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LSD and the CIA: The Shocking Truth About What Our Government Deemed "Research" in the 1950's and 1960's

The Transcripts of the actual 1977 Senate Investigation

Q/A: Does this testimonial record demonstrate the complicity of due process?

Now back to our feature story.

The following was written by Keith Roussil. It is permissible to copy any and all portions of the below text so long as no profit is made and the author is given due credit. Check out the footnotes and additional resources at the bottom

The Central Intelligence Agency conducted dangerous research on LSD, a halucinogenic and pshychadelic drug, in the 1950's and 1960's. The CIA performed this research for many reasons, most of which, are alone, reason enough to be appalled by the CIA's actions. The first step in this research was to find suitable materials to study and test. The second phase in the research process was to study the effectiveness of the materials found. This was done using what the CIA deemed "volunteers," although these "volunteers" did not usually know exactly what they were getting into; and many of these volunteers were patients in mental health institutions. The final phase of the CIA's testing was, by far, the most shocking, reckless, and dangerous aspect of the CIA's actions. This phase involved the testing of LSD on subjects who never did know and might not ever know that they were in fact test subjects.

The U.S. government performed tests on United States citizens without their consent or knowledge. The final thing that the CIA did in its research program with LSD was to destroy all known records of any activity having to do with their research with LSD in January of 1973. It was not until the middle of the 1970's that information about this research was actually discovered and not until the late 1970's that the American public was made aware of this research. To this date, there have been no actions of reprimandation taken against any of the persons involved.

The project was code-named MKULTRA, and it began sometime during the early 1950's. The CIA said that it was for "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior."(CIA memo) That alone is reason enough to be concerned about the CIA's actions. The CIA also engaged in this research to develop new and better means of interrogation, and to protect their agents from releasing information under interrogation by other countries.(Lee and Shlain1986) The basic idea in this instance was that LSD could be used as a "truth" drug. The CIA wanted to find out if it was possible to use the drug as such, and if so, to expose their agents to LSD so that they would be able to defend themselves, mentally, against any such interrogation methods.

The actions taken by the CIA and the reasons for which they were taken were results of an extreme paranoia that came about in this era. This paranoia resulted from the growing division between East and West. After World War II, the cold war had started; and the U.S. government was at all out war as far as the Intelligence community was concerned. There had been reports that Soviet Intelligence Officers had already began research into this avenue, using a new drug out of Switzerland, LSD.(Thomas 1993) Obviously, the CIA felt a need to pursue this research with a reckless abandon. This paranoia probably had a large part in the recklessness with which this project was conducted.

The first phase of Project MKULTRA was to "search for suitable materials for study." For this phase of the project, the CIA used experts in pharmaceutical research as well as involving several private and state institutions. It is this phase of the project that gives it its famous roots. It is believed that Swedish scientist, Albert Hoffman, the man who first synthesized the drug LSD at the Santoz Laboratories, played a large role in this phase of the project. This is also when the world famous Timothy Leary became involved as a professor at Harvard University.(Washington Post, 1996) There is, however, no proof of this because the CIA is not permitted to give out the names of private persons and institutions that were involved even if they wanted to due to restrictions of the Privacy Act.(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1977)

The second phase of the testing focused on laboratory testing of "voluntary" subjects. The word "voluntary" has been put in quotes because that is only what the CIA calls these subjects, but one will see that the Guinea Pigs, if you will, were not exactly what one might call "voluntary." The most sickening part of this phase in the project took place at the National Institutes of Mental Health in Lexington Kentucky. Most of this facility was dedicated to persons with severe drug addiction problems who were serving time for drug offenses, and the CIA couldn't think of a better place to do research on a new drug.

The CIA, obviously, needed some way to coerce persons into "volunteering;" and they did so by "rewarding" the "volunteers" with the drug of their addiction after participating. So, not only was the CIA exposing these people to a new and dangerous drug whose affects were, largely unknown; but they were also contributing to previous drug problems that these people had.

Picture this whole scenario. A heroin addict would be given acid to drop and then observed for the next several hours while on acid. After this, the prisoner would be released back to their cell still realing from the effects of a dose of acid, which usually lasts for up to 12 hours, and given a fresh supply of heroin to inject themselves with.(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1977) The final phase of Project MKULTRA is, by far, the most horrifying and grossly negligent aspect of the project. This phase went on from 1953 until the whole project was terminated in the late 1960's.

Having already tested on "voluntary" subjects, the CIA felt that it was necessary to broaden this research and test on unwitting subjects. They would, for instance, pick random people on the street or in bars as subjects for these tests on LSD. A CIA memo states the following justification for this testing: "testing of materials under accepted scientific procedures fails to disclose the full pattern of reactions and attributions that may occur in operational situations." It is certain that this is in fact true, but it is also certain that what the CIA ended up doing could not be justified by anything.

There were "safe houses" set up in New York and San Francisco. These safe houses operated under the cover of that of a brothel, and there were actually prostitutes there who were used in some of the testing. The first form of testing, that did involve the use of prostitutes, was conducted by luring men into the house via the prostitutes. Once inside, the men would be given a drink laced with liquid LSD. The man's actions could then be observed by CIA agents on the other side of a two-way mirror that was located in the room.(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) The scariest part of this testing is that, unlike the prison "volunteers," these persons had no idea that they were in fact under the effects of a hallucinogenic drug. This meant that the persons had no reason but to believe that all of the things going on in their minds were in fact actually happening. This could cause severe mental trauma to a person for the rest of their lives, not to mention the fact that LSD has been known to often cause "flashbacks," which could cause one to have a relapse years later.

Other portions of this phase in the testing involved things such as CIA agents slipping LSD to random persons in bars or restaurants for the sole purpose of seeing what might happen. It is also likely, that this phase of Project MKULTRA had been giving doses of LSD to unwitting politicians in countries whose foreign policies tended to conflict with that of the United States'. It is, however, not possible to prove any of this, except that the CIA had at least expressed interest in doing this, because all documentation has been "lost" and can not be recovered.

The CIA agents involved in this part of Project MKULTRA have also seemed to develop very poor memories, and remember very little of that part of their careers in the CIA.(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) Maybe they had done a lot of acid as well. There is no way of knowing what the long term effects of this part of the testing might be because the CIA did no follow up investigations into any of these people and never even kept their names and only referred to them by individually assigned numbers. It is possible that this testing has caused the ruination of hundreds of American lives.

An interesting aspect of the final phase of Project MKULTRA is the death of Dr. Frank Olsen, an army scientist. One must first discuss what is known and accepted by all pertaining to the life and death of Dr. Olsen. Primarily, that Dr. Olsen was a civilian Army Scientist, who was working on experiments on LSD with the Army. It is known that Dr. Olsen was at least once under the influence of LSD. The last thing that is known of Dr. Olsen is that he died after a fall from a ten story window at the Hotel Statler in New York City at approximately 2:30 AM on November 27,1953. That is about all that can be objectively said about Dr. Olsen. The rest involves two distinctly different stories as to why and how Dr. Frank Olsen died, these two stories will be referred to as the 60 Minutes story and the CIA story.

The CIA's explanation of the death of Dr. Olsen is given in great detail in a joint hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources in the United States Senate, which was held on August 3 1977. The CIA states that Dr. Olsen "unwittingly" received approximately seventy micrograms of LSD in a drink, which was placed there by CIA officer, Dr. Robert Lashbrook at a meeting of Army and CIA scientists in Deep Creek Lake Maryland. It is said that Dr. Olsen showed signs of paranoia and schizophrenia, which can be associated with LSD use, in the days following his exposure to LSD.

It is then said that Dr. Olsen was taken to New York City by Dr. Lashbrook for treatment by Dr. Harold Abramson, who was a psychologist and had previously done CIA funded research on LSD. While receiving treatment in New York, Dr. Frank Olsen jumped from his hotel room window due to an extreme case of paranoia and schizophrenia.

The story that 60 Minutes related to the American public in a recent in a recent show differs in a few very crucial ways. This must first be preface by saying that the CIA's experiments with LSD were originally funded for the purpose of using it as a truth cerum.(Lee and Shlain 1986) 60 Minutes reports that the CIA realized that LSD had no usefulness as a truth cerum, but they wanted to continue research for many other, more maniacal reasons. It is alleged that Dr. Olsen was going to snitch and ruin the plans of Project MKULTRA's chief officers. It is then said that the CIA arranged for Dr. Olsen to be pushed from his hotel window. (60 Minutes, 1996)

There really is no evidence that sways towards one story or the other, but no matter how the death of Dr. Olsen is looked at, the CIA still comes out looking pretty bad, even in their own story. In the mid 1960's Project MKULTRA was reviewed by the CIA Inspector General, and it was decided that there was no longer any need for the project and it was eventually phased out and terminated in the late 1960's.(CIA memo) One might wonder how and why any of this information ever came to light. Why would the CIA allow such information about themselves to be released to the public? One can be assured that the CIA did their best to make sure that none of this information ever did come to light.

In January of 1973, all documentation of Project MKULTRA was destroyed under orders of the presiding CIA director, Richard Helms.(Select Committee on Intelligence 1977) It is also true that most CIA officials who were involved developed very, shall we say, "political" memories. After Richard Helms was succeeded in 1975, there was a full scale investigation launched into Project MKULTRA. This still did not recover much other than very broad details regarding the project.

However, in early 1977, Congress passed many bills to make some previously withheld government information public record. One of these things is the fiscal budget of the CIA. Because of this act, the CIA had to find all of its old budget records and, in doing so, found seven boxes of files containing the budget of an obscure CIA Project MKULTRA.(Select Committee on Intelligence 1977) It was these files from which the whole story was formed. After the discovery of these documents, the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence, headed up by Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, launched a full scale investigation into the matter that resulted in the hearing mentioned above. During this hearing, Sen. Kennedy interviewed two CIA agents who had previously remembered nothing from Project MKULTRA and found that their memories became much, much clearer when they found out how much had been discovered.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this situation is that there have never been any actions taken against the members of the CIA who were involved in Project MKULTRA. No one was fired from the agency, no one took a pay cut, no one served jail time, and no one ever truly came forward and accepted responsibility for the project.

At the hearing before the Senate, Sen. Kennedy even says that the only goal of the hearing is to make public record what is known of Project MKULTRA. Never does he mention anything about punishment for these people. People who tested on unknowing human beings and used drug addicts as guinea pigs in their testing. I think the best way to close this paper would be to quote what Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts said about the project and the CIA's actions in the 1950' and the 1960's during a hearing before The Senate Select Committee on Intellignce which he chaired at the time:

"The intelligence community of this Nation, which recquires a shroud of secrecy in order to operate, has a very sacred trust from the American People. The CIA's program of human experimentation of the fifties and sixties violated that trust. It was violated again on the day the bulk of the agency's records were destroyed in 1973. It is violated each time a responsible official refuses to recollect the details of the program."

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