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by Richard Armatrout

Mother's Day is one of the days designated as
"A required day to fly Our Nation's Colors."
Mother brings some visualization to everyone.
To some, a protector, to others a confidant.
Mother was the great healer.
She has even been known to mend broken hearts and/or spirits.
She can fix hurt feelings in no time.
The toughest time comes when all seems lost,
When Mother is with us no more.
Then we have to go up the chain of command to God
To seek comfort from this, often devastating loss.
We hope that God sends a comforting Angel
To all those who have suffered the loss of thier Mother.


    GOD took the fragrance of a Flower,
    The majesty of a Tree,
    The gentleness of Morning Dew,
    The calm of a Quite Sea,
    The Beauty of the Twilight Hour,
    The Soul of a Starry Night,
    The Laughter of the Rippling Brook,
    The Grace of a Bird in Flight,
    The Tender Care of an Angel,
    The Faith of the Mustard Seed
    The Patience of Eternity
    The Depth of a Family's Need,
    Then GOD Fashioned from these things,
    And when HIS Masterpiece was Through,
    He simply called it . . . . . . . . . . . . . MOTHER

Author Unknown

@ Friend @

          You are my friend My companion Through good times and bad My friend my buddy Through happy and bad Beside me you stand Beside me you work You are there to listen You are there to talk With happiness With pain and Tears I know you Will be there Though the years.

Stephanie Hickman