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**** H ****
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Hoskins, Cyril T. - See: Rampa, T. Lobsang (Pseud.)
Hovey, Horace C. - CELEBRATED AMERICAN CAVES: Refers to the "Moodus Noises" which emerge from Mt. Tom in Connecticut, and the belief by some that they are due to "explosions of gas in subterranean cavities, which indicate the existence of a large vacuity underneath southern New England."
Howard, Dana
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Howard, Joan - THE SPACE - OR SOMETHING - CONNECTION., Published by the author: Astral or "remote viewing" investigations of ancient underground tunnels.
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Howell, Martin A. Jr., - IS THERE A SUBTERRANEAN OUTLET TO THE UPPER LAKE REGION? A thesis in SCRIBNER'S MONTHLY, date uncertain: The writer's belief in the existence of a gigantic subterranean cavern system connecting Lake Superior with the Mississippi River.
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Huguenen, O.G. - FROM THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD TO THE SKY - FLYING SAUCERS., published in Brazil: The author was a member of the "Brazilian Theosophical Society".  Theories concerning the origins of some "Flying Saucers" originating from the earth's interior. (Also see: Bernard, Raymond W. - THE HOLLOW EARTH)
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Huntington, O.B. - Article in YOUNG WOMAN'S JOURNAL (LDS church)., March 1892., pp. 264: Describes a warm and fruitful land 'beyond' the North Pole, "a country inhabited by the ten tribes of Israel. It is divided by a river, on one side of which lives the half-tribe of Mannasseh, which is more numerous than all the others." (Mannasseh is one of the two sons of Joseph, and is the brother of Ephraim [both half-tribes are part of the 'Josephite' tribe]. Some believe that 9 Ĺ tribes disappeared to the North, and that half the tribe of Levi stayed behind in Israel with the "Jewish" tribes of Judah and Benjamin who compose the modern-day 'Israelis'. However there are some who believe that Britain and North America are largely composed of the descendants of Ephraim and Mannasseh, which the Biblical text says are two Israeli tribes - sons of Joseph who was sold into Egypt and had many children - that would multiply and be very fruitful.
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**** I ****
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