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The Story of PowerTrade©:

  • Commercials which suggest
  • success in the market merely by having faster data? What would you do if you had the same information as a trader? Would you be less likely to "bet" on the wrong stock.
  • Promises of great
  • wealth merely from having read the right newspapers.
  • Listening to success
  • stories and never hearing about the realities of failure.
  • One daytrader I visited, said that he listens to Joe Kernen
  • in the morning and that's how he picks his stocks. Joe might be very upset if he knew that small fortunes are made and lost based on his every word.
    All these claims push the envelope of truth in advertising.

  • "With I know exactly to the minute when the
  • market changes." Here is the definition of an oxymoron. Exactly and to the minute are mutually exclusive concepts in the stock market, especially within the context of advertising faster data.

  • "Then I jump to the options chain and that's where I really make my money." You still have to be right when you guess which direction your stock will go.
  • "A few tips on being ridiculously wealthy from reading the XXX." This requires a real leap of faith.
  • Wade Cook does an excellent job of explaining the essence of options trading. But, everything I have ever read or heard on this topic still starts with: "and if you think a stock is going to go up then ........"
  • "Is there anything else I need to know? Yeah, they have great sandwiches here." That advice is almost as useful as reading the XXX.

    We, at PowerTrade©, recognize that better information, faster data and reliable execution are required to make better decisions in the various markets. But these conditions are not sufficient to be successful.

  • The Solution!

  • Specific strategies with acceptable probabilities of successand return on investment.
  • A System which does all the thinking and hard work and removes the doubts of a harsh and unforgiving market.
  • A System with a proven track record that let's you just sit, relax and watch or listen
  • for signals when to trade, when to settle.
    Wanna see a "Drag Trade"?

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