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UK Organ Donor Register

I'm not going to bore you too much with my illness just to say I had a liver transplant in 1995 following many years of ill health. Every few months I attend the liver outpatients department at Kings College Hospital London .Although I had many misgivings about having the transplant in the end it was not so bad as I imagined. The operation took nearly 9 hours because I also had to have some work done on my arm at the same time due to a  

previous blood clot. Afterwards I was placed in the ICU & was breathing unaided within a day. The drugs they gave me took away any pain & they even sat me out in a chair after a few days. I stayed in the ICU for 5 days before moving onto the main ward. Slowly I began to walk up the ward & through the corridors. On the 8th day after the transplant I suffered some rejection, but this was soon corrected by a transfusion of steroid drugs. I was only at the hospital for a couple of weeks before moving to a halfway house nearby. This is a special house that accommodates relatives of sick patients. Also patients on the mend who live to far away from the Hospital. In all I stayed in London for a month before returning home too the Isle of Wight. Just seeing the sea again was a real pleasure. The main thing I noticed was not feeling so ill & tired anymore. I had to be careful to avoid any bugs or germs as my Immune system was still very low. Since then I have enjoyed much better health. Everyday I have to take a mixture of immunosuppressive drugs including Cyclosporin. This has become a routine which I am now very use to. Although some days I feel tired I am 500% better than I was before. To anyone who faces a transplant all I can say is it's not as bad as you think it is going to be I know I've been there.

The Organ Transplant Association has a Message Board for transplant recipients & families to ask questions. To post a Message or to search the messages already there go to the following link Transplant Message Board.


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