Go Plastic
Record label: Warp (UK)
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 26 June 2001

If you're looking for an album as catchy and accessible as his "hit" single, "My Red Hot Car," you may as well forget it, cause it's not gonna happen. The weirdstep massive has spoken and they have the Tom Jenkinson back that they know and love, sounding more diabolical than ever. Save for the short but sweet "Tommib," this album reinvents his fringe element drum and bass style all over again. "Go! Spastic" is reminiscent of his Big Loada days, and "I Wish You Could Talk" is one of the finest cuts he's ever made, a melodic mash-up to stomp heavily to. He messes around with hip-hop beats quite a bit on this one. Nice changeup on "Boneville Occident" from halftime to heart attack tempos, while "The Exploding Psychology" and especially "Plaistow Flex Out" remind us that Squarepusher does have a penchant for delinquent down beats. This album is BRUTAL. Just when you thought he'd never come back from fusion land, he drops this insane powder keg of an album. Tom's still got it…and all is right with the world.

{steve crognale}

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