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Devils Night                      Eminem Show                    Miscellaneous

-American Psycho               - Superman                          Words Are Weapons

-Purple Pills                          - Square Dance                  -Lose Yourself

-Fight Music                          - Till I Collapse

-Nasty Mind                          - Cleaning out My closet

      50 Cent - GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN

      -What Up Gangsta 
      -Patiently Waiting 
      -Many Men (Wish Death) 
      -In Da Club 
      -High All The Time 
      -If I Can't 
      -Blood Hound 
      -Back Down 
      -Like My Style 
      -Poor Lil Rich 
      -21 Questions 
      -Don't Push Me 
      -Gotta Make It To Heaven 
      -U Not Like Me 
      -Life's On The Line