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Perfect Dark - End Credits

Perfect dark has an amazing final end credit sequence. It can be view simply by completing “Skedar: Ruins” and consists of distorting text mixed with a combination of multi-layered effects. It lists the Rare crew and most everyone who had anything to do with the games creation.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of the crew have had their tag placed on things around the game (See blue text) and that some of them are credited more than once (For performing multiple tasks).

Below is a copy of Perfect dark’s credits that I have produced to make viewing it easier. I hope you find it useful for reference when you need it.

Perfect dark

Duncan Botwood - Grey area

Keith ‘bunny’ Rabbette - Dinomic backgrounds
KMR – 130873 (Figures on submarine in Pelagic 2): Keith M Rabbette, born 13th August ‘73

Jamie ‘evo’ Williams - Manic Welsh designer

Chris Darling - Weapons specialist
XD – 310372 (Elvis’s spaceship registration no.): X = Chris (Chris cross) Darling, born 31st March ‘72

Martin Penny - Sound geezer

Brian Marshall - Aqham -

Jonathan nasty Mummery - Mover and shaker
JM: 201172 (Drugspy screen): Jonathan Mummery, born 20th November ‘72

Darkmark - Reality engineer

David Clynick - Bangin hardkore choonz

Russell Irwin - Well packed man

Chris Tilston - Designs on the future

b Jones - Bodybuilder

Grant Kirkhope - Play that music maestro

Beau ner Chesluk - Guns and visual orgasms
BNC: 15877 (Bombspy screen): Beau ner Chesluk, born 15th August ‘77
Chesluk Industries: Creators of the “Magsec”, “Cyclone” and “RC – P120”

Steve Malpass - Perfect locations and VOX

Ross Bury - Bionic backgrounds
R-3173-B (Air Force One wheel): Ross Bury, born 3rd January ‘73
Rb (dataDyne Research: Investigation – On pipe in floor in the room with the scientist who sets off the alarm)
RB (Chicago: Stealth – Graffiti on wall)
ROSSORAMA (Air Force One – Tv screen): Ross ‘o’ Rama

dd snipers:

Kevin bayliss
Dean Smith
Graham Smith
Mike ‘curry’ Currington
Currington = Carrington?
Tony Wong
Simon Farmer
Leigh Loveday
Rob Harrison
Steve Hurst

Fearsome Foursome:

Phil Dunne
Ricky Berwick
Gareth Glover
Jonathon Ambrose

Trent’s Henchmen:

Lee Musgrave
Johnni Christensen
Mark Betteridge
Chris Marlow
Robin Beanland
Neil Gallagher
Feargal plant

Voices in the dark:

Eveline Fischer
Chris sutherland
Chris Seavor
John Silkebr> Ben Cullum
Louise Tilston
Alister Lindsay
Duncan Botwood
Beau Chesluk
b Jones
Steve Malpass

Rare Exterminators:

Huw Ward
Adam Munton
David Wong
Luke Munton
Gary Phelps
Andrew Wilson
John Silke
Matthew Carter
Gavin Price
Gareth Stevenson
Stephen Stamper
Ross Bullimore
Justin Cook
Dale Murchie
Roger Smith

CI techs:

Richard ‘force g’ Gale
Mark Green
Alex Zoro
Mark Wilson

Hard and wary support:

Pete ‘hardrom’ Cox
Paul ‘max’ Mikell
Doug Crouch

Motion capture:

Alan Tippertronic
Des Easen
Jim ‘love’ Ballard

Going through the motions:

Duncan ‘bot’ Botwood
Michelle Tipper
Sue ‘falling’ Fell
Doug ‘crouch’ crouch
Ross Bury

Testing (Rare Miami):

Keith Coll

Rare in the sun:

Joel Hochberg
Eileen Hochberg
Scott Hochberg
Jerry Rogowski

Dark commanders:


Testing (Noa):

Michael Keibaugh
Tim Bechtel
Tom Hertzog
Melvin ‘sherwood’ Forest
Dougall Campbell
Roger Harrison
Jeff Halles

The Perfect core:

Darker than you


Armond Williams Junior
Henry Sterchi
Ed Ridgeway

Testing (Noe):

Kai ‘jelly bean’ Neumann - Supervisor
Maurice ‘pathfinder’ Tisdale - Deputy Supervisor

Patrick ‘capricorn’ Thieret
Andreas ‘brennero’ Dietz

Localization (French):

Julien ‘sexy boy’ Bardakoff - Editor

Assistant Editors:
Jean-baptiste ‘ours noir’ Fleury
Nicolas ‘darth lapinou’ Gourio
Nicolas ‘elbetal’ Robert

Localization (German):

Micky ‘scorpio’s movement’ Aver - Editor

Jan ‘ian’ Peitzmeier - Assistant Editor

Localization (Italian):

Elenor Isbitish - Editor
Calimero Tiiiun - Assistant Editor

Localization (Spanish):

Antonio ‘yushio’ Montilla - Editor
Susa & Natalia - Assistant Editor


Andy ‘fiedl’ Fey - Product Coordinator
Tanja ‘personalized sarcasm’ Baar - Product Supervisor
Kai ‘0 to 100’ Zeh - Product Localization Manager

Perfect spelling:

Teresa Lillygreen


Mr Arakawa
Mike Fukuda
Don James
Michael Kelbaugh
Howard Lincoln
Ken Lobb
KLO1313 = KLOBB = K Lobb = Ken Lobb
Jacqualee Story
Gail Tilden

Rare: Designs on the future

Copyright Rare 2000
Perfect dark and the pd Device are Trademarks

Perfect Dark is forever

Thank you to Double0Bond and Krijy for their input.

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