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An Anomalous Underground Structure In Southern Idaho

The letter which we quote below was submitted by a George Haycock of Burley, Idaho, and appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of 'AMAZING STORIES' science fiction/science fact magazine, pp. 174-175:

"Sirs... Perhaps I have delayed over-long to send you my slight contribution to the master code. Why? I was still afraid there might be some slip that would put me in a bad spot. I am a druggist in this town and any trace of nut's talk would ruin my job. I have been waiting for the issue which just hit the newsstand and agree with you completely.

"There is in this area an artifact which seems to prove all you have printed about the cavern dwellers. First I want to ask a question. How are the caverns ventilated? There is no vegetation to purify the air in caves (i.e. small caverns, that is - Branton). Therefore there must be some connection with the surface. I know where one of the air shafts reach the surface.

"My grandfather was raised with the Indians in this section of the country and has told me of the stories he heard when he was a child. The Indians describe the wind cave as it is called around here as the home of the devils who come forth in the dead of the night to steal their women and food. No Indian will venture within the area inside of five miles of the cave.

"Perhaps a description of the inside will make my meaning more clear. The entrance is just a hole in the rocks, but after getting inside you come into a four-square tunnel about three and one half feet square with a six-inch gutter along the west side, about 10 inches deep. The tunnel is intact for about 100 yards and then opens into what looks like it might have been at one time a completely ROUND or half-round passageway which now looks like the solid lava which it goes through has been chipped and crumbled by extreme heat. It is possible to travel for about half a mile inside before the tunnel becomes obstructed too much for a man to get through.

"I have been trying to get some one who would help me clear this obstruction enough to get through and several have agreed but when we get there and start to work they soon give up and want to get out. Another funny thing is that every time I go back the work done before does not show, yet there is not evidence of fresh falls of rock from the ceiling. At this point the feeling that you're in mortal danger becomes almost overpowering, after battling this feeling for an hour I feel as weak as if I had been sick for weeks and I have made this attempt many times.

"The opening has been dynamited at least four times that I know of. Supposedly to kill rattlesnakes, yet I have never seen one either in the mouth of the cave or inside.

"In fact my experience with snakes leads me to believe they would never brave the cold blast that comes out.

"Still the feeling of distrust and fear clings and none of the natives will consider exploring this artifact which could be made the biggest tourist attraction in this part of the state--if people were just not afraid to go down in there.

"This covers the known facts about this cave: yet since I can remember I have dreamed, thought and considered many of the things Shaver talks about in his stories, mostly those pertaining to mind control...

"Please ignore the mistakes and misspelled words in this letter. Ordinarily I am a good typist and a good speller, but when I try to put these things on paper I cannot hit the key I want to.

"Please notice that the mistakes and misspelled words are mostly where I try to describe the caves and conditions inside them. These happen even when I try to watch every stroke I make. I have recopied this letter three times trying to eliminate the errors and still they crop up in the same sections if not in the same words.

"I am willing to discuss what I know with any one who won't believe I am crazy, and would like to find some one who has the intestinal fortitude to help me clear the obstruction to the major cavern with which it connects which I know extends to the depth of 30,000 feet because it has been drilled into and that much cable let out without hitting anything to drill in and I will show anyone who is interested the entire set up.

"My grandfather is now dead unfortunately so he cannot verify the Indian stories mentioned, but if Mr. Hansen is as familiar with Indian legends as he claims and really desires the truth have him work with the Shoshones and the Blackfeet. Consider their tales of the demons who work this countryside...

"Write me if you're interested in these legends and any knowledge I have is yours.

"George Haycock., c/o Thriftway Drug., Main and Overland., Burley, Idaho."

Raymond Palmer's editorial reply to this letter was as follows: "We're sure that members of the CHMBS (Cave Hunters Mutual Benefit Society) will contact you, and they won't consider you crazy. We hope you can tell them more about this cave, and show it to them. As for the depth of 30,000 feet, letting a cable, or string, down that depth tells nothing, because it might be going down only a few hundred feet, then simply coiling up on the floor, as the weight of the string would make it impossible for you to tell when it had hit the floor... - Ed."

This account as given by Mr. Haycock is strange to say the least, however it may contain an significant piece of the puzzle whereas the overall subterranean scenario is concerned.

Two more postscripts to the George Haycock - Burley, Idaho account have surfaced. The first came from a man by the name of Frank W. Haigler, and a Sgt. Brentlinger who was at the time stationed at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Haigler had told of his own investigations in connection with Mr. Haycock's letter in 'AMAZING STORIES'. This letter of confirmation, which appeared in the Jan. 1948 (Vol. 22, No. 1) issue, stated:

"Sirs... If you file your correspondence, you will find a letter there from this writer which was written in the early part of this year, advising you of reading my first AMAZING STORIES magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves, especially the articles by Mr. Shaver. I haven't missed a copy of A. S. since then and interest in the mystery of the caves has grown until you may class me as an unofficial member of the CHMBS. In fact, the purpose of this letter is to inform you of a recent expedition to one of the caves for an investigation.

"For you and those interested in the 'air shaft' near Burley, Idaho, reported by Mr. George Haycock, whose letter was published in the October issue of AMAZING STORIES, this is to verify the truth of this cave.

"M/Sgt. Brentlinger (a Shaver fan), stationed at Hill Field, Utah, and myself made a trip to Burley over the weekend of the 17th of August to ascertain the authenticity of both Mr. Haycock and the cave. We had no trouble locating this gentleman and after explaining the purpose of our mission he quite readily agreed to show us to the cave and to guide us through, providing it was still possible to enter. The entrance had been blasted since he was last in the cave, he explained.

"We drove about six miles west of town, then turned off the highway onto a little road leading through the desert sagebrush. Oddly enough, this road was well worn and seemed to be much used although there is no apparent reason for so much traffic. We failed to see any other cars either on the way in or out.

"Even though he had been in the cave many times and to the entrance as recently as three days prior to this trip, Mr. Haycock, strangely, had difficulty in locating the spot and we stopped twice to look before we finally found it about a mile from the highway.

"The entrance was located in the center of a shallow circular depression. The surrounding terrain was nothing but sand and sagebrush but jammed in around the opening were several large boulders. We found there was still a small hole running down through the boulders and Mr. Haycock thought it still possible for us to make entrance. With some violent maneuvering we did manage to squeeze through and we followed Mr. Haycock to the floor of the cavern. Then, crawling, kneeling and sometimes walking, we were led back through the cave for approximately one- quarter of a mile.

"The cavern was cut through what appeared to be lava rock. Walls and ceiling are badly fallen-in in many places but there is enough intact yet to give the general appearance that the cave was at one time square. In certain spots the walls and ceiling are perfectly flat. Then, too, we noticed one small chamber to one side of the main passage that is square-cut except for one end which is cupped out.

"There are numerous small passages leading off to the side of the main path, which Mr. Haycock said lead to dead ends, IN the ones he has explored.

"After seeing enough to convince us of the truth of Mr. Haycock's story, it was decided to turn back and not to continue inward to the impassable obstruction Mr. Haycock mentioned in his letter. To have gone that far more equipment would have been required. We had nothing but two flashlights, both being used continuously. Where we turned back is approximately half-way to the obstruction.

"We failed to feel or hear the icy wind that is said to blow from the shaft most of the time. However, Mr. Haycock explained that it did become quiet occasionally, as we found it that day.

"At present another trip is planned to the cave. This time there will be seven or eight of us and we plan to take the proper equipment and enough provisions to do some serious work at clearing away the obstruction. It is desired by all to learn what, if anything, might lie further on beyond this obstruction. But, if there is nothing but more cave it will at least be an interesting adventure that will be enjoyed and remembered by all!

"Now for the information on two other caves this writer knows of which might merit investigation. The first is in the Smoky mountains of North Carolina in the Nantahalie(?) Gorge. It is called 'The Blowing Springs' and is easily reached from the highway. The cave has an icy blast of air and a cold stream flowing from it continuously, from which it got its name. It is not known by the writer whether anyone has ever entered the cave or if this is possible, but there are many that have been to the entrance to look in.

"The second is called 'The Devil's Well' and is located in the 'Hole-In-Ground' near Pine City, Washington. The cave is very round and approximately five feet in diameter. People are known to be afraid to enter the cave due to the rumor that it is a rattlesnake den. It would be interesting to learn if there is any truth to the rattlesnakes and why it is named 'The Devil's Well,' and by whom!."

"Frank W. Haigler., Box 18, Apt. F-12., Sahara Valley, Utah."

Another postscript to this account appeared in the form of an article which was written by one 'Galahadian' for the ESOTERIC WORLD NEWS in the mid-1980's. 'Galahadian' allegedly knew Mr. Haycock years ago, and revealed that his story had a sad and tragic ending. Haycock, it seemed, had received an unmarked letter or package in his mailbox one day with a message warning him to cease and desist in his investigations of the tunnel. Mr. Haycock had apparently ignored the warning and continued in his investigations, and according to Galahadian a few days afterwards he was found strangled to death in his house. What kind of secret would be so important that it was worth killing a human life in order to hide it? Certainly, this is not the only one who has died mysteriously after investigating underground phenomena. In fact dozens, perhaps hundreds (or more?) have met with the same tragic fate, after getting to close to the "Horrible Truth".

We would ask the readers however not to get the impression that EVERY subterranean area is irreparably under the control of the evil one and the powers of darkness. There are reportedly many regions inhabited by human beings who, although they may not have established an absolutely "perfect" society, nevertheless dwell in cavernous domains that are generally safer than the underground lairs of the reptilian races for instance, unless of course the latter have set their designs on those abodes of the more peaceful sub-dwellers, as some sources have indicated. In general though, the parasitical nature of the underground Luciferian races can and have only led to conflicts with beings of a more ethical nature... the so-called Tero-Dero conflicts refered to by Richard Shaver and others.