xtreme beats Les A's 8-4

Xtreme came out flying from the first minute. Mathew Saia and Vince Colletti opened the scoring. Les A's then tied the game with a couple of weak goals. In the 2nd period, the line of Saia-Colletti-Tzintzis took over. Vince Colletti finished with 4 goals and 1 assist while Matthew Do Couto had 1 goal and 4 assists. Goaltender Nikitas Fotakis made 2 highlite-real when the score was 6-4, before his team put the game away. Xtreme was without T.Bozinakis, M.Dilaveris, T.Dimitrakis and K.Rose. J.Markessinis only played 5 minutes due to his injury. Up next are the Warriors in the semi-finals. Note that both the Left Wings and Morning Wood were knocked out of the playoffs in the other D1 division.

(August 8) 2ND ROUND: Xtreme beats Behemasquatch 6-3

Xtreme started very flat after having the 1st round off and Behemasquatch came out flying. Behemasquatch took the early 1-0 lead and looked good, that's until the Xtreme's guns started waking up. Matthew Do Couto lead the way with 2 goals and 1 assist while Steve Tzintzis had 1 goal and 2 assists. It was Kamil Rose and Vince Colletti's first game in a month. Xtreme was without T.Bozinakis, M.Dilaveris, T.Dimitrakis and assistant J.Markessinis. Up next are Les A's who upset the Supermen 5-3 (after being down 3-0 after 2 periods).

(August 1) 1ST ROUND: Bye week for 1st place Xtreme

Xtreme is preparing to face Behemasquatch in the 2nd round of the D1 Summer Championship on Wednesday at 9:30pm. Their opponent is coming off an impressive 4-3 come-from-behind win over Pitch Black in the 1st round. In their last meeting, Xtreme was victorious with a score of 11-4. Xtreme will be without John Markessinis (injury), Terry Dimitrakis (injury), Manny Dilaveris (vacation) and Tasso Bozinakis (vacation).

(July 25) Xtreme close out their best season with a 9-1 win and 9W-1L record

What a way to close out a season! Xtreme has ended their best season with an impressive 9-1 win over Pitch Black. They finish the season with 9 wins, 1 loss, 75 goals for, 25 goals against thus a spectacular goal differential of +50! The playoffs are around the corner and the players know that they haven't achieved anything yet!
While missing players such as Vince Colletti, Kamil Rose, Manny Dilaveris and Terry Dimitrakis, Xtreme was very dominant making Pitch Black star goalie Freddy Vigliotti's night very long and frustrating. Carlo Lato had 4 goals and 2 assists and was named the player of the night. George Psiharis is at the right place at the right time! He had 3 goals and 2 assists, while Matthew Do Couto was the anchor on defence and ended up with a goal and 2 assists. Nikitas Fotakis also had a good night in nets and he recorded his 1st assist of the season.

(July 5) Xtreme beats R-Chimps 5-3

Another sub-par performance by Xtreme that resulted in a win. Another 3 goal game by T.Bozinakis. For this game, Xtreme was without Terry Dimitrakis (injury), Manny Dilaveris (Greece), Vince Colletti (Italy), Matthew Do Couto (work) and Steve Tzintzis (trip).

(July 5) Xtreme beats Titans 8-4

An unimpressive win against one of the weakest teams was the story after this game. There were 2 positives from this game: 1- T.Bozinakis' debut was very impressive, scoring 3 goals in the process, 2- K.Rose's return was helped. For this game, Xtreme was without Carlo Lato (work), Terry Dimitrakis (injury), Manny Dilaveris (Greece), Vince Colletti (Italy), Matthew Do Couto (work) and Steve Tzintzis (trip).

(June 29) Manny missing it already

Manny Dilaveris is hot. No, not because he scored 5 goals but because he's in Greece right now; 47 degrees! That was actually his remark. He misses playing and can't wait to come back and play!

(June 29) Archie Bekiarakis will play the remaining 4 games

Xtreme announced that Archie Bekiarakis will play the remaining 4 season games in order to qualify for the playoffs. Due to many players going on vacation, it is hard to have a consistent roster for each game.

(June 28) Derek Bassette traded to D-Natural

Derek Bassette has been traded to D-Natural in exchange for future considerations. This opens a spot for forward Tasso Bozinakis, who was supposed to play tonight, but wasn't allowed. He will make his debut in next week's 2 games.

(June 28) Xtreme beats Desperados 11-1!

It was one of those games where Xtreme played as a T-E-A-M! Missing key players such as Manny Dilaveris, Steve Tzintzis, Kamil Rose, Terry Dimitrakis and Derek Bassette, Xtreme played one of their best games. Mathew Saia scored a hat trick and added 1 assist, while Matthew Do Couto showed why he was on team Canada, scoring 2 goals and adding 5 assists. Carlo Lato also rebounded from his scoring slump, scoring 2 goals in the process.

1- M.SAIA (M.Do Couto)
2- M.DO COUTO (M.Saia, V.Colletti) - PP
3- G.PSIHARIS (J.Markessinis, M.Skouris)
5- V.COLLETTI (M.Do Couto, G.Psiharis)
6- M.SAIA (T.Maroulis, M.Do Couto)
7- M.SKOURIS (J.Markessinis)
8- C.LATO (T.Maroulis, M.Do Couto)
9- C.LATO (J.Markessinis, B.Rubino)
10- J.MARKESSINIS (M.Skouris, V.Colletti)
11- M.SAIA (M.Do Couto)
Shots: 20-10 for Xtreme
PP: 1/1

(June 21) Xtreme beat Behemasquatch 11-4!

Manny Dilaveris made sure that his last game of the season was a special one. Leaving for Greece this weekend for 2 months and by that missing the playoffs, he scored 5 goals and made sure everyone was motivated to win the championship in August. Xtreme were without 7 key players. Matthew Do Couto, Bryan Rubino, Carlo Lato, Terry Dimitrakis, John Markessinis, Kamil Rose and Steve Tzintzis missed the game. Making their season debuts were Chris Dapoulias, who played winger for 2 games for Xtreme in the Winter 06-07 season, and Archie Bekiarakis, defenceman for the Punishers in the D2 division for 2 full seasons. Xtreme played with 3 defenceman (Maroulis, Skouris, Saia), 1 offensive center (Colletti), 1 defensive center (Bekiarakis) and 2 sets of wingers (Dilaveris/Psiharis, Bassette/Dapoulias). Xtreme didn't play that well throughout the game as they played too offensive at times leaving the opponents space and scoring chances. Very sloppy plays and giveaways which usually don't happen when they play serious.

(June 17) Xtreme to face Behemasquatch

Xtreme will have 2 new faces in the lineup on Wednesday when they face Behemasquatch. With Steve Tzintzis, Terry Dimitrakis and Bryan Rubino missing the game, this was the perfect game to bring them in. Who is it? Just be there to see.

(June 14) Xtreme come out flat... lose 5-2 to Warriors

Xtreme never showed up on this day. They fell behind early and although they tied the game both times, the Warriors were the faster team, the hungrier team, they outplayed the Xtreme and deserved the win. Taki Maroulis and Derek Bassette had the goals. Matthew Do Couto played in this game but he wasn't himself; too tired perhaps. Kamil Rose missed the game.

(May 30) Xtreme double up the Laval Punishers... 4-2

An Xtreme team that looked pretty flat in the first half of the game wasn't going to be denied their third straight win. When they woke up, they took over the game and proved why they are the team to beat this season. A 4-2 win where goals came from John Markessinis, George Psiharis, Matthew Do Couto and Mathew Saia.

(May 23) Xtreme make Supermen look not so super... 9-2!

The Xtreme came out flying against their major D1 rival Supermen. In this case, Xtreme were just too good to handle. Terry Dimitrakis scored 2 including a highlite real goal, Manny Dilaveris added a pair and Mathew Saia, John Markessinis, George Psiharis, Bryan Rubino and Kamil Rose each had a goal. Scoresheet:
1- M.SAIA [1] (B.Rubino, M.Dilaveris) - FG
2- M.DILAVERIS [1] (T.Maroulis) - PP
3- B.RUBINO [1] (M.Saia)
4- T.DIMITRAKIS [1] (T.Maroulis)
5- G.PSIHARIS [2] (D.Bassette, B.Rubino)
6- T.DIMITRAKIS [2] (C.Lato)
7- M.DILAVERIS [2] (S.Tzintzis, M.Saia)
8- K.ROSE [1] (S.Tzintzis, M.Dilaveris)
9- J.MARKESSINIS [2] (T.Dimitrakis, M.Saia) - SHG
Shots: 27-18 for Xtreme
PP: 1/4

(May 17) Xtreme crush ITT 8-0 in the season opener

The new Laval Xtreme showed us why they are one of the favorites to win the D1 division on Thursday in the season opener. A very impressive 8-0 win against a pretty good team a couple of years ago. The shots also showed how much they dominated; 38-6 for Xtreme. Nikitas Fotakis was not really tested, recording his first shoutout since last summer. The defence was spectacular. Captain Taki Maroulis had two 1st period highlite-real goals and was paired with defensive minded Mike Skouris. Red Army star Matthew Do Couto had goal and a couple of assists and was paired with slap shot Bryan Rubino. Up front, Carlos Lato showed why he was a big time addition to the lineup as he had a hat trick. He played on a line with Terry Dimitrakis and John Markessinis, who also had a goal. Steve Tzintzis also made his Xtreme debut as he was a force every time he was on. He played on a line with Vince Colletti and Mathew Saia. Another newcomer, Kamil Rose played great hockey and was the best player every time he was on; he played on a line with Manny Dilaveris and George Psiharis, who also had a goal.
Goals: Lato (1,2,3), Maroulis (1,2), Do Couto (1), Markessinis (1), Psiharis (1) Scoresheet:
1- T.MAROULIS [1] (G.Psiharis) - FG
2- J.MARKESSINIS [1] (T.Dimitrakis)
3- T.MAROULIS [2] (C.Lato, T.Dimitrakis)
4- C.LATO [1] (T.Dimitrakis) - PP
5- C.LATO [2] (S.Tzintzis, M.Saia)
6- G.PSIHARIS [1] (K.Rose)
7- M.DO COUTO [1] (K.Rose) - PP
8- C.LATO [3] (S.Tzintzis)
Shots: 32-8 for Xtreme
PP: 2/4

(May 12) Season preview: New additions should be the keys to success

One day before the season starts, Xtreme announced that Matthew Do Couto (Red Army in B) will be part of the 2007 Summer team. This is one of many big additions to the Xtreme lineup. Along with Matthew came Steve Tzintzis (Devil Dawgz in C), Kamil Rose (Legion of Doom in C), Carlos Lato (Bulls Eye in D), Bryan Rubino (Horsemen in D) and the return of Terry Dimitrakis. Let's compare?
Terry Dimitrakis instead of Timo Psiharis
Steve Tzintzis instead of Jerry Tutino
Kamil Rose instead of Tim Ladas
Carlos Lato instead of Jonathan Driscoll
Bryan Rubino instead of Dennis Georgeopoulos
Matthew Do Couto instead of Steve Govas

(May 12) George Groubos impressive in nets!

George Groubos made a statement on Saturday. He wants to come back to the Xtreme, but this time as a goaltender. He's challenging Nikitas Fotakis for the #1 spot, although he knows that nothing will happen this summer. He was very impressive in Xtreme's 15-12 win over the Brazzers.

(April 13) XTREME to enter the 2007 Montreal Cup

The Laval Xtreme will enter the 2007 Montreal Cup tournament which will be on May 4-5-6. Team captain, Taki Maroulis, wants 3 lines and 2 goalies for this tournament and says that it will include non-Xtreme players.

(April 12) Xtreme beats Bulls Eye 13-11 in preseason play

Xtreme beat Bulls Eye 13-11 in exhibition play. They lead the preseason series 2-1. For the third game in a row, the team had a different look. In goal, "Snow" who was the back-up of the Punishers in D2. On defencemen, Taki Maroulis was paired with Matthew Do Couto, while Mike Skouris was paired with Niko Kokovitis. On offence, Manny Dilaveris played on a line with Chris Dapoulias and Mike Hajar (Decepticons C2). The second featured assistant captain John Markessinis with Jonathan Driscoll (D-Natural) and Nikitas Fotakis.

(April 6) Xtreme announces 4 additions. More rumors.

The Laval Xtreme announced the signings of the following players:
- Defencemen Mike Skouris, who will also play for the Horsemen in D2. Played a key role on the 2006 Summer Xtreme team. Defensive defencemen.
- Center Niko Kokovitis, who also plays in teams in the B (Bete Noire) and in the C (Killer Beez). Niko can also play good defence.
- Winger Terry Dimitrakis, who also played a key role on the 2006 Summer Xtreme team. Impact winger.
- Defencemen Bryan Rubino, who will also play for the Horsemen in D2. Also played a key role on the 2006 Summer Xtreme team. Offensive defencemen.
There are still players who haven't been announced. Status is not sure for Mike Schafauser, Steve Tzintzis, Kamil Rose, Derek Bassette and Steve Vretis. One of the main reasons is that the team doesn't want to exceed the 1B-3C player rule.

(April 12) Bulls Eye beat Xtreme 13-11 in preseason play

Bulls Eye beat Xtreme 13-11 in exhibition play. The preseason series is tied 1-1. The team had a different look from week 1. In goal Nikitas Fotakis. On defencemen, Mike Skouris was paired with Dennis Venardos, while Taki Maroulis was paired with George Moraitis. On offence, Manny Dilaveris played on a line with Terry Dimitrakis and Kamil Rose (Punishers D2). The second featured Niko Kokovitis along side Chris Dapoulias and Johnny Vretis (Killer Beez C2).

(April 5) Driscoll to play for D-Natural! Georgeopoulos to play for Supermen!

Jonathan Driscoll will play for newly promotted D-Natual this summer in the D1. He has played for the team for 3 years now. D-Natural won the 2006-07 D2 Championship.
Dennis Georgeopoulos will play for the Supermen in this summer's D1 division. He was the founder of the Supermen 3 years ago and says that the team was forced to play in the D1 instead of the C2 this summer.

(April 4) Ladas, Tutino, T.Psiharis, Govas cut from team

The Laval Xtreme announced that the following players will not return for the 2007 Summer Season: Tim Ladas, Jerry Tutino, Timo Psiharis and Steve Govas.

(March 29) Xtreme beats Bulls Eye 14-8 in preseason play

Xtreme beat Bulls Eye 14-8 in exhibition play. They lead the preseason series 1-0. In goal, Nikitas Fotakis. On defencemen, Taki Maroulis was paired with Bryan Rubino, while Mike Skouris was paired with George Hnaris (C). On offence, Vince Colletti played on the "all Jackals line" with Mathew Saia and Mike Schafauser. On the second line, Jonathan Driscoll was at center with Terry Dimitrakis and John Markessinis on the wings.

(February 24) B player coming! Vince Colletti to stay...

Xtreme is close to adding a "B" player to its roster for next season to replace Steve Govas. The name will not be reveiled until it's official. There are 2 "B" players that Xtreme is interested.

(February 22) Xtreme ends season with big win

Xtreme ended the Winter 06-07 season with a big win on Thursday night, defeating the 4th place Horsemen 4-3. Although they didn't have a good performance in this game, the season ended in a high note and things look bright for the future. Xtreme were without Steve Govas, Mathew Saia, Jerry Tutino, Tim Ladas and Timo Psiharis. Vince Colletti, Jonathan Driscoll and Dennis Georgeopoulos had strong performance while John Markessinis had a very good game and 10 PIM! Finally, Manny Dilaveris continued his hot streak and was named MVP of the game scoring the game-winning goal shorthanded in the process!

(February 13) Summer transactions have started

The Laval Xtreme will add Terry Dimitrakis and Steve Tzintzis to its roster for the summer season. Terry was on the 2006 summer team which finished 8-2. He's the impact player that Xtreme missed this season. Steve Tzintzis, a "C" player, is a scoring a machine and always finishes in the top 5 scoring regardless of the category. Timo Psiharis will no longer be a member of the team.

(February 10) Special Delivery eliminate Xtreme

It's not yet official, but Xtreme is eliminated from the playoffs. After a great 1st period where they dominated one of the best D1 teams, a goal from center 2 seconds in the 2nd periods changed the game. The loss was not the goalie's fault, it wasn't a specific player's fault. It was a team loss. Being again without Steve Govas and Timo Psiharis hurts, but being without Dennis Georgeopoulos and Tim Ladas hurts even more.

(January 26) Stickmen beat Xtreme 6-1

Being without Steve Govas, Vince Colletti, Mathew Saia and Manny Dilaveris was one thing, having no team spirit is another. The team showed up late and without warming-up, they thought that they can compete with the hottest team in the league, the Stickmen. After 1 period, it was 6-0. After that, when Xtreme woke up a bit, it was too late. Jerry Tutino had the only goal.
Jonathan Driscoll had this to say: "It was a really embarassing loss. Everyone and every aspect of the game was played bad. I'm not pointing fingers cuz I played like shit also, I'll be first to admit it. We got a very tough rest of the schedule, we need to continue where we left off 2 weeks ago, we were starting to play as a team and were always first on the ball. We really need to play together next game and should always be moving, if you're able to stay on the "ice" for 3 minutes, that's because you didn't run enough. We can easily be one of the best teams in the league, if not the best, let's show them what we got."

(January 23) SOCCER: Laval Xtreme F.C. coming to a field near you... Summer 2007

Sponsored by Le Skratch Laval, Laval Xtreme F.C. will be making its debut in May 2007 or in October 2007 at SportXpo de Laval. The team has found a head coach and will announce training camp dates in the near future. All people interested should register as soon as possible.

(January 18) D2: MAN ON FIRE! Manny Dilaveris scores 7 times in Punishers' loss!

Manny Dilaveris is officially back in shape after 2 and a half years of absence! He scored 7 goals in Punishers' disappointing 9-8 loss to the Dragons, a team that Xtreme beat 10-0 in 2 periods in the summer. Xtreme will officially name a team regular next game.

(January 18) Xtreme dominates but loses 5-3 to Mission

In what was a very physical game, Xtreme once again dominated but lost 5-3 to an under-500 team. Many scoring opportunies led to nothing. Finally, the PP started working. But once the main line was tired, it cooled down. Although Mission took more penalties, the officials put their wistles away on many occasions. Team captain Taki Maroulis was crossed-checked from behind in an attempt to injure in the middle of the 3rd period and the officials only gave 2 min for charging while they gave 4 min to John Markessinis for a "ghost" slash.

(January 12) D2: Xtreme's Manny Dilaveris and Vince Colletti were MVPs for their respective teams

In D2 action, Xtreme's Manny Dilaveris had 2 goals and 1 assist in the Punishers' 3-0 victory against last-place team Red Bulls. The game that followed featured Vince Colletti who finished with 2 goals and an assist in D-Natural's 5-2 win over the Hitmen.

(January 4) Xtreme beats 1st-place Pile-of-Rocks 6-3

Xtreme showed once again that they can compete with anyone. In their first meeting, Xtreme blew a 4-1 lead and lost 5-4 in OT. This meeting, Xtreme completely dominated the match, once lead 5-1 and finally won 6-3. The highlite of the match was an incredible safe by Nikitas Fotakis who on his game for this one.
Matthew Saia had this to say after the game: Team Xtreme finally played like a winning team. Not only did Nikitas play to his potential but every single individual did by great defensive hockey, which is something that Xtreme lacked many games this year. Hopefully we can keep our winning ways and go as far as possible into the playoffs!

(December 30) Xtreme dominates & loses 5-4. Saia ejected before the game! Terrible power play!

It was again one of those strange losses. The night started with Mathew Saia getting a game misconduct for no reason before the game started. The first period was pretty even although Xtreme played horrible and fell behind 2-1. From then on, Xtreme dominated the game. The ball was refusing to go passed a very good Pioneers goalie and when it did, on two occasions, it was disallowed by the officials, because they didn't have the eyes open!
Tim Ladis had 2 goals, Manny Dilaveris scored his 1st career goal and added an assist, and Taki Maroulis finished with 3 assists. Xtreme's power play was 0 for 4, something that definetely has to be worked on!

(December 25) Merry Christmas from team Xtreme

The players of the Laval Xtreme want to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year! Taki Maroulis, Nikitas Fotakis and Manny Dilaveris had this message: "To the year 2007, to our 1st championship!"

(December 22) Timo Psiharis nearing return

Timo Psiharis is nearing a return. His injured knee is feeling better and his work obligations will diminish in the new year. He has 7 goals in 3 games for the Laval Xtreme. I will play in the playoffs, he said.

(December 21) Big game. Xtreme wins 4-2, instead of 9-2

Despite being on the PK half of the game, Xtreme dominated the game and instead of blowing out the Bulls Eye, they beat them 4-2. Bulls Eye' goalie was their most valuable player as he kept his team in the game. Defenceman Steve Govas and Xtreme's best scorer Jerry Tutino missed the game. Dennis Georgeopoulos played center and had an impressive performance. Mathew Saia played on defence, played well but he was always pinching. Manny Dilaveris also had a big game as he was a brick wall on D and kept on making things happen for the offence. Taki Maroulis played well but he was not himself after only 1 hour of sleep in 2 days. Jonathan Driscoll still suffering from a cold was a force from the right side. George Psiharis scored and John Markessinis led the team with 8 minutes of penalty. Tim Ladas forgot to cheap shot opponent Kosta Doulis, but maybe the whole team will do this next time after his immature comments after the game. We should know that "even if Xtreme plays all game on the penalty kill, they would still beat the Bulls Eye!"

(December 16) 7-2 loss to Hellfish with only 6 players

Xtreme fought all game but they had no more energy in the last 5 minutes of the game. Being without defenceman Taki Maroulis, Steve Govas and forwards Jerry Tutino, Jonathan Driscoll, Tim Ladas and Timo Psiharis, the team played one of their best games of the season. Too bad the result didn't show it at the end. They also had a new goalie. His name is Kosta Papoulias and he's the uncle of current #1 goalie Nikitas Fotakis. He kept the team in the game and made saves look easy.

(December 9) D3: Xtreme's George Psiharis impressive in Brazzers' win

George Psiharis, Xtreme's assistant captain, was impressive in the D3 game between Brazzers and the Laval Punishers. He finished the game with 1 goal and 2 assists in a 4-2 victory. The Brazzers are now 2-7.

(December 7) Xtreme wins 6-5, instead of 6-0

The Laval Xtreme won their second straight game defeating Chaos with a score of 6-5, but they should of blown them away. Tim Ladas had the opening goal, Mathew Saia had a hat trick, while George Psiharis had 3 assists. Vince Colletti and John Markessinis also had strong performances with a goal and an assist a peace. Defenceman Steve Govas was a constant threat from the blueline. The team now has a record of 5-6.

(December 2) Big Win... despite bad performance

Despite one of their worst performances of the season, Xtreme ended up with the win, 5-4 over Fury. Xtreme lead 2-0 early in the contest but with sloppy plays, it was 3-2 for Fury after 2 periods. Although they came out and scored 3 goals in the 3rd period, they should of done better to contain Fury. After the game, forward Jerry Tutino said: "We do too much, things that don't need to be done!"

(November 23) Xtreme come back... but too little to late

The Laval Xtreme showed once again that they can compete with the division's best teams. But after allowing 6 goals very early in the contest, which a some of them were very weak, it made their lifes alot harder. Xtreme answered with 4 goals in the 2nd half of the game, and although they had the chances to come back and tie it, they fell short once again. We dominated the 2nd half of the game. The other half was to be forgetten. I think that we started the game strong but as soon as we let the first goal, our legs just stopped moving. We should start playing 3 full periods of hockey.

(November 20) Xtreme back on the rise! Big win against the Blues

Xtreme finally ended their worst losing streak with a hige 8-7 win over the Blues. Monster performances by Tim Ladas who had a hat trick and Taki Maroulis, who had one goal and 5 assists. Fotakis played very well in the two first periods, but struggled in the 3rd. Xtreme once again blew a lead going in the 3rd period (up 5-4 after 2), but when the score was 7-5 in favor of the Blues, they forced the game in overtime. That's when Tim Ladas scored the game-winning goal.

(November 19) Dominic Pompa unable to play... Tutino, Govas, T.Psiharis also to miss the game

Laval Xtreme will have Nikitas Fotakis in nets for tonight's game against the Blues. Dominic Pompa will not make his Xtreme debut. Also missing tonight's game are Jerry Tutino (sick), Steve Govas (work), Timo Psiharis (work). No reserves will play tonight.

(November 13) 30-minute rule is back on!

Team captain, Taki Maroulis, has announced that every player must be in the dressing room AT LEAST 30 minutes before the game or else he will not play. Once the door closes, it's too late. "We must put an end to this 4-game losing streak. This has to be done", he said.

(November 13) Dominic Pompa to start in nets against the Blues

Laval Xtreme will have a new face in nets this Saturday. His name is Dominic Pompa and he was one of the best goalies in D2 last winter for the Jackals. Number 1 goalie, Nikitas Fotakis, will play forward in this game. "Time off will be good for him. He needs to feel good about himself."

(November 11) Nikitas Fotakis reacts after critisism

Goalie Nikitas Fotakis commented on the team's struggles: Now its not because we have no talent on our team. Some might say that the referees are screwing us over with stupid calls or with calls not being made...
Last game was a 4th consecutive loss for our team. The causes? Well costly and terrible penalties, not converting on special teams and some poor ugly goals were scored on myself. Also showing up less then 30 minutes before a game doesn't work, especially when you forget to do things! In the summer, we forced the team to show up 30 minutes before each game, it worked well, and we should start forcing it now!

He then said: "I will step up my game, mark my words, the fire within will reapear. Now the rest of the team has to click. Remeber a good "Defence" is "A Great Offense"! Meaning a defensive team is the best offence! We have to stop blaming others and blame our selves because I'm sure we can all improve a part of our game, because no one is perfect or else we would be playing in the NHL..."

"Xtreme will come back mark my words"

(November 10) Changes expected for next game...

The Xtreme will look to end their losing ways when they face the Blues on Saturday November 18th. This past summer, Xtreme beat the Blues 7-6 in a thriller. Changes are expected prior to the game. There are reports that team captain Taki Maroulis will have a new goalie for this game. Three names have surfaced: George Groubos, former Xtreme forward who also plays in goal, Clou Papazoglou, a veteran goalie with alot of experience but that hasn't played for a while, and Dominic Pompa, former Jackals goalie who previously lead D2 in goalie statistics. It doesn't mean that current starting goalie Nikitas Fotakis will lose his #1 status. A break from the action will help the 24 year-old recover from his struggles. "It's important that we have 2 goalies registered and eligible for the playoffs. It's the most important position on the team and we shouldn't worry about it when the playoffs approach. At this point, we are not even garantied a spot in the playoffs, but that's all statistics. We have a much better team then what our record shows."
Tim Ladas will be back for the Blues game, and Xtreme is expected to call defenceman Steph Manos to replace Steve Govas, who is unavailable Saturdays because of work.
Taki Maroulis also expects assistant captains John Markessinis and George Psiharis to pick up their play and help the team end their struggles.

(November 9) Xtreme's losing streak continues

The Laval Xtreme have now lost 4 in a row, a club record. The team had a second straight disappointing performance by goalie Nikitas Fotakis and fell behind early. When it seemed that the team was coming back, another "letdown" occured when assistant captain was cought with his chain while the team was on the power play with one goal down. He was given a penalty and Stickmen scored 2 quick goals from center ice. After the game, defenceman Dennis Georgeopoulos had harsh comments about Nikitas' performance.
George Groubos had this to say following the team's loss yesterday. "I am very sad that the team is struggling. I hope they bounce back soon."

(November 7) New-look Xtreme looks for fresh start

The Laval Xtreme will wear their new jerseys on Thursday and the players hope that these jerseys bring back their winning ways. "We need to play 3 periods of good hockey. Not 1, not 2, but 3 periods. We need to stop making stupid mistakes and get over confident before putting away the game", said team captain Taki Maroulis, who will change the formation of the team for Thursday's game. Timo Psiharis will be absent for this game.
The line-up will be:
F1: Jerry - Vince - Mathew; F2: Tim - Jonathan - John
D1: Dennis - Taki; D2: Steve - George
G: Nikitas
PP Line (only): Jerry - Vince - Jonathan & Steve - Taki
PK Line 1: Mathew - Vince & Steve - George
PK Line 2: John - Tim & Dennis - Taki

(November 4) Xtreme blows lead for a third straight game

The Laval Xtreme has done it again. The team has lost for the third time in a row, a club low, all games that they should of won. Despite playing against the Pile-of-Rocks and the Horsemen, Xtreme played very well in both games and deserved a better result. This time, the result made no sense. It was the most physical game of the season and it was a game that Xtreme should of won by more than a couple of goals. After 25 minutes of good hockey, the team fell asleep. It was also goalie Nikitas Fotakis' worst game of the season letting many weak goals. The team was without D Steve Govas, F Jonathan Driscoll, F Timo Psiharis and F Tim Ladas. Two new players were added to the mix in Steff Manos, who had a very good performance on the blueline, and Chris Dapoulas, who played his first career ball hockey game and had an average performance for a beginner.

(October 27) Sportira announces the release date for the new Xtreme jerseys...

The new Laval Xtreme jerseys will be revealed on Thursday November 9th, an hour before the season game against the Stickmen.

(October 26) Xtreme blows it again! Loses 5-4 to Horsemen

Laval Xtreme blew another lead going in the 3rd period! Playing superb hockey for 2 periods does NOT give you a win! Xtreme lead 2-0 after 1 period, lead 3-1 after 2 periods, but once again, got over-confident! Horsemen scored 4 unanswered goals (sounds familiar!) and won the game 5-4. A game-breaking give-away with 4 minutes to go by Dennis Georgeopoulos gave Horsemen's Billy Kioussis a breakaway and he capitalized. Goalie Nikitas Fotakis played another great game.

(October 25) Xtreme set to face rivals Horsemen

Laval Xtreme is set to face the Horsemen on Thursday. Steve Govas who was supposed to be out for 1-2 months, has delayed his surgery and will be in the line-up tomorrow. There will be one player missing the game as Jonathan Driscoll will be out of town. The lines for tomorrow will be:
F1: Tutino - Colletti - Saia
F2: Markessinis - Ladas - T.Psiharis
D1: Georgeopoulos - Maroulis
D2: Govas - G.Psiharis
G: Fotakis

(October 24) Malkin's goal against New Jersey

(October 23) Pataterie La Belle Province and Sportira become the official partners of Laval Xtreme

The team will reveil it's new jerseys in the next 10 days. The game against the Horsemen will be the last one with the short-sleeve Le Skratch Laval jerseys.

(October 21) Xtreme blow 4-1 lead and lose 5-4 in OT against Pile-of-Rocks

In a game that saw officiating at its worst, the Laval Xtreme played 2 very good periods and once lead 4-1. But with a terrible third period with many penalties, the Pile-of-Rocks came back and tied the game, and then won it in overtime. "They were hooking us, holding us, tripping us and we were getting the penalties! It's b**ls**t! We pay to play in this league and for some reason, in some games, we feel unwanted. Besides that, the team played well in the first and second periods, but we played very sloppy hockey in the third."

(October 20) Xtreme set to face the Pile-of-Rocks without 2 regulars

The Laval Xtreme is set to face the Pile-of-Rocks tomorrow night with first place on the line. The Pile-of-Rocks who are one of the favorites this season are a very good offensive team; they take alot of shots. Xtreme will be without defenceman Steve Govas and forward Timo Psiharis. Manny Dilaveris will make his PTM debut and although he is natural forward, he will play as the team's 4th defenceman and will be paired with George Psiharis. He had this to say: "It's going 2 be a real pleasure playing 4 the Laval Xtreme. But I can't wait to play with the guy who brought me in the team, George Psiharis. Thank you for the shoot boys! I'll do my best, eventhough that's not my real position!"

(October 12) Xtreme come back to beat Pioneers 7-5

Xtreme finally woke up in the 3rd period! With the score 5-2 in favor of the Pioneers and only 10 minutes on the clock, Xtreme scored 5 unanswered goals and got the well-deserved victory. The Pioneers has many new faces in the line-up and fought hard. Although the shots were even, the Pioneers were capitalising on their opportunities while Xtreme was missing "sure-goals". Finally, in the 3rd period, Xtreme controlled the play. Mathew Saia had 2 goals, while Vince Colletti, Jerry Tutino, Taki Maroulis, Steve Govas and Tim Ladas had one goal each.

(October 5) Xtreme crushes the Bulls Eye 12-2

There was no contest. Xtreme was too good. They put last week's tough defeat on the side and rebounded! Xtreme completely dominated the game. Timo Psiharis lead the way with 3 goals, while John Markessinis had 2 goals, Dennis Georgeopoulos had 1 goal and 5 assists, Steve Govas had 1 goal and 4 assists, Taki Maroulis had 1 goal and 3 assists.
F1: Jerry Tutino - Vince Colletti - Mathew Saia
F2: John Markessinis - Jonathan Driscoll - Timo Psiharis / Tim Ladas
D1: Dennis Georgeopoulos - Taki Maroulis
D2: George Psiharis - Steve Govas
G: Nikitas Fotakis

Other games: [D1] Horsemen-Fury 5-0, [D2] Les Dents-Punishers 5-4

(October 5) Xtreme adds star defenceman Steve Govas to the roster

Xtreme has added all-star defenceman Steve Govas to the roster. Govas currently plays with the Hussles in the B. He will make his debut tonight against the Bulls Eye.

(September 28) Close... Hellfish beats Xtreme 4-2 in D1 season opener

The defending D2 champions Hellfish showed why they are "that" good as they beat the newly and improved Xtreme 4-2 in the D1 season opener. Hellfish added team Canada and former Xtreme player Matthew Do Couto in their explosive roster for this season. Xtreme goalie Nikitas Fotakis had a very impressive performance and kept his team in the game. John Markessinis and Jerry Tutino each had a goal while Dennis Georgeopoulos had 2 assists. Hellfish scored 2 of their goals on the power play. The lines used in yesterday's game:
F1: Jerry Tutino - Vince Colletti - Mathew Saia
F2: George Typaldos - Jonathan Driscoll - John Markessinis
D1: Dennis Georgeopoulos - Taki Maroulis
D2: George Psiharis - Timo Psiharis / Tim Ladas
G: Nikitas Fotakis

Other games: [D1] Pile-of-Rocks beat Horseman, [D1] Bulls Eye beat Pioneers, [D2] Gorilas-Punishers 12-3

(September 26) Opening night of the season! Here are the games:

18:30 - Stickmen vs Mission
19:30 - Special Delivery vs Blues
20:30 - Chaos vs Fury
21:30 - Horsemen vs Pile of Rocks
22:30 - Pioneers vs Bulls Eye
23:30 - Xtreme vs Hellfish

(September 25) Xtreme announces 2006-07 winter roster

The Laval Xtreme will play in D1 in the 2006-07 Winter season. After several try-out practices, here is the roster.
Roster page!

(September 16) Hellfish win the D2 Summer 2006 Championship!
Xtreme players wonder "What if?"

The Hellfish beat the Bravewarriors 2-1 in the best-of-3 series and are D2 Summer 2006 champions! Xtreme's player can now wonder "What if"... Xtreme lost 5-3 to the Hellfish in the 2nd round back on August 24th in a very exciting and tight game. When Somekh scored the empty goal for the Hellfish, all Xtreme hopes were erased but we can just wonder...
Congrats to the Hellfish!
[G1] BraveWarriors 7, Hellfish 3
[G2] Hellfish 6, Brave Warriors 3
[G3] Hellfish 3, Brave Warriors 2

(August 25) Hellfish 5, Xtreme 3

The 2006 Summer season ended for the Xtreme after a tough 5-3 defeat against the Hellfish. Both teams played very well and it was a fight till the end. Hellfish controlled the play during the first period while Xtreme controlled the play for periods 2 and 3. Somehk's empty net goal sealed the deal for the Hellfish who become the heavy favorites for the D2 championship. George Groubos was ejected from the game after disputing a call with the referee.

(August 18) 2nd round: Xtreme vs Hellfish - 10:30pm

The Laval Xtreme will face the Hellfish in the 2nd round of the playoffs this Thursday. Note that the time of the match has changed from 11:00pm to 10:30pm.

(August 18) Xtreme advances to the 2nd round after big win
Xtreme 7 Blackhawks 3 - Team captain Taki Maroulis ejected from the game
Monster game by: P.Sidhom 3 goals, 3 assists; L.-C.Fleury 3 goals, 2 assists; M.Saia 7 assists
Nikitas Fotakis outstanding in nets

The Laval Xtreme once lead 6-0 and managed to hold the Blackhawks for a 7-3 victory. Mathew Saia had a monster game finishing with 7 assists, while Peter Sidhom and Louis-Colin Fleury had 3 goals each. George Psiharis was impressive on defence and Nikitas Fotakis was very very solid in goal. He made a couple of outstanding saves which kept Xtreme in the match when it counted. "It's playoff time. I need to help my team win. I gave my full effort and played with passion. Very dirty team the Blackhawks. Hellfish is next", said Fotakis after the game.
Team captain Taki Maroulis was ejected from the game when he responded with a punch to the face after being badly slashed. It happened towards the end of the first period when the score was 2-0 for Xtreme. He avoided to talk about the incident and about his possible suspension but had this to say about the game:
"We knew that the game wouldn't be easy, and so it proved. The scoreline was deceptive, because it was a very difficult match. Our big problem was that our passing went astray. We played more with haste than speed. Speed is when you play quickly and put moves together in a co-ordinated way. We needed to keep hold of the ball more. Our passing was sloppy, but the defence was good. The goaltending was good. The 1st round is always very difficult, because you always face a team that wants to recover from a below-average season. It's not as though we didn’t put the effort in, but rather that we were surprised by the Blackhawks's dirty performance. They played good hockey but very dirty hockey. This slowed us down and got us more cautious. Besides my incident, there were at least 5-6 notable ones. George Groubos was hit from behind twice along the boards, John Markessinis got slammed on the boards, Louis Fleury was cheap shotted and Mathew Saia got a vicious high stick. They played like little babies but got the beating they deserved. It's time to worry about the Hellfish. It's the team to beat in our division and if we want to raise the cup, we need to prove why we're the better team!"
Hellfish easily beat the Punishers 7-4, La Broue took care of Swipe 4-2 and the Blues stole the victory against the Aces in a 8-7 OT victory. In the other division, Cafe Mercedes, a week after taking out 1st place D-Natural, took out 2nd place Mission. Also in that division, the Brave Warriors pounded the Stickmen 10-0.

(August 13) The real season begins!
Xtreme vs Blackhawks - Thursday Aug 17 @ 11:30pm

The Xtreme is set to face the Blackhawks in the 1st round of this season's playoffs. After last week's weak performance against D-Natural in a friendly game, the Xtreme will make a couple of changes in their lineup.
Click here to view the Yahoo! article...

(August 6) 4 Xtreme players impressive during C-team practice match

Xtreme captain Taki Maroulis had 6 goals and 7 assists to lead his team to a 18-11 victory. Also on his team, Xtreme goaltender Nikitas Fotakis played forward and had an impressive 6 goals and 4 assists. On the opposing team, George Psiharis and John Markessinis had solid performances. Psiharis had 2 goals and 3 assists while John Markessinis had 3 goals and 3 assists.

(August 4) PAGE-Hit Counter & In-Live added to the Website

The website will have 2 new features. As of today, a Page-Hit Counter and an In-Live Stat have been added to the main page because the word was going around that this team is too hot for you to handle!

(August 3) Xtreme top off season with a big W
Finish 2nd place!

Xtreme played their 10th and last game of the regular season on August 3rd. A lot was at stake on this day, both teams needed the W to conquer the top 2 spots in the division going into the playoffs. It was announced to be the most important match of the season and it lived up to its expectations. Team Xtreme successfully Xterminated the Blues and secured 2nd position in the standings. A seesaw match with high intensity and great hockey skill displayed from both sides. It was a close game jam packed with action from side to side. Xtreme’s talent rose to the top of their game play and with a score of 7-6 gave themselves their 8th victory of the season, finishing with a record of 8 wins 2 losses 1 point behind first position. This is a great statistic knowing that the team was created a few months ago before the beginning of this season by team captain and star defenceman Taki Maroulis. Goalie Nikitas Fotakis shinned, showed his capabilities and played one of his best games of the season. Despite allowing 6 goals he made the right saves at the most important times. Defenceman Taki Maroulis was unbelievable for team Xtreme finishing the night with 3 assists and installing a “Do Not Enter” sign at his own blue line. The hot streak continues for George Psiharis as he scored one of the goals. After a slow start to the season, Psiharis is becoming the star forward he once was and even better! Louis-Colin Fleury and Peter Sidhom had very solid performances scoring 2 goals each. Steph Botsis also scored for team Xtreme.
With this victory, along with Hellfish’s loss to the Aces, Xtreme finishes 2nd place and will now face the Blackhawks on Thursday August 17th at 11pm in the 1st round of the playoffs.

(July 30) Former Jackals player Jerry Tutino to join next season

Former Jackals forward, Jerry Tutino, will be the third new face in team Xtreme's roster for the Winter 06-07 season. Jerry, who was present at Club Moomba, offered to play next season.

(July 30) Four Xtreme players involved in a fight

Four team Xtreme players were involved in a big fight that started at 3:45am in the parking lot of Club Moomba in Laval. George Psiharis was the victim of a cheap shot. He was quickly backed up by teammates George Groubos, Taki Maroulis and Tony Argiropoulos. The instigators were getting beaten before running off when club Moomba's security arrived at the scene. Defenceman Mike Skouris left the scene only minutes before the fights started.

(July 28) XTREME loses to LA BROUE 8-5!

Xtreme lost to La Broue on this day 8-5, although outplaying them most of the game. Shots on goal favored Xtreme, 35-25. It was 6-5, when La Broue put the game way with empty netters. Xtreme is now 4th place, still 1 point behind 1st place. Peter Sidhom finished the game with 2 goals and 1 assist, while team captain Taki Maroulis had 1 goal and 2 assists.

(July 21) XTREME crushes DRAGONS 10-0!
Xtreme is now 2nd place, 1 point behind 1st!

Although not playing their best game of the season, Team Xtreme took care easily of the Dragons with a 10-0 score. The game ended 5 minutes in the 3rd because of the 10-goal differential rule. Mathew Saia had a career night with 2 goals and 6 assists, while Peter Sidhom also scored 2 goals and added 3 assists. Bryan Rubino's rocket shots were too much for Dragons' goaltender. Rubino finished with 2 goals and an assist. Terry Dimitrakis played his last game of the season before leaving for Greece, recording 1 goal and 2 assists. He will be back when team Xtreme will be in the Semi-finals in late-August. Louis-Colin Fleury and John Markessinis scored a goal and an assist a peace, while George Psiharis and George Groubos extended their respective hot streaks with an assist in this game. Theo Sourias also added an assist. Taki Maroulis ended the game with his 2nd of the season, a blast from the point. Steph Botsis missed the game due to work issues. Xtreme move past the Blues who lost to Swipe(?!?) in shootouts. Hellfish are now 1st place with Xtreme being only 1 point behind. The Punishers losing ways continue as they have now lost 4 in a row!

In other games: Hellfish-Punishers 7-1

(July 20) Matthew Do Couto suspended indefinetely

Matthew Do Couto might be lost for the year as he is suspended indefinetely by PTM. There was no reason given for this decision.

(July 13) XTREME pounds the PIONEERS 8-3

The Xtreme was too much for the Pioneers on this day. The final score read 8-3, but it should of been more along the lines of 10-1. Nikitas Fotakis rebounded very well from his bad game as he made 25 saves. Mathew Saia and Steph Botsis each had 2 goals and an assist, George Psiharis extended his hot streak as he had 2 goals, Terry Dimitrakis had a goal and 2 assists, George Groubos and Bryan Rubino each had 2 assists and captain Taki Maroulis scored his first of the season and finally broke his scoring slump. Louis-Colin Fleury and John Markessinis each picked up an assist. Team Xtreme now moves past the Punishers who lost earlier tonight to La Broue 5-3.

(July 6) XTREME beats PUNISHERS 6-5 in OT

Despite being without 3 key players in Vince Colletti, Terry Dimitrakis and Matthew Do Couto and despite goaltender Nikitas Fotakis' worst game of the season, team Xtreme took care of the Punishers as they beat them 6-5 in OT. Xtreme controlled the play, but the game was always close. Mathew Saia scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Peter Sidhom was a welcomed addition to the team as he was always a force in the offensive zone. Louis-Collins Fleury also had a great debut scoring a goal. George Psiharis finished with a goal and 3 assists.

In other games: Blues beat La Broue 6-3, Aces beat Pioneers 6-5 in OT, Hellfish beat Dragons 10-1, Patriotes beat Zesto 7-3, Swipe beat Blackhawks 9-5.

(June 30) XTREME beats ACES 5-3

After a tough 7-2 loss last week, team Xtreme rebounded very well, as they beat the Aces 5-3. Matthew Do Couto made his season debut with the team recording one assist. Mathew Saia had 2 goals, Terry Dimitrakis and Bryan Rubino had 2 assists a peace and Nikitas Fotakis made 23 saves.


Team Xtreme held an open-practice on Thursday. Louis-Collins Fleury made his debut with the team as he was paired with forward George Psiharis. The team announced that they will wait until either June 25th or July 6th for Louis' first game.
Mathew Saia keeps on improving. The change from winger to center has given positive results. He has 1 goal and 6 assists in 3 games so far this season.

Practice teams:
Goalies at practice: Dennis Paizis, Valantis
Team A: (D) Taki, (F) George P., (F) L.-C. Fleury, (F) Kosta K.
Team B: (D) Mike, (D) Mano, (F) George G., (F) Terry D., (F) Tony
Team C: (D) Theo, (D) Dennis V., (F) John M., (F) Mathew S.

Roster-players not present: (G) Nikitas, (D) Bryan, (F) Steph, (F) Vince, (F) Jason, (F) Chris


Team Xtreme has off this week. "It's a good opportunity to improve our weaknesses during our team practice. We might be 3-0 but there's alot of things that we are missing", said team captain, Taki Maroulis. After a strong start to the season, Xtreme enters the bye-week with 3 wins in 3 games (one of which is in overtime). Their next game is on Thursday June 22nd at 10:30pm ET. Their opponents, the Raging Rhinos, are winless (2 losses and 1 overtime loss).


Team Xtreme has officially opened their website. The site is still under construction...

(June 8) XTREME beat SWIPE 8-2

Xtreme dominated the game and was rewarded with a 8-2 victory. George Groubos lead the way with 3 goals, while Taki Maroulis and Steph Botsis had 3 assists a peace. But with one minute remaining, Xtreme center, Vince Colletti, was hit from behind with a cheap shot by C.Church, player of Swipe. Church is expected to be suspended for the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs. In an interview after the game at Tim Hortons, George Psiharis had this to say: "Well we played well. Alot of hard work and hussle. And by the way, Church boy, I will take care of you next time I see you out there!" Xtreme outshot Swipe 25-11.

(June 1) XTREME pound PATRIOTES 11-1

The Patriotes actually scored the first goal 30 seconds in the game. But by second 31, Xtreme totally dominated the Patriotes by scoring 11 unanswered goals. The Patriotes had 3 power-play opportunities, but couldn't even hit the target. Nikitas Fotakis was on his game and Terry Dimitrakis lead the offence with 4 goals. John Markessinis added 2 goals while George Groubos and Taki Maroulis had 4 assists a peace. Vince Colletti made an impressive season debut finishing with 1 goal and 4 assists. Matthew Saia also had 1 goal and 4 assists. The game finished with 12 minutes left due to the 10-goal margin. Xtreme outshot the Patriotes 29-13.

(May 25) XTREME edge ZESTO 4-3 in OT

George Psiharis scored the game-winning goal with 1 minute remaining in overtime and gave his team its first ever win in its first ever game. Xtreme dominated for most parts of the game and once lead 3-0. But with a few turnovers and a weak goal, Zesto tied the game with only 2 minutes remaining. Steph Botsis, Bryan Rubino and George Groubos had the other goals for Xtreme, while Nikitas Fotakis made 22 saves on 25 shots. Xtreme outshot Zesto 26-25.