Did you know composite jacks

52"  HDTV   1080p  JVC               $49                                            are being removed from new TV's!

20" Retro TV w/remote, jack pack   $30                                           Retro TV's are great for this, or we  44" Zenith HDTV dlp                      $89.99                                          carry adapters and switches tor

27" Retro TV w/digital tuner  w/remote,                                               the old retro players on the new

VCR's with remote                          $60 to $120                                     HDTV's and 4KTV's. NEW

DVD players                                   $20 & up                                 Don't leave the old retro behind,

 Turntable with cartridge                $80

Front projection TV                         $30

NES Reto System                       $59.95

LP's                                           $2 to $20

Peavy PA Head                              $149

32" HDTV Emerson refurbished     $100

42" LG LED Color                          $120

Fisher Stereo Receiver/Phono in   $120