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Talking guards

Here is the complete listing of every sentence / comment the guards say throughout the entire game:

"Activate the alarm"
"Ahhhh..." (woman in pain)
"Ahhht..." (woman in pain)
"Another false alarm"
"Another one bites the dust!"
"Are you new around here? "
"Are you OK??"
"Are you oky?"
"Bloody stupid gun"
"Body count is too high"
"Bring it on!!"
"Catch this.."
"Clear the area"
"C'mon then"
"Come here"
"Come on men! "
"Come on you stupid gun"
"Come on..." (woman)
"Cover me"
"Cover my ass"
"Damn it"
"Damn it"
"Damn it, I am taking fire"
"Damn sheís good"
"Damn sheís good" (Cassandra?)
"Damn she's good"
"Damn you"
"Damn you" (woman)
"Damn, I missed again"
"Damn, I missed"
"Damn, Missed"
"Did that hurt? " (Female guard)
"Did you hear that??"
"Did you see that??"
"Die you traitor! "
"Do you actually know what you're doing?"
"Donít point that at me"
"Don't hurt me!"
"Don't shoot"
"Don't you know who I am?"
"D'you see that?"
"Eh, he's got me"
"Eh, I never liked him anywaysĒ
"Evacuate the area" (Female guard)
"Everybody down"
"Everybody, get her!!"
"Everyone back off"
"Everyone, get back"
"Fire in the hold"
"For god sake, someone hit here"
"For God's sake someone hit her"
"Geez that hurt"
"Get back, get back"
"Get down"
"Get her!!"
"Get her"
"Get outta thway"
"Get reinforcements" (Female guard)
"Get some backup"
"Get the Colonel out"
"Get the hell out of here! "
"Give it up"
"Go for it"
"Go to plan B"
"Go, goo, GOOOO!!"
"God damn it"
"God damn it, Iím hit! "
"God run!!"
"Goodness gracious me"
"Got a man down"
"Grab a body bag"
"Grrrrrrrraahhhh!! "
"Gun shots"
"Gun, gun!"
"Guns don't scare me"
"Halt! "
"He was my best friend"
"Hell she's good"
"Hello there" (To camspy)
"Help me out here"
"Help me out"
"Here, keep it"
"Here, you take it" (Grenade)
"Here's a little present for ya"
"He's bought"
"He's gone"
"Hey stacker"
"Hey sugar, wanna party"
"Hey you"
"Hey you, stop"
"Hey, get back here!"
"Hey, whatís up? "
"Hi, how are you? "
"Hold back"
"Hold it"
"Hold still"
"Holy Moly! "
"Holy Shit "
"How did I miss??"
"How the..? "
"Howís things? "
"HowÖ that?"
"I canít see anybody"
"I don't believe it"
"I don't like this anymore"
"I don't wanna die!!"
"I give up"
"I have you now"
"I heard a noise"
"I must be hearing things"
"I never liked that robot anyway"
"I say over there, stop that!"
"I see her"
"I surrender, you win"
"I... can't... make it"
"Ií carumba"
"Iím injured"
"Iím me again" (Shot with psychosis gun)
"Iím sure I heard a noise"
"Iím wounded" (Female guard)
"I'll cover you"
"I'm bleeding'"
"I'm dying"
"I'm going for cover"
"I'm hit"
"I'm hit, I'm hit"
"I'm in trouble"
"I'm just too good"
"I'm only doing my job"
"I'm so mean"
"I'm taking fire"
"Intruder alert"
"Intruder alert" (different)
"Is that weapon registered?"
"Itís a spy"
"Itís a terrorist!"
"It's a grenade"
"It's all over for this one"
"I've got a clear shot"
"Let her have it"
"Lets get the hell out of here"
"Let's split up"
"Look out"
"Look out, look out"
"Look out, she's coming!"
"Look, they're shooting at us again"
"More Ranstack"
"Move it, move it"
"Move out"
"My God"
"My gun"
"My gun, it's useless"
"No escape for you"
"Noooooo!!!" (different)
"Noooooooooo!!!!" (different)
"Oh crickey"
"Oh geez that hurt"
"Oh God he's dead"
"Oh God I'm hit"
"Oh god! Heís gone"
"Oh God, he's dead! "
"Oh God, I'm dying uh"
"Oh my God"
"Oh my God" (different)
"Oh my God" (different)
"Oh my God, I'm dying"
"Oh my God, I'm hit"
"One for the board"
"Open fire"
"Over there"
"Please don't shoot me"
"Please don't"
"Pull back" "Put your hands up"
"Request back-up immediately"
"Rest in peace"
"Run for it"
"Secure the perimeter"
"See Barta back"
"Shatup!!" (strange accent)
"She got me"
"She's a tricky one"
"She's mine"
"She's too good, run!!"
"Shoot, dammit"
"Should you be carrying that? "
"Someone hit her"
"Someoneís nearby"
"Someone's shooting!!"
"Split up"
"Spread out"
"Stand back quick"
"Stop dodging"
"Stop moving"
"Stop right there"
"Stupid gun"
"Surrender or die!!"
"Surrender, now"
"Surround her"
"Swear, I give up"
"Take cover!"
"Take cover" (different)
"Take her down men"
"Take that"
"Take this"
"Taking Damage"
"Taking fire! "
"Target el.... liminated"
"That is quite enough of that"
"That sounded like......"
"That sounded like......gun fire"
"That's a confirmed kill"
"The boss ainít going to be pleased"
"There she is.."
"There! "
"There.... attack"
"There.... movement"
"Thereís no escape for you"
"There's someone here"
"This gun is usless"
"This is a restricted area"
"This is probably another drill"
"This was a failure"
"Time to die"
"Trigger now men!"
"Trigger the alarm"
"Try this for size"
"Uh oh uh eauera"
"Uhhhh...." (woman in pain)
"Upstairs, itís an intruder"
"Was that a bullet??"
"Waste her"
"Watch my back"
"Watch out!!"
"We can always get a new one (Robot)
"We're gunna die!"
"We've got a contact"
"We've got an intruder"
"We've got problems"
"We've got trouble"
"Whaaa. er. ah!"
"What a mess"
"What are you doing with that weapon? "
"What are you waitin' for??"
"What the hell happened here? "
"What the hell was that? "
"What the hell? "
"What the hell??" (different)
"What theÖ"
"What, stupid gun!"
"What's that noise??"
"Who the..."
"Whoever she is, get her!"
"Why me?"
"Why you...!!"
"Wipe her out"
"Wipe the target"
"Withdraw, withdraw"
"Yeah baby"
"Yeeehaaaaa..... Got one!!"
"You bitch! "
"You go on without me"
"You got me"
"You murderer!!"
"You shot me!!"
"You shouldnít have come her girl"
"You were supposed to protect me!"
"You win, I give up"
"You win, I surrender"
"You won't beat me"
"Youíve made your last mistake"
"You're bleedin'"
"You're outta ya league"

Total = 304

If you can think of any I've missed, E-mail me.

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