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General Electronics

Semiconductor Mfrs. More semi mfrs.
My guide to Semiconductor Manufacturers Semi conductor mfrs & Logo ID
ShopBot - The CNC Workshop Robot
FECHA Home Electronics church, kind of interesting, a little bit on the history of electronics router software using correl draw (submitted by E-mail)
Electronic symbols Chiba University
CNC monitors

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Suppliers Great for finding parts
Aim electronics N/C
Almost All Digital Electronics A bunch of gadget stuff, mainly for the hobbyist
Allied Electronics
Area 51
Circuit Specialists Anything electronic
Contact East Tools and Equipment
Dalbani N\C
Digikey I use them a lot
Electronic Kits electronic projects, electronic Plans, Spy and Surveillance
Electronics Plus
Econco Broadcast Services - Rebuilder of medium and high frequency power tubes. medical and banking equipment,
Fox international N\C
Future Active Equipment and some parts
Herman Electronics N/C
Hosfelt Electronics N/C
Jameco Like to tinker?
MAT electronics N/C
MCM Electronics Pretty good, I use them a bit
Mouser Electronics I use them a lot
Mark electronics N\C
MB Electronics Audio Visual Inc. - Distributor for over (50) manufacturers of parts for audio visual and video equipment.
NEC Electronics N\C
Newark N/C
Oatly Electronics N\C
Pacific Coast Parts Has an excellent interface, Input make & model and you get a list ofcommon parts, Manuals, accessories. you don't need a manual to get OEM part numbers with this one, they do it for you
Parts Express Good for the Audio tinkerer
Parts Port, Ltd. - Supplier of repair and replacement parts, keypads, overlays,membrane switches and medical keypads for
Radio Equipment ?Tubes?
Radio Shack Like to tinker?
RNJ Electronics Pretty good, lots of neat stuff
Tip Top Electronics N\C
Tritronics N\C
Tri-State Module Inc. TV module supplier
True Tone (Groove tubes) Vacuum tubes
WebTronics They got about every thing electronic
MECI Gadgets and supplies for the hobbyist. Catalog Request
Sony Direct Accessories & Parts Center - Online lookup of price and availability for Sony repair parts and accessories.

Techni-Tool Inc
Teknet Electronics Provide quality testing equipment Fluke, Tektronix, TekNet, Hewlett Packard Electronics is a global provider of quality reconditioned electronic test instrumentation (submitted by E-mail)

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Tech Assist

CTC203 CTC203 I2C strategy CTC203 repair tips
"Lucky7" Tips A few TV repair tips at proservice web
Welcome to FreeLists - Free, No-hassle Mailing Lists TV repair tips
To Emulate RCA Some stuff on RCA servicing with out chipper checker
Electronix Repair Discussion TV repair BBS at Electronix **Check, not working 12/02**
Main FAQ's Page Anatek repair tips
Frameset for GDI Chip Chat Message board at GDI
Electro tech Has forums board, I haven't had a chance to check this out yet (submitted by E-mail)
Monitor Schematics


Welcome to FreeLists - Free, No-hassle Mailing Lists TV repair tips
To Emulate RCA Some stuff on RCA servicing with out chipper checker
Main FAQ's Page Anatek repair tips
Frameset for GDI Chip Chat Message board at GDI
Electro tech Has forums board (submitted by E-mail)
Monitor Schematics FREE the only site that got me info on a P0102. Not even ST could find their own part Free.Found one doom didn't have and google's links to national's site didn't work (LM612) Requires FREE registration FREE Started out good, some guy was scanning old data books. Then ISO-Componets took it over and now it's not what it was
Bi-Pi FREE Data sheets, Rusian site,not much there.
Questlink Requires FREE registration. Taken over by globalspec, not very good any more Free new url: Free IC information, pinouts, logo ID, other stuf
Chip Catalog Free Links back to original mfr.
IC24h IC Data sheets and other stuff, i think it is free, I cant get past the registration though, some bug in their site data sheets
Game Archive Data sheets and stuff on old arcade games, if you fix these you might want to check out this site.
Data sheet locator Part of global electonics site, But it goes through the original chip makers site, so if you didn't find it there....
Latrobe University (Australia) List of general data sheets at a college web site, nothing to off the wall
Rigel Corperationdata sheets used in their boards, some 8051 stuff
Chipdocs Data sheets, IC logo ID, other stuff, member ship is $ 95.45/yr
Xin Yi Data sheets, TV, VCR, Stereo manuals. $2.00 each Tube data sheet locator FREE
Free Trade Zone Used to be good for pulling up data sheets, but they went to a subscription deal and want you to pay $4000 a year. and they still don't have alot of stuff I've needed Data sheets, soucring, $150/3mo or $500/yr No more data sheets they say it was not profitable

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Electronics Orgs

Federal Communications Council N\C
International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians N\C
International Standard Organization N\C

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In car programingPAL RELATED, Havent had much of a chance to look at this, A car ECU is being moded
JC Miniventures PAL TRAINER
HW Server I think this one is down. Micro processor tinkering
CPLD, FPGA: The Programmable Logic Jump Station
Transtronics EEPROM programmer
Advance Circuit Designs, Inc. "If they make it, We can break it, and build it again, onlybetter" company that hacks PLD's
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: PAL/GAL pgmr Home made PAL/GAL programmer. READ THIS
SSS Online - PAL / GAL 11 Bit Barker PN Gen Wireless LAN project using GAL/PAL.
Built-In Self-Test, Diagnosis and Repair of Field Programmable Gate Arrays FPGA research report from a college
Amiga-Hacks Information Index Has a reference to PALs, me be useful. some links did not work when I checked it
MIXI Applications: Gate Array Logic GAL trainer
Electronics World, Digital & DSP Design Came up when searching for PAL/GAL info, seems to list some publications
Download MACHXL 2.1 Software
MACHXL Software User's Guide
PALASM manual
PALASM Summary
palasm 4 DOWN LOAD

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Spikesurge Some neat stuff here - Electronic kits, educational materials, and more. (submitted by E-mail)
68HC11 references, by T.Dickens
Peter Spasov's HC11 page
Roger's Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page
Reckless`Electronic Tings Repair tips and projects. Site is under construction **Check not working 12/02**
WenzelHobby TOC, mesg board
Electronic circuits, tutorials, hobby, kits, schematics page - Electronics e Automatically opens, close it to see this page
ELECTRONICS HOBBYIST Has a bunch of links to hobby sites
Electronics library Pretty much a link page
Steve's Tube Pages Building tube amps
Tube Radio and Audio Amplifier DIY Projects Tube projects
Vacuum Tube Audio Car audio tube amp, other schematics and projects for tubes
Hobby CNC A little CNC router
Lakeveiw Research Stuff for interfacing computers, RS-232,RS-485,USB,
Alex's Electronic Test Bench ....An Online Guide to Useful Electrical and Electronic Information
Brat Wizard's Bookmarks
wemans electronics

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Competitors in Industrial Electronics Service

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New Links - Sells schematics for PA systems


Created: 01/20/01
Updated: 10/24/05 (links not checked, just added)

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