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This would be a valuable recource

Land of Eternal Eternity

so let's go over some key points...

This is probably not where you meant to be

Which was probably the better choice. This is not the most likely place to wind up in and not the most hospitable. You are an unlucky vitcim of a psyco website. Beware! It's deranged!

What the hell is a deranged website?

Um... we're really not sure about that, but if there ever was to be a psyco deranged website, we're sure it would be this one.

Okay then. So what is the Land of Eternal Eternity?

The Land of Eternal Eternity is a magnificent expanse of magnificent land that will magnificently spread out before your magnificent eyes. Er... your magnificent... So anyways, it is the most mag - uh - good country that you will ever get a chance to visit. And visit it you can! We have all the latest news on what to look for, how to get here and troop movement patterns in the war so that you don't end up in an airport filled with MPS.

If it's so magnificent, how come I never heard about it?

Because you're stupid

But how come nobody I know has heard about it?

Because everybody you know is stupid, too.

How come nobody in the entire United States has heard about it then?

Because... Okay, so maybe it isn't the biggest country in the world. Or the richest. Or the most beautiful. In fact, it's not much of anything. However, it is still a great place to visit with many places to systematically waste time (really!) and much, much less. Er... More.

Travel to Eternal Eternity!

How do I travel to Eternal Eternity?

Click the "travel" link, stupid.

How do-

Shut up

No really, what is-

Seriously, shut up


Look, figure it out yourself, okay genius?