Record label: Warp (UK)
Format: 12"
Release date: 10 December 2001

Not only do we have a new and improved Tom Jenkinson in our midst, but we have a creator of music who finds it surprisingly simple to be challenging and accessible when he wants to be. "My Red Hot Car" is the ultimate example and will be considered his "hit" song for years to come, but this new untitled track (on a one-sided 12-inch) builds upon the complex catchiness that "Car" began. One-quarter two-step, one-quarter drum and bass, one-quarter techno, and one-quarter noise, Squarepusher does the impossible to your brain Ė yet itís all made believable by the time it gets to your ears. Groovy yet difficult, this track conjures up visions of locking vastly different producers in a basement and forcing them to collaborate in order to see daylight again. Iím still struggling with who those producers would be (Timbaland, MJ Cole, Aphex Twin, and LTJ Bukem was one combination, but it doesnít even come close...).

{steve crognale}

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