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Free World Forum Archives

Welcome to the archives. This page will be continuously updated with information about the site that has been erased due to its age. All information, for example answers to old questions from the writers, will be stored here in the future. Old polls too.

Old Journal Updates


The Free World Forum is now the home of the Scorpion Party. It's been approximately four months since my last update, but no matter; few people have come, judging by the ticker at the bottom of the screen. I blame the search engines and public apathy about politics, which is quite disconcerting to me.


I haven't updated in a while, but who really notices anyway? None of the search engines are doing their jobs, so I figure I'd coast for a while. The only people who see this are myself and the writers, basically. I see no real reason to update every day or every week for that matter unless visitors actually come. That being said, I will only continue running this site if people sign my guestbook or drop me an e-mail asking me to work on it. When that happens, I'll pick it up again. Angelfire has been a pain to work with anyway. Otherwise, it's been a fun, tedious, and painstaking run. Scorpions.


Two new responses from the parties updated above, as well as a new rant from the Republican writer. Thanks for voting in the poll; expect a new one coming up soon.


Got a new question for you. I hope I'm not sounding biased by asking this question. I know there are a lot of people who support the Palestinian cause out there, but I don't think it's unreasonable to ask what Israel should be doing in response to these attacks. I pride myself in keeping this site as balanced as possible outside of the Opinions section.


New Libertarian response. That's pretty much it. Hopefully I'll have a new question for everyone by tomorrow.


Two new responses from the Independent party. Thanks to everyone who has taken the newest poll. Looks like the consensus is that airport security is inferior.


All I have for you today is the new question.


Sorry, I didn't realize how long it has been since my last update. Right now, I've got an Independent response from Sputnik. Expect a new question soon, hopefully by tomorrow if I can think of one. New Republican rant as well.


A lot of updates today, including three responses for the new question: Libertarian , Green Party and Phoamy's Independent response.


There is a new question of the day as well as a new poll. New Libertarian response to the old question.


Got a new and very long response from the Green Party writer answering the all-important assassination question. Expect either a new poll, a Libertarian response, or both by tomorrow.


I've got a bunch of new updates for you for the newest question regarding political assassinations. It seems to be an ethical question that is growing in importance.


Sorry for not updating for the last few days, but I haven't received any new responses. Here's a new question though, with some credit to Sputnik for helping me come up with it.


There's a new Independent response from Sputnik, who also has a new Bio! Also, I've got rants from the Republican and Libertarian parties. Check out the Republican one especially; it's a vision of the future.


Added a new Libertarian rant. Also I've noticed that the dates for these journal entries are kind of messed up. I don't think I'll fix them much, as no one noticed anyway. There is a new icon at the top of the page too, a waving FWF flag that I got from Angelfire.


Quite a bit for updates today, three answers to the new question: the Republican view, the Libertarian view and there is a new Independent response from a new writer!


Thanks, everyone who voted in the newest poll! I got some new stuff for you, including the Independent Party update from Sputnik. I tossed some of the earlier entries away into the archives. You can see them from there if you're looking for the site's history. I think we might be getting a second Independent Writer as well, but we shall see.


Looks like a bunch of people have visited the site, since the polls have changed considerably. Apparently a lot of communists surf the internet looking for political sites. I don't really care what party you're from, I'm just glad for the support that the site has been receiving. I promise that new updates are coming. In fact, I'm adding "Writer Bios" in the About the Writers section. Enjoy! Also, there's an updated republican essay response. New poll too. Please be sure to vote only once. I know you're allowed to vote once a day, but I want the results to be accurate. You can still find the old poll in the Archives section.


I added some new features since my last update, including the About the Writers section. Also, there is some new Libertarian stuff from me to you.


I added a poll about political orientation and the guestbook. Be sure to sign in whenever you get the chance. Hopefully we'll be getting a lot more traffic in the next few weeks. Also added the Archives , which will store all the information of the site on one page, such as previous discussions.


I upgraded the programming language, but really don't know what I'm doing otherwise. I had to learn the basic programming commands overnight to create this site from scratch. Also, I created the Links option to other sites, but I haven't added any links yet. Soon. In addition to all of this, I'm writing the intro for the site, so that will be up soon.


The FWF is officially opened for business. Of course, there's nothing much to do here yet. Day by day, this will change, however. Until then, have fun using the links that go to other pages that aren't complete.

Old Questions
1) What are your opinions about Ariel Sharon's apparent contempt for Bush's authority?
2) What position should we take regarding the torture of captured terrorists?
3) Does the U.S. have the right to assassinate unsavory political leaders like Arafat or Hussein?
4) How should the U.S. handle potential oil embargos against us from Arab nations?
5) What's up with Saddam Hussein? (sick of this question yet?)