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Justice Connor regrets Her decision in (Bush v. Gore, 2000)

Donald Trump is Russia's made man in the White House

by Thomas J. Wheat   Mirror Site   Status of the Social Safety net, & National Debt After Bush

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">According to British MI6 foreign intelligence operative, Christopher Steele, Donald Trump is a Russian agent who the Kremlin has compromising information about, most notably he owes his fortune to them and they have dirt on his sexual exploits with young girls in Russian brothels. The FSB has access to all CC-TV footage in Russian brothels. Since currently Trump is Putin's stooge president he wont release the footage to the media.

According to page 2 of the dossier, President Donald Trump likes golden showers from young Russian girls.

A Real Right Wing Conspiracy Theory involving Donald Trump

Q/A: The Chinese Communist government desires that Trump should not be elected President. However the Russians favor Trump as a candidate over Joe Biden. Just what is hidden in the vaults of the FSB brothels CC-TV footage, or the leisure habits of the China lobby spreading COVID-19!!

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