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Tube Data Schematics & Links

Biasing Modification Operation Theory Software

This page contains Information & links about vacuum tubes & tube equipment:

(OK I lied, it's mostly about tube amplifiers & particularly guitar amps with a little hi-fi stuff thrown in.)

Ampage Tube Data

Rectifier Tubes
Preamp Tubes
Power Tubes

Schematic Heaven
BlueGuitar Bogner Rivera Trainwreck etc.
Mesa/Boogie Unofficial History
Sound City

alt.guitar.amps Reference Links
Aiken Amps Parts & Theory
Alessandro Amps tools & parts
Alta Vista Audio Mods for Counterpoint Equipment
Ambrosia Audio Tubes & Hi-Fi
American Musical Supply Amps & Speakers
Ampeg Bass Amps
Amptone Guitar Amp Info & Links
Angela Instruments Capacitors
Antique Radio Classified Magazine
A.R.I. Mods & Kits
Atma-Sphere Hi-Fi kits
Audio Advancements Turntable kits
Audio Tweakers Hi end audio
Audio Asylum High End Parts & Info
Audio Electronic Parts
Audio Xpress Books
AX84 Tube Guitar Amp Project
Balanced Audio Technology Amps
McAllister's Vintage Radio & Audio Information
Chelmer Valve Tubes
Cornford Tube Combo Amps
Demeter Amps
Divergent Tech. Hi-Fi Amps
Dr.Z Amps
Duncan Amps & Data
Dynaco buyout Amps & Data
Dynaco parts/mod sources Bob Schneider
Electron Valve Tubes
Elexs Tubes
EMT Turntables
Engle Guitar Amps
European Tube Numbers
EuroTubes Tubes & Amps
Fargen Guitar Amps
Gabe's Tube Amps & kits
Gibson Amp Project Guitar Amp Info
Gibson Amp Project Alternate Site
Glass Audio Magazine
Glass-Ware Design Software
Goldpt Stepped Attenuators
Griffon Valve Audio Theory & Projects
Groove Tubes Tubes & Amps
Guitar Amp Links BBS, Amps, Tubes, EFX
Hagerman Curve Tracer
Hans Pages Tube Circuits
Halfin Certified Original Tubes
Hammond XFMR's, Chokes & Chassis
Heathkit Virtual Museum Hi-Fi Info
Hiwatt Amps
Hughes & Kettner Amps
IGA Tubes Parts & Schematics (Spanish)
Infomaniac EL34 Schematics
Jenkins Sound Shop Guitar & Cabinet Parts
JJ Electronic Tubes, parts & amps
John's Radio Page Tubes projects
KCA NOS Tubes bought & sold
Kendrick Amps
Kiewa Valley Audio Amps & Preamps
Raymond Koonce Amp Project
KW Tubes NOS Russian tubes (Lithuania)
Marchand Electric XOVER & Amp Kits
Matchless Unofficial Buy Sell Trade
Maxi Matcher Tube Tester
Michelle's Vacuum tube Links
Roger Russell McIntosh Amplifiers
Mission Amps & Parts
Mojo Tone Guitar Amps & Parts
Moth Audio Hi-Fi Amps
Musician's Friend Tubes & Amps
Norwegian Tube Site
Frank's Nostalgia Air Tube Data Sheets
Nostalgia Air Vintage Radio References & Tutorials
Nostalgia Air Color Codes
Obsolete Electronics Marshall & Fender mods & XFMR's
Old Radio Days 3D Pictures
One-Electron Vintage Pro Audio Info
Miles O'Neal Tube data (incl RCA!)
Miles O'Neal Converting PA Amps to Guitar Amps
Opera Audio China Hi-Fi
Orange Amp Field Guide Info
Paradiso DIY Projects
Parts Connection Parts
Passion Audio Kits
Peavey Guitar Amps
Pharoah Amps
Philco Repair Bench Radios & Tube Data
Play Things of the Past Vintage Tubes & Parts
Printed Electronics Solid State Kits
Prototype Amps Projects & Links
Maven Peal Sag Modification Amps
Plitron Hi-Fi XFMR's
Polfus Pictures & Links
Ramsey Kits & Test Eqpt.
Radio Repair Tips Useful Info
Richardson Electronics Tubes & Parts
Rocket Amp Kits
H.H.Scott Hi-Fi Archive
Jim Shane Citation Amp & Tubes
STC Navigator Russian Tubes
Soldano Amps
Solen Fast Capacitors
STF Amps & Kits
Sunn Unofficial Page Amp Info
Tantrum Custom Speaker Cabinets
TDSE Tube Data
New Sensor / Sovtek Tubes, Amps, Caps & Books
Svetlana Tubes
Tec-Sol Kits
Thorens Turntables & Amps
ToneBone Rozon Stomp Boxes
Torres Engineering Amps, Parts & Kits
Transcendent Sound Kits & Parts
Triode Electronics Ned Carleson's Dynaco ST-70 Mods
Triode Supply Hi-Fi Amps
Tube CAD Journal Info & Articles
Tube Corner German Audio Forum
THD Electronics Tubes
Tubes4All Tubes Kits & Parts
Ultrasound Acoustic Amps
Upscale Audio Tubes & Amps
Broken Link Tube Audio Page
Vacuum Tube Valley Classic Electronic Journal
Valve Tube Magazine
J C Verdier Turntables
VHT Amps
Vibro World Amp Hardware
Victoria Amplifier Amps
Waterford Valves Tubes
WAVAC Audio Lab Hi-Fi Amps
Wavelength Audio Hi-Fi Amps & Reviews
WeberVST Speakers
Welborne Labs Hi-Fi kits
Welborne Labs User Forum BBS
Wild Amps
WiWi Tubes
World Audio Design Kits

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