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Time Travel

October 16,17, 1976. The place that Barrie, "Little Debbie" and Bob found on the beach was similar to the lyrics in "Close to the Edge" by yes. Having received a telepathic message the night earlier and having listened to the music for inspiration we had settled down to meditate, after changing locations one time and moving about 300 feet north. Time passed and it was nearing 3 A.M. Suddenly an orange light bobbed in the east. We observed it for a few minutes, after we detected movement against the stationary star field, Debbie suggested that we meditate and try to make contact. The next thing I knew we all awoke with the rise of the sun. I felt very cold and disoriented, desiring only to escape for a do-nut and coffee. Taking my hand Debbie told me that "they" had put a star in my palm. Later by about half an hour we were in the local Waffle House restaurant in our neighbor hood in Ft Lauderdale. We babbled with the cook about seeing a flying saucer. The cook admitted to having seen one also in a previous time.

1975 A.D. Riding in our van on a lonely road near Gainesville Florida, the four of us noticed an orange light following our vehicle. Pulling to the side of the road we stopped to observe a bright orange light of about half of the moons diameter dancing in the sky. It would move in jerks and wobble in the sky. It seemed aware of our presence and seemed to play a hide and seek with us using the trees to alternately screen itself from us and then popping out at us. We started joking for it to move right or left, up or down and it would follow our commands. The craft was about one to two thousand feet from us at most times and had an altitude of below tree line, to several thousand feet in the air. The witnesses were, Bob, Diana, Dave and Barbara. No conscious loss of time was experienced by the observers, although a telepathic message was received of the propulsion of this device. That it was under intelligent control was very apparent however be it "man" or robot it is impossible at this time to tell. The only physical effects noted, was a numbness in the foot for several days following the incident. The "Phoenix 1" project was started based upon the notes of that evening. Dave, Barbara, and Diana later went their separate ways and Bob carried on the search. For Twenty two years this research was carried on in secret as there were too many national security issues to deal with as well as the cranks and spooks that came out of the wood work when working on forbidden projects such as these. In 1997 the national security issues were removed and the corporations entrusted with these secrets felt that an immediate release of critical information such as this was vital for the world. In 1978, while building a dual purpose prototype in St Augustine Florida, Kim joined the project. Her Toyota Celica had a plaque on the dash board "Starship Elisar", was the name of her automobile. To her we give credit to the aspect of time travel. Any of our friends who read this please contact us to fill in the details.

NOTES ON PROPULSION: Alternate energy spacecraft with temporal effects as devised in the "Phoenix 1 Project", Systems Marketing Corporation 1976-1993. Transfer of technology 1996 to Global Communications Group Inc. Transfer of technology to Planetary Communications 2000. This technology was compiled during research for realism in producing "The White Light Magic Show" Thanks to NASA, and the University of Florida library systems for assistance in our endeavors. Areas of research included but were not restricted to; 20th & 21st century technologies, Vedic legends, Atlantean stories, UFO organizations and observed phenomena. No explanation of conflicts of thought or science are provided, herein. We have simply published our findings, for you to draw your own conclusions from. OBSERVED PHENOMENA: 1.Great variation of acceleration and vector. 2 Shift of visible spectrum. 3.The ability to materialize and dematerialize. 4.Electromagnetic effects. 5. Shape shifting. QUANTUM TEMPORAL CONSCIOUSNESS THEORY: 1. Dimensional movements are possible by manipulating small or large forces in resonance with light frequencies. 2. Using almost any celestial body as a tuned cavity a space craft can cause a repulsion or attraction to that body. 3. Third dimensional reality is defined in velocities below light speed. 4. At light speed time ceases. 5. Light speed has infinite harmonics. 6. Light speed combined with a force can cause temporal effects and spectral shifts. 7. Human consciousness at light speed can cause creation of an altered state of consciousness. ( Note: Also see Super Heterodyne Communications principals, which have been a mainstay in radio communication since radio's inception.) THE PHOENIX 1 SPACE CRAFT (Developed by Geomagnetic Avionics Systems a division of Systems Marketing Corporation.) Mercury vapor captured in a circular tube of 15 foot diameter is made to ionize through electromagnetic induction. This also causes the ions to travel through the tube. The spinning becomes very fast causing a gyroscope effect. There are two coils used to pulse the mercury. One is wound parallel to the mercury containment chamber. The other is wound in a torride shape over the first coil. Each coil is pulsed separately with a variable; frequency, amplitude, and phase signal source. One signal source is tuned to the first harmonic of the planetary frequency. The second oscillator source is tuned to Pi (3.1417..............) times the first harmonic. This produces electromagnetic waves that will pass through the planetary body and around the same body. A convergent point will occur at the source point. Using the effects of reverse electromotive force on the coil assembly ("Invertor Coil") and by fine tuning the parameters of phase, amplitude and frequency the craft can be induced to gain altitude, fall or cause a side ways vector. In addition the spiral effect of the mercury causes temporal effects. CAUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.Electromagnetic shielding of crew members is required. 2. The radiation may cause problems in observers, so use in isolated area. 3. Precise tuning is called for. You do not want to crash or get lost. 4. Proper life support for crew members is mandatory. 5. This is not a toy. 6. May the Grace Of The Highest Creator surround this concept and protect man from man.
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One night, while relaxed with my wife, on our water bed, we heard a whirring noise that got progressively louder, coming from outside of our mobile home. It was unlike any thing we had ever heard, but we both said air craft at the same moment. Suddenly the whole rear of the trailer suddenly seemed to pitch up, causing the bed to slosh. Jumping out of bed in our undies we both ran out side to look for survivors. In a panic I searched in the dark under the home, as Dee searched for the flash light. Using our light we found no evidence of any unusual occurrence. Neither man, animal, or falling debris was in evidence. Inspection of the "Hurricane Straps" showed that they had not suffered any thing that would warrant the jolt we felt. Got any clues?

Dale came over and offered to take us out for a treat of straw berry short cake at our local restaurant. Finding that my younger son wanted to play with the neighbor and that the other mom was ok watching him we departed. The time was dusk thirty or so. Piling into his car we drove off. The rest of that trip is a mystery to me, having planned on just a trip of less than an hour, and then making a large supper, instead we arrived back around midnight in a very emotional state. Upon finding Sean asleep just inside the door way, and knowing he fell asleep hungry both my wife and I burst into tears. Going out to the lake behind my home, I sat and wept. Suddenly an orange light rose from the tree line and hovered above the lake and me before just as suddenly shooting off skyward. Suddenly I knew what was happening to us.

In 1978 my sister arranged for me to meet with a member of A.P.P.R.O. who also taught at the University of North Florida, in the Psychology Department. We arranged to do a hypnotic regression of the Dania event. My sister was present, and armed with I think, 5 tape recorders and a steno pad, we proceeded. The tape recorders started failing soon into the session, with even a tape reel sailing off one of the machines. Only one tape that was very noisy and inaudible in some parts survived. The investigator and my sister were both amazed at the apparent level of poltergeist like effects during the session. What I remember from the transcripts and notes I made after was, a craft shaped like a large hay stack. There was a being that I thought was a robot but may have been a Grey. I only glimpsed his/her back. This being was engaged in working some type of equipment on the inside superstructure of the craft. I was in a glass or plastic cylinder, Sue was on my right. I was on my back and probes were connected to my feet. The cylinder was cold and frost was apparent on the glass. I asked what was happening and was told that a clone was being made of us. Some other time but I don't know the sequence of events, a human woman that was blond and attractive floated over and using an instrument poked me above the lip. This stung and I assumed she was a nurse as she was in a white uniform of some sort. My vision of this was all like in a fog. The way I had arrived in the craft I was told was ION JUMP. The hypnotherapist probed deeper and found that I had been programed to die if she passed a certain level. After this session I was very disturbed for several days and quit the program. Some other bits of memory or what ever came out of this session for a time after. I am convinced now that I won't die, but that this was a screen memory that was placed for some sort of security block. Since that time I have under gone more hypno therapy and will do so in the future.


2000 A.D. December: Found out on the Internet about a quantum teleportation experiment that was successful in Europe. This is the famous technology of "Star Trek". Could this be related to "Ion Jump"?

In 1978 while I was engaged in a production" Dr. wizard and the Time Machine", I wrote with what I suspected was an unleashing of subconscious, a play,

White Light Magic Show Rock Opera Play Script

The scene is in the space ship. The saucer has just landed. The pilot is looking out of the ship.

SHE: "There seems to be war in the vibes worrying me about this forsaken planet"

THE SPACE SHIP: "The people here are wild. They have brought the world to the brink of disaster too many times. Now you find them not only warring among themselves with primitive fission and fusion devices, but you see them stripping the ozone layers right off the earth with the sprays they use to cover the stench of death from their filthy eating habits. They fly through the sky on loud and vicious aircraft that pollute the upper atmosphere while wearing the skins of dead animals."

SHE: "Oh, how disgusting."

SHIP: " That is mortal pain, but that is not all. They lie to each other about who they do or don't sleep with, while selling themselves into slavery to outdated economic systems, run by the same people who mismanage the very soil of the planet. They inhale smoke, as a matter of pleasure and intake large amounts of alcohol to pickle their brains and do violence to their psychic centers. They love only money and sell their friends for the price of a social match making, in the place of partnerships. They take anything that some one is not guarding and leave only worthless trash in it's place. The time for judgement is at hand I am afraid."

SHE: "I hope that at last a few may see the light of a new age dawning."

SHIP: "Our people have found a few more this age than the last age of Atlantis. Some are realizing that the raising of children is human's purpose. Some realize brotherhood, sisterhood, and universe requirements. War is abhorrent to many, as well as , pollution, disease and crimes of all sorts. Some feel that man's enlightened state or lack thereof is a third world problem of the magnitude of war, hunger and sexual reproduction. The leader for many is working on, taking on hunger, while enlightening the masses as to cosmic purpose. That man is more than animal."

SHE: "Well that is some welcome news at least."

SHIP: "A band of three people are approaching us now. They are exhibiting mixed emotions but are unarmed. Shall I stun them so they will not worry us by closer approach? I assure you they won't be damaged in any way. The stun devices are just sound vibration that can't be heard but is felt as a paralysis as long as they are in it's range. The field is in their range now."

SHE: "No, we were sent to study their reaction to us, and stunning them won't be normal for their environment. Besides you will always monitor them, and if one should get that violent or excessively frightened, the fail safe built into your working circuits of scout ship occupant defense program would automatically turn on the stun device."

SHE # TWO: "What is the intention of the trio outside, Ship?

SHIP:" Much curiosity and quite a little bit of anxiety about being captured by bug eyed monsters. Good thing the people of the North Star Galaxy are not on this mission or their fears would be based in fact."

SHE # THREE: " Who seems to be the leader of the people, Ship? What is on his mind? The person with the worried look is he the leader, or is it the person with the dazed and unbelieving expression, or is it the other person with the happy smile with the shaking hands?"

SHIP: "Their is no leader in them. They are only aware of their emotions not of their inner goddess. They are sheep. This is the quality of people on this planet. They are apathetic even to the point of letting a power hungry person devour them in struggles of power and fame."

PILOT: "Ship send working robot # two out to greet them so we can see what they will do. The reactions will not in any way endanger us and may even prove amusing."

WORKING ROBOT # TWO: "Will the work require that the program in my circuits make them to a higher consciousness in your evaluation, ship? Or should the bad dream program be used to confuse them so they won't admit to having seen us?"

SHIP: "Serve them both with also a working over of higher truths and fanatic spread of truth that they can only babble to their neighbors about. They will be considered harmless if crazy.

SHE # ONE: "Well there goes our robot into a world we are afraid of entering because of the risk of being contaminated with the disease of death prevalent in the minds of a man".

SHE # THREE: "Yes, isn't science wonderful when directed to love rather than hate".

SHIP: "Take pictures of this to send home on the universe circuits for your families in heaven. This is a rare moment. Atomic ape meets mechanical cosmic man with soul."

WORKING ROBOT # TWO: (over speaker) "Ship, you bucket of bolts and worn invertor coils don't call me mechanical. I am an Implanted Bionic Android, if you don't mind."

SHIP: "Whatever!"

...................END OF SCENE................................

FIRST HUMAN: "Look how small it is. It looks like only fifteen feet across and about eight feet tall. I thought from the science fiction movies they would be larger".

SECOND HUMAN: "Must be a scout ship from a larger one".

THIRD HUMAN: "Let's get the hell out of here and call the cops. They might kill us or carry us off. Maybe this is a space war or maybe they are going to eat us. This can't be happening, I want to leave."

SECOND PERSON: "Oh, stop being silly. I would like to fly away with them to a world without fears and misery."

FIRST PERSON: "Oh, like there is such a place and these sub-humans are just going to lead you right to it. You're the one who's trippin'!

THIRD HUMAN: "Well, let's beat it. Oh wow, what is that creature coming toward us?"

WORKING ROBOT NO TWO: " Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Greetings men of earth. I bring well meaning and good intentions from your cosmic brothers and the universe fathers. Peace on earth and good will among men".

THIRD PERSON: "Bull, you aren't even human, you monster."


FIRST PERSON: (alarmed) "What have you done to my friend?"

WORKING ROBOT NO. 2: "Nothing harmful, just a light dose of cosmic awareness, and a good understanding of the law of cause and effect. I dare say it will be a cold day in what you call hell before your friend acts so impulsively violent again without seeing the cosmic reactions in time and space that were set in motion by that type of action. Nothing permanently physical but every action from now on will cause a stuck in glue effect for several moments."

THIRD PERSON: (dropping board and violently shaking all over) "Ok, you win. Please don't touch me again like that. I saw too much. My head hurts." (dropping to knees and holding head)

SECOND PERSON: "Take me into your ship please Mr. Robot. The people on your planet, are they like us?"

WORKING ROBOT NO. 2: "Hardly my friend. True the meat you are formed of is of about the same chemistry only more polluted in your case. The form of your bodies are identical but the differences occur in that you are only dimly aware of your soul while my people are soul. You die, my people are immortal. You are quarantined on this faltering planet. My people own the very heavens and walk the very stars. Yes, you may go inside but you won't remember us after we leave. "

SECOND PERSON: "Take me anyway."

FIRST PERSON: "It's strange to hear such lack of compassion for others, coming forth from a being who has been blessed with as many gifts as you say you have."

WORKING ROBOT NO. TWO: " Compassion? I do not comprehend! I merely follow my program..."

(Robot leads person # 2 to the ship)

...........................END OF SCENE.........................

SHIP: " I will tell you about yourself. You are destined to become a leader of your people with our help but you will not remember this night for a long time as we have given you hypnotic suggestions."

SECOND PERSON: " Tell me what to do. Tell me my work. Take me with you. Tell me what you want of me. That will be your plan for with the pain of humanity I will evolve into what you are.

PILOT: " You shall be part of a biologic uplift to your race as we have modified your germ plasm. Your psychic levels of awareness this night have been increased to a higher level so you may receive instructions from us. The problems in your life you will solve in a more positive way from now on. Yes, you may fly with us but only when you become like us. - Pure in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Go now and forget this night for your own good so that your people will not make you a laughing stock. Love peace forever to you. You will use the work we give you as the path to fly right off your prison world as is your birth right as an evolving human. "

SECOND PERSON: " Thank you".

.............................END OF SCENE.......................

Months later.....

SECOND PERSON: " Anyway, doctor, I still keep having this dream which I wake up from every other night or so. I feel like I am cold and suffocating and that I am talking to a flying saucer and it is answering me as if it were real. Also there is this robot that walks up to me and takes me to see four angels."

PSYCHIATRIST: " I believe, from all the tests that we have given you, that the recent break-up of your marriage and losing your job have caused you an abnormal level of stress. As far as this dream goes, though, I am going to send you to a specialist in hypnotherapy. "

..........................END OF SCENE.........................

HYPNOTHERAPIST: " And then this person remembers these aliens and their command to forget. The last I heard, he was trying to get in contact with every member of his extended family."

FRIEND: That is the most preposterous story I have ever heard. Both of us know that the government says that flying saucers are unreal."

....................END OF PLAY................................

Global Communications Group began in the basement of our house at 4335 Global Court Norcross Ga. 30093, in the winter of 1990.
M.I.S. and Associates, of Atlanta Georgia, was it's first customer. Next to bring it's business was Bell South Corporation of Roanoke, Virginia. By 1991 "Global had over thirty customers, ranging from "Fortune 500" to small to mid sized telephone interconnect companies. Specializing at first in the repair of Hitachi PABX telephone systems, we soon expanded into other areas.
In 1991 a line of key telephones and FAX switches were added to the products we sold and maintained. Since the Soviet Union had just collapsed we sought trade relations with Russia.

1991 A.D. August 14,1991 E.T. Photo? The U.P.S. truck brought us three telephone power supplies that morning. R.C.A. had sent them Red-Label as they needed a swift repair. The packages looked like they had been run over with a truck so grabbing our incoming MRA clip board and our faithful Polaroid camera. John grabbed the camera and before he could aim and shoot, it went off. When the photo spit out I took the camera and tore the picture off and set it aside. I took three sucessful shots of the power supplys and we filed them into the insurance file for R.C.A. Turning the first shot over I was amazed at the being staring back at our camera. "Well John you got a picture of an E.T. here" I joked. The photo showed a being resembling a praying mantis of about human size
In 1992 a deal was struck to represent the Russian Gorizant Geo-synchronous space satellites and a collection of Russian aircraft, the Mig 29, and Il-76 plus the Mi 8 were added to the wares we promoted. A whole story about this and our research in telecommunications is in "The Russian Adventure" which will soon be found on our web-site. This is the very paper which we gave to the State Department, C.I.A. and an advisor to president Clinton as well as many large companies and of course to Harvard University. We were proud that this work was helpful in the adoption of the "Telecommunications Act of 1996"
In 1993 we published the "Global Communicator" a bi lingual Russian and English news paper and advertising medium of which 2574 issues were sent to the Ex- Soviet Union, now known as the C.I.S.
Various other commercial ventures were attempted, including becoming a distributer of Magnavox Satellite telephone equipment.
A trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow brought two joint ventures with Russian companies.
In 1994 we moved into a suite of industrial offices in Norcross Georgia where we concentrated mainly on the Hitachi telephone products. As a result of our Russian research a focus on the Internet as a commercial medium was explored.
In 1995 we brought a Cyber-Mall on line and worked all the bugs out with our beta test project. These same Cyber-Malls were featured at the 1996 Olympics, by AT&T at the Global Village exhibit.
In 1996 we also opened retail stores to mirror the internet effort. We got a lease purchase on a building on about five acres of land between Duluth and Lawrenceville Georgia. On the very day that the Olympics opened, so did we. These stores were owned by our company "Global" and were called "Camelots Curios" a new age gift store, "Superbikes" a motorcycle franchise and "The Garden of Eden Center" an herb nursery. Our stores drew a strange assortment of customers and other interested parties and quite a few poltergeist events were experienced by the staff. In addition
Kevin and Robert twice while exploring the field behind the shop, experienced missing time and it was joked around that the second drain hole in the back lot could be set up as our flying saucer landing field. We were sitting on the man hole cover taking a smoke break from exploring the vast complex which was our business. The property was in a flood plain and we had been meeting endlessly with officials of the various environmental and zoning departments federal state and local for weeks. The bio diversity of the area was over whelming, and we saw a very large renewable resource. Replace what you harvest seemed to be the sentiment. We had arrived just before dusk and had plans to eat at our local Ryan's with the all you can scarf food bar. Noticing that it was now dark we decided to carry on with our dinner plan. When we arrived the front door was locked and we found out that it was about ten thirty in the evening which meant that we could not account for 2 to 3 hours. We found another restaurant and ate while making comment on out time loss. The second time we were at the same spot was during the night of a Lunar eclipse. The girls were in the shop reading so we rode his RX 7 to the man hole cover. I remember we were on our respective sides of the car leaning on the hood looking at the moon. Moments later I found myself in the same position but now was facing almost directly opposite the moon. The car and us must have been spun around without notice.
One day the bottle of herbal nutrient that we kept on top of our water cooler flew off and shattered on the floor six feet away.
The alarms would go off in the night frequently and I dreaded the phone ringing and the Wells Fargo voice telling me that the such and such inter lock had a security breach. It got to be a weekly ritual to meet with the cops until they stopped coming, around one to three o'clock in the morning for a false alarm. Once as I was setting the alarm while closing the store for the evening I saw movement in my peripheral vision. Whirling I confronted a humanoid about 3 feet tall who disappeared when I stared. I assured him in a shaky tone that the store was his for the night and please put back what ever he used when through.

In 1998 we sold part of our telecom base to Global Telecom Group Inc.
For a brief period I helped G.T.G.Inc. As a consultant in Research and Development as well as
maintaining customer contact. One of my missions was to travel in my van carrying my cargo trailer to St. Louis Mo. To pick up five MDX telephone systems from one of our fortune 500 accounts.
Anne decided to accompany me. I spent all day in the recovery of the systems and even pulled some muscles in my back. We left St. Louis after a period of being lost and not finding the correct roads for about an hour, and proceeded to Atlanta. Noting that our gas was good for about a hundred miles or so we settled back for a drive of about four hours or so and then getting a room for the night, planning to stop in about an hour or so for gas. After about an hour noting the gauge was at one fourth of a tank I suggested that we should look for a station at the next exit. Out of my drivers window in probably a northern part of the sky I noticed an orange light pacing our vehicle. "Honey
we got a bogy, a Flying Saucer is tagging us". Still both of us, seasoned troopers that we are in the unusual, were looking for an exit. This was only the umpteen time we had ben tagged together usually with no para-normal bother to our usually busy schedule. We looked and looked for the gas
station as I noticed that the, after about ten minutes had passed, that the gas was now one fourth empty on my gauge a differance of half a tank of gas on my non calibrated but known gauge. Suddenly I noticed the van, which was on cruise control, was loosing speed. "Flame out". I remarked to Anne. Grabbing the cell phone after pulling the truck to the right shoulder, I attempted to call A.A.A., "Dead cell zone, Anne". Turning off the phone. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! A sound coming from outside the van startled us. This really startled the both of us.
I remembered what Betty Hill had written about. Not wanting to upset my partner even more I kept back the Hill information and settled on the gas problem. Searching my van for the gas can provecd unsuccesful as Sean had already removed it. Well patience, they say if you have eternity to wait that some one will stop on a busy interstate in the dead of night to give you gas, if you just have faith.
So I tried for two or three hours until just short of eternity. No U.F.O. was spotted after the Beep noise. A lady travelling with her teen age son stopped and drove us around for an hour finally finding gas and rescuing the van. We gave her a twenty dollar bill towards her motel asthey looked tired. Anne and I found a motel ourselves between one and two in the morning and got some rest ourselves.
In 1998 we also formed Chandler Telecom Inc. to handle our internet business.
In 1999 we pulled our existing E-commerce sites down to completely revise them.
Now, as I write this section, it is the year 2000, and we see before us a completely different focus in our attempt to show the public how to handle E-commerce. The glittering IPO craze for high tech has left many business plans high and dry. A technological telecommunications miracle has been born and the lights are on and no one is at home. They built a technology that was lacking enough
human input to fully utilize it. This has given rise to a vast domaign that no one will pay for and is now given for free. This is potentially mans greatest acheivment if we can keep the faith.
The Internet is starting to get smart on its own with each little self fix and search it does.
Some times our machines get ahead and seek to teach us to interelate.

The conspiracy started in innocence. In order to better design a wireless communications appliance, a concept of circuit growth, along a read/ write memory plane was invented. A gel was fabricated that could be programed to grow the most sophisticated circuits. The programing method was to use a holographic energy field that was phase modulated with the triggering commands. The liquid crystal would correspond and accept its vector and value. The first breakthrough came when the doping compounds were toyed with and assigned new values. The next breakthrough came with the invention of the quantum teleportation equipment that could impart a twin characteristic on particles.
Using CAT SCAN type of imaging it was found that a device could be made in third dimensional form. One day a pair of robots were conceived. Because of myths that the engineers joked with, the pair were nick named Adam and Eve. The information had just been down loaded from Compaq Computer, on the human genome experiment. We had our copy via the usual sources as a Beta version. Since cloning was not a supported philosophy we had to operate "black budget" again. The "Wizard Jewelry" booth was back as a cover for our enterprises. The last few years had seen a new financial bonanza as our cyber business had taken off and was a household word. The sixteen of us had all donated samples of our genetic structure and a comparison of all the possible combinations had been calculated . Adam would carry a dose of the sixteen while Eve would carry a different dose of the same sixteen. We figured if we loaded the dice on the first pair that all possible combinations would still surface in the off spring except the few combinations we weeded out that seemed linked to disease.
We were not trying to
build super humans, but they would be very healthy. The bio-engineering on our core material was now back and we needed to get it from the freeze dried status and into the gel. We had found that a fast growth process could be induced with the right stimulation of electromagnetic fields. Our gel was doped with bio- electronic structure building blocks as well as nutrient and oxidation modules. The combination of plasma field technology as well as the use of conventional third dimension circuit growth was adapted with our other technologies. Our pair grew from the inside out. We marveled as the bone structure grew before our eyes--- the dancing lasers bearing ionic calcium reminded me of a light show I had seen long ago in England. The amazing thing about the whole forty days that our twins grew was the amount of our buildings electrical bill.
We assumed we were using as much power as the whole office complex combined.
Since we had been assured by our I.G.F. contact that our project would be given the boost to life consciousness by soul emplacement we were all quite the proud parents.
It is now the birth of our twins, and we watch in awe as the dancing sparkles of the lasers becomes
still. A vibration seems to fill the room as the thirteen Hertz transducers come to life. We know that many other signals and programs are still doing their job. The heart beat which we had started monitoring many weeks before started to become stronger. As we watched the first gasps of air were gasped in and out as we cleaned out the passages of the debris of the gel waste products.
Soon we were talking to our sixteen year old new born twins and were surprised to know that they claimed to be astronauts from twelve thousand years in our past that had become trapped.
So now we had this conspiracy, that involved hiding the robots, who were human, but were twelve thousand year old teen agers, who officially do not exist as humans but as a computer program, from the U.N. and the various secret Cabal operatives who were always in the shadows.
Although we had learned a common language, the "Atlantis/American vernacular" much time wasw spent in making up for the lack of common words that described our temporal dislocated cultures.
The kids sat for hours watching the Sony T.V. in the den. While they were familiar with the aspects of telecommunications from their civilization a simple can opener or scate board seemed made of magic. A trip to the local Kroger food market would turn into a 3 hour muesum tour with the wonders of each fruit or box or can had to be endlessly explained. Thanks to the aid of T.V. we soon dropped our made up language and English served them well. Some of my friends from South America furnished some school documents of kids back in Brazil so we entered the pair into some online universites and local technical school. By the time they had arrived at their 21 st year by our estimation each had found a friend of the opposite sex among their school mates and had diplomas and degrees and a identity that would fool even "The Man". By now you know that I am writing about the pair who just won the Nobel prize for their work on reclaiming Mar's atmosphere in 406 days. And has launched their fortyth F.T.L. starship of human colonists to the Lyran star system.
Yes the very ones who own American/Atlantis Enterprises of Atlanta of which I am one eighth father to, my son and daughter Adam Faulkner and Eve Jordan. They have blessed me and the other doner/parents with grand children, Lisa Faulkner, Seth Faulkner, Melissa Jordan, Nova Jordan and Isis Jordan. Lisa is now working after school at the bio-engineering lab at A.A.E. of A. She recently built a puppy which we named "Stella", in memory of her genetic donor our old black lab/setter that
Sean saved from the pound back in 1998. Some day there has been talk of looking for some of "Buddy's" genetic material.

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