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Long before recorded history, primitive human beings prowled through woods and valleys, hillsides and mountaintops, steaming rain forests and cool streambeds in search of Mother Nature’s greatest gift - healing herbs.
The plants that offered them grew wild, unassisted by human hands, but hidden within their flowers, stems, and roots lay the power that these people believed could ease pain and restore health.
Collecting a healing herb today is as simple as visiting your neighborhood health-food store. The mysterious ingredients of the remedies concocted by our great-grandmothers are now collected (or grown) by experts and packaged with easy-to-follow directions; and exotic herbs from faraway places are, literally, at out fingertips.
Healing herbs have been used everywhere, throughout the world and throughout history, but now they are used depending on where they are found. Systems of healing and spiritual well - being, are as varied as the herbs themselves.
More and more Americans are turning to herbal remedies as an alternative method of maintaining optimum health. It can be an exciting world for those who enter into it.
The following pages do not claim that herbal medicine works or does not work, but rather offers an exploration of the beliefs of those who have utilized the properties of herbal medicine. It is important to remember that no herbal guide, no matter how sophisticated, should replace a visit to the doctor, whose approval should be sought before using any herb or remedy. And, of course, you should always consult a qualified physician for any illness, injury, or medical condition.

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