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Maneuver & Tactics Maps

Tactics from differ to strategy in several ways. Strategy is more your style of play. Perhaps you like to gain an early tech edge at the cost of econ and exploration, or sacrifice you tech to secure a better look at the map. Some players play defensivly waiting for their enenmy to make a mistake, others are aggressive and like to constantly throw ships at their opponent. A tactic, on the other hand, is by definition a military maneuver that leads to military advantage over an opponent. This is where you move the ships that you have built and use of the strategy you have developed to win key battles, and eventually the war.
This page links to game maps where a certain tactic is displayed in all itsdetails. S
I plan to slowly add to these maps over time so come back on a regular basis. If you have had a game where an interesting tactic is displayed. Feel free to send me the map an explanation in similiar fashion. Anyone with any ability with HTML or knowledge of content management tool such as Dreamwaver will have no trouble making a series of maps like I have. If there is any confusion on how a tactic works or you have any ideas on variations or countermeasures to these tactics please email me.

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