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Introduction – All the glitter of the Empire

The Imperial Family

His Imperial Majesty The Shahanshah

Farah, Empress of Iran

Reza Cyrus, Heir of the Empire

The Coronation of Teheran

Coronation Day unfolds

In the Grand Hall

The Coronation of The Shah

More pictures of The Shah’s Coronation

Farah is crowned

Moro pictures of Farah’s Coronation

Down the long red carpet

The gardens of the Golestan

Glorious cortege in Teheran

Official and glittering pictures

Dressed to be crowned

Emeralds and diamonds

Amazing Golestan

Celebrating the Coronation

Opera and Ball

Parading the Empire

Fireworks at the Hilton

Glitter for the evening

The Imperial Jewels of Iran

The Persepolis Celebrations

Preparing Persepolis

Homage to Cyrus

All the grandeur of an evening

Unforgettable glitter

More pictures of the Grand State Banquet

Magical Parade of 2500 years

Wonderful success

Farah’s fabulous elegance

Brilliant jewels in Iran

The World gathers in Persepolis

Conclusion and Links – Teheran and Persepolis

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