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If you have a brain, want to have fun and you could use some extra cash, then eKnowledge! is for you. It works like this...

The Basics The Smart Chart Points and Cash
The Quizzes ekOnline! My Privacy

The BasicsBack to Top

eKnowledge! is a database of fun and challenging quizzes that you receive in your e-mail. To sign up, you must first enter your e-mail and confirm it in the upper left column of this page. It is free of charge to receive eKnowledge!

After signing up, you will receive an informative e-mail along with your first quiz. A new quiz is sent to you every week as well as the answers from the previous week.

You also have the option to send in your own answer to receive points, cash, and prizes. To do that, you'll need a Smart Chart, which is free also.

The Smart ChartBack to Top

With your own Smart Chart, you can send in your own answers for each quiz and receive points for correct answers. You have 7 days to answer the questions starting from the day the quiz was sent because after 7 days have gone by, we send you the answers along with your next quiz. Your Smart Chart can only be accessed by you and keeps track of your quiz points history and give you a Degree of Intelligence This is a grade letter (A,B,C,D,F) that represents your smarts from the total amount of quizzes you have taken so far. Also, it will give you your Brain Status. Here is the list of status's according to the degrees:
B-"Above Average"
D-"Below Average"

Your own Smart Chart will keep track of everything you do on eKnowledge! And best of all, it's free! You can sign up with a friend and compare charts or compete with co-workers and family.

To create your free Smart Chart, click on the Smart Chart link at the top of the page.(NOTE- You must be signed up to eKnowledge! before you can make a Smart Chart.)

Points and CashBack to Top

The main reason that most people get eKnowledge! and a Smart Chart is for the points and free cash drawings. Would you blame them? It's like getting paid for using your brain!

After signing up for a Smart Chart, you can begin sending in your answers and in return get points for each question. You receive:
1 Point for a correct answer
-1 Point for an incorrect answer

Since there are 10 questions on every quiz, there is a maxium of 10 points each time and a minimum of -10. Your point total will be displayed on your Smart Chart along with average points per quiz and how many points you need to win $cash$!

After reaching certain amounts of points over time, you are then entered into a drawing to win free money by our sponsors. Here are the cash amounts:
50 Points for a chance to win $100
150 Points for a chance to win $500
200 Points for a chance to win $1,000
300 Points and Up chance to win $5,000
(When you reach over 300 points you are entered in this drawing every month until you decide to unsubscribe.)

Drawings are held at the beginning of each month and if you are chosen you will be instantly notified. We chose 20 users for $100, 10 users for $500, 3 users for $1,000 and 1 user for $5,000. If you win, we will request you give us your full address as we will send the check to you via the mail.

The QuizzesBack to Top

We all have taken some sort boring quiz or lengthy test final in school some time or another. Well, forget about all that. This is a different type of quiz...

First of all, let's talk about how the quizzes are grouped. The first 4 quizzes you receive are simply called Part I. They consist of 10 multiple choice questions featuring general knowledge information and no specific topics.

When you manage to complete Part I, of course you move on (if you wish) to Part II, the next 4 quizzes. These quizzes from this point on change. The quiz format changes from multiple choice to fill-ins, short answers and some multiple choice as well. With that, the quizzes now become themed meaning the quiz questions are of a certain topic like celebrities, space, history, music and just about anything.

The process continues in parts giving you the opportunity to continue with eKnowledge! or unsubscribe. So far we have 29 different parts and 116 quizzes and they are still coming. And don't worry, it's still free after Part I and always will be. We just wanted to put more fun into it.

ekOnline! NEW!Back to Top

Some people out there have spoken and they have said, "We really enjoy this site and all its free features, but is there a way we can enjoy all of this on online?" And we have answered with ekOnline!

ekOnline! plain n' simple is an internet treasure hunt where you are given clues and you search the net to find the answer for points! All you do click the website links listed on the ekOnline! page and carefully follow the clue instructions underneath each one. They will lead you all over the site. By the time you reach the end of the clue, there should be some sort of question or missing blank for you to fill in. Now all you need to do is search that current place your at on the site(where the clues lead you) and you should find the answer.

After finding the answer, click back to our ekOnline! page and type it in under the clue and click send. If you got it correct, you will receive 5 points!

New sites for you to search are added each week giving and a very fun way to earn points.You must be signed up for eKnowledge! and have a Smart Chart to send your answers, get points and win cash.

My Privacy Back to Top

Just like you, The eKnowledge! Team cares about your privacy while using this site. There are no lengthy forms to fill out so it isn't high-security process but still privacy of your information is very important, especially when cash is involved.

For starters, your e-mail is the only personal thing we take from you. We never ask for your name, address or phone number when signing up for eKnowlede! or even the Smart Chart.

Nobody will ever see your Smart Chart except you, whoever you show it to, and our eKnowlegde! SC Team.(The people who build your chart!) When signing up for a Smart Chart, we only ask for a username, password, and your current e-mail and nothing more. Your password will be highly protected with our eKnowledge! Online Security Team. (We have a team for just about everything!)

Cash prizes by earning certain amounts of points do require your full name and address to send the money to you. Your address is kept private and is only in our database for 5 business days or until the cash has been received. After that, it gets erased and we still only keep you e-mail address, username, and password. Simple and secure!

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