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Tube Data Schematics & Links
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This page contains links to vacuum tube pictures, data & tube characteristics:

(See also the Tube Data Web Site: Ampage )

Rectifier Tubes

Mineature 7-pin
6X4 Twin Diode Rectifier
6CA4 Twin Diode Rectifier

Octal (8-pin)
5U4 Twin Diode Rectifier
5Y3 Twin Diode Rectifier
GZ34 Twin Diode Rectifier
Preamp Tubes

Mineature 9-pin
6AN8A Triode Pentode
6AN8 Pentode
6EU7 Twin Hi mu Triode
12AT7 ECC81 6201 Twin Hi-mu Triode
12AU7 Twin Medium-mu Triode
12AY7 Twin Medium-mu Triode
12AX7 ECC83 7025 Twin Hi-mu Triode
12BH7 Dual Triode
12DW7 Dual Triode

Mineature 7-pin
6C4 Single Hi-mu Power Triode
EF86 6267 CV2901 Pentode

Octal (8-pin)
6J5GT/G VT-94D Med-mu Triode
6SJ7 Twin Triode
6SK7 Twin Triode
6SL7 Twin Triode
6SN7 5692 VT-231 Twin Triode

6CW4 6DS4 7895 Single Hi-mu Triode
Power Tubes

Mineature 7-pin
6BQ5 EL84 Power Pentode

Octal (8-pin)
6L6 KT66 5881 Beam Power Tube
7027 Beam Power Tube
6F6 VT-66 Power Pentode
6N7 1635 Med-mu Twin Power Triode
6V6 Beam Power Tube
EL34 KT77 6CA7 Beam Power Tube
6550 KT88 KT90 KT99 Beam Power Tube
6AS7 2399 5998 6080 Lo-mu Twin Power Triode

Medium 7-pin
1625 Beam Power Tube

Misc ?-pin
807 Beam Power Tube

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