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Assorted Topics on Training and Race Preparations.

Tips and Remedies.
Jellyfish sting Scrape out the tentacles with any flat edge, apply a paste of meat tenderizer (it neutralizes venom) and salt water. Equal parts vinegar and salt water also works.
Sea Urchin Get professional medical help. If such unavailable, wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide, then soak it in diluted vinegar.
Venomous Bites:
Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions
Get professional medical help immediately. If such unavailable, treat bite area with an ice pack or freezing-cold water (it keeps blood from circulating quickly to other body areas).
Ticks Dislodge tick with a few drops of turpentine, or suffocate it with a thick oil or petroleum jelly (Vaseline).
Poison Ivy / Oak Use juice from a ripe tomato for fast itch-relief. After the rash shows up, make the itch disappear by rubbing it with the rind of a watermelon, lemon, orange, or a banana skin.
Mosquito Bites Current science reports that mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, so choose lighter shades for your apparel. Once bitten, the irritation caused by most insect bites may be immediately soothed with a dab of toothpaste (the base compounds neutralize the acid in venom).
Bee/Wasp Stings Use onion juice or a lemon-juice coldd compress to relief a sting.
Red Ants' Bites Use a paste of baking soda and apple-cider vinegar. Wet, earthy mud will do too.
Sunburn Never put bug spray with DEET on over your sunscreen - the chemicals nullify the effects of the SPF. Just reverse the order of application or get sunscreen with built-in repellent. Spray-on light base sunscreen are better choice - they wouldn't clog your skin pores.
Hives Food allergies, insect bites, and many other things may trigger hives. For all-over-the-body attacks, take a cool bath with 1 cup pf oatmeal mixed in. For spot therapy, mix cornstarch with white vinegar and apply to the spot.
Athlete's Foot Soak your feet in tea (its tannic acids kill fungus and are soothing for itchy feet). Fill a large bawl with a quart of boiling water and add 6 tea bags. Let the tea cool down, then soak for a half hour.
Sea Seakness Stay away from greasy foods prior to sailing away, focus on high-protein options. Resist the temptation not to eat, acids from an empty stomach will make you more nauseated.

Additional treatments / solutions may be found in FAQ page and on the websites listed in Links page.



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