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The most prestigious foreign guests of the Coronation, arriving at the Roudaki Opera House for a gala performance: HRH The Aga Khan IV and his step-grandmother, The Begum Aaga Khan III.

The Imperial Box in the Roudaki Opera House on the night of its opening, the evening of the Shah and the Shahbanou’s Coronation. From left, Prince Golam Reza, Princess Shahnaz, the Shah and the Shahbanou. Behind, far left, is the Aga Khan IV.

HIM The Shah of Iran and HIM The Shahbanou in the staircase of the Roudaki Opera House on the evening of the Coronation, at the end of the opera performance, preparing to return to the Imperial Palace for what would be the Shah’s 48th birthday party.

Left, HIH Princess Ashraf of Iran, twin-sister of the Shah, and her husband coming down the staircase of the Roudaki Opera House. The Princess wears the Order of the Light of the Aryans, created exactly one month before in honour of Empress Farah. Princess Ashraf wears the diamond and ruby tiara created for her. On the right, the Shah and the Shahbanou of Iran arriving at the Imperial Palace for the party that followed the gala performance in the Roudaki Opera House.

The Shah of Iran and Empress Farah, who wears a spectacular demi-parure of yellow diamonds and an unidentified diamond tiara with small diamond spikes, pose with the Queen Mother, widow of Reza Shah the Great and mother of the sovereign, in the Marble Palace of Teheran, during the party to celebrate the Shah’s 48th birthday. Both women wear the Order of the Light of the Aryans.

During the ball, from left to right: the Shah of Iran, Empress Farah, the Queen Mother, Princess Shams (the Shah’s elder sister and elder daughter of the Queen Mother) and Princess Shahnaz (the Shah’s elder daughter). Princess Shahnaz wears the stunning diamond and emerald necklace of the parure created for her by Van Cleef & Arpels.

The Shah and Empress Farah during the party.

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