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Monkey Genus


There are probably lots of things you want to know about the land of eternal eternity. What is it's location? Why is it eternal? What genus of monkey is native to its lands? Luckily for you, this page has the answers.

Quality Info on the Info Page!

As you can see, we have links to all the main toopics of intrest on the left. If there is any more questions, feel free to e-mail one of our staff, so we can frustrate you with frequent automatic reminders that we are looking up your answer while keeping you waiting for years for your actual response to arrive which, when it comes, will be suprisingly inadequate and give you a sense of utterly wasted time and effort. Many have wasted their lives away waiting for a useful response. It could happen to you.

We try to keep this information as updated and up to date possible. Everything you see here is completely accurate and undisputed. This will offer amazing information and tantalizing facts for those who wonder, are interested, or just bored out of their minds. You will learn things that usually are only in expensive history or referance books for no money at all. We encourage you to pass on information about this magnificent country to everybody you know, and make the whole world a little bit dumber. Smarter. Whatever.