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Sean's Antique Radio and Television Page

I have been collecting antique radios and televisions since 1993. I have always been a history buff and when I became interested in electronics in high school the marriage of the two interests culminated into antique radio collecting. I have also been a licensed ham radio operator since 1994 as KBØOVD and attained the class of Amateur Extra in 2002.

I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla in May, 2002. Currently I am working for Sunnen Products Company in St. Louis. Sunnen manufactures precision bore sizing equipment and abrasives. I work in the automation group, customizing machines for specific customer needs.

Here are a few pieces that are currently in my collection or have passed through it.


General Electric E-91 COLORAMA

Signal Corps BC-348-H



Admiral 30A1 10" Television

Tele-Tone TV-149 7" Television

Zenith G2350RZ Porthole Television

Zenith H2250R Porthole Television



Do you have any of those old crystal phono cartridges that have gone bad? Here's a method I have worked on to rebuild them using a piezo element: Crystal Cartridge Rebuilding

Eico 666 Tube Chart Supplement I.E. 1316 (pdf format)

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