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D2 Summer 2006 Season
Last update: Saturday, August 25th 2006

# Last name First name Position Nationality Date of birth Previous team
#5 Sourias Theo Defence Greece Vultures (C)
#6 Rubino Bryan Defence Italy Jackals (D2)
#7 Do Couto Matthew Defence Portugal Team Canada (A)
#8 Groubos George Winger Greece July 28th 1983 Chaos (D2)
#9 Colletti Vince Center Italy June 11th 1985 Jackals (D2)
#10 Maroulis Taki Defence Greece October 9th 1982 Chaos (D2)
#13 Nardella Jason Winger Italy Jackals (D2)
#15 Fleury Louis-Colin Winger Quebec St-Jean (A)
#19 Sidhom Peter-Alex Winger Greece Horsemen (D2)
#22 Saia Mathew Center Italy November 1st 1984 Jackals (D2)
#25 Dimoliakis Chris Winger Greece
#30 Fotakis Nikitas Goalie Greece April 10th 1982 Chaos (D2)
#76 Markessinis John Winger Greece November 13th 1976 Hurricanes (A)
#79 Psiharis George Winger Greece November 8th 1979
#91 Botsis Steph Winger Greece
#97 Skouris Mike Defence Greece Horsemen (D2)
#99 Dimitrakis Terry Winger Greece

Team Captain: Taki Maroulis
Assistant Captain: George Groubos
Assistant Captain: John Markessinis